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Mudarangady: St. Pius X Ward (Kenha_hithlu) Feast celebrated.
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On Sunday, 9th December 2012, the members of St. Piux X Ward celebrated their Ward Feast in a grand manner.  It was a joyful occasion to them.  Indeed, it was merriment and galore coupled with devotion and emotions.
At 8:00 a.m., all the members of the ward walked into the church along with Rev. Louis DSa, parish priest to take part in the Sacrifice of Holy Eucharist.  Rev. DSa gave a befitting sermon during the mass highlighting on the life of St. Pius X.  Almost all the families of the Ward joined the procession of offerings.  The congregation, including the members of the Ward, took active part during the whole celebration by sharing the liturgy.
Later, in the evening by 6:30 p.m., all the members of the ward and the invited guests gathered at the residence  of Mr. Martin Lilly DSouza in Kenha Hithlu for the festive celebration.  The celebration started with the welcome word from Mr. Sunil DSouza, Gurkar of the ward, who, was instrumental in conducting the whole programme in a disciplined way through some innovative ideas to the loud applause from the audience.   
After the prayer service, humorous entertainment programme followed.  The programme included filmy dances, skits and general entertainment.  The guests of honour were then lead to the dais in an innovative way.  The guests of honour included Rev. Louis DSa, parish priest, Rev. Sr. Helen Mathias as the representative of Rev. Sr. Superior of Nirmala Convent, Rev.Sr. Bhagya Mary, Mr. Joseph  DSouza, Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Parishad, Mrs. Janet Barboza, Secretary of the PPP, Mrs. Angeline DSouza, secretary of the ward and Mr. Sunil DSouza, Gurkar of the ward.  Rev. DSa was the chief guest and president of the celebration.
Mrs. Angeline DSouza, Secretary of the Ward presented the annual report of the Ward. All the guests spoke on this occasion and wished all the wardeners on this occasion.  Then  Rev. DSa delivered the presidential speech.  Dances and singing were presented. The duo dance of Mr. Sunil DSouza and Miss. Freeda DSouza was eye-catching and made the audience to raise from their seats.  Prizes were given away by the guests of honour to the winners of various competitions held a fortnight back specially for this occasion.
Mrs. Lilly DSouza a teacher serving in a non-catholic school as Head Mistress was traditionally honored.  It was said that though there were senior hindu teachers available, Mrs. DSouza was lead to the chair of HM by the management acknowledging her commitment to the cause of education and her love to the tiny tots around her.  She is left with four years of service to seal off her memorable attendance with the small children.
Before end, a telephone directory of the Ward was released by Rev. Louis DSa, parish priest.  A copy each was then distributed to the guests and to everyone present there.
Mr. Sunil DSouza, Gurkar, proposed a vote of thanks.  A tasty and sumptuous non-vegetarian food was served to 150+ people gathered on the occasion.  The celebration came to an end at 9:30 p.m.
Mrs. Lilly DSouza, recipient of the felicitation, compered the whole program in an unprecedented way.

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