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Bangalore: Triple Murder at Engagement Venue Rocks City
Source : DW-PK

Bangalore(DHNS): An engagement venue turned a war zone after a 10-member heavily armed gang barged into a party hall and butchered three people here on Saturday night.

The incident took place around 10.30 pm at the New Shanthi Sagar Hotel on Sampige Main Road when a betrothal ceremony was being held on the second floor of the three-storey JP Point building opposite Food World near the Malleswaram vegetable market.

The deceased were identified as Nataraj alias Lambu Nati (24), Bharath Raj and Ravi, both in their mid-twenties, from the Gayatri Nagar area. The police took a long time to identify the killed as their faces were smashed beyond recognition.

The three had landed at the venue to eliminate gangsters Prabha, Prashanth and others who were working closely. The three dead were spotted well in time by their rivals and, before they could take out their weapons, they were attacked and wiped out.

All the members were one-time associates of rowdy Sunil alias Silent Sunila of Gayatri Nagar. After Kulla Nataraj, another gang member, was murdered a year ago, the equations changed.

The betrothal was of Susheela, sister of Sreenivas - an associate of rowdy Sunil. Eyewitness told Deccan Herald that the gang quietly sneaked into the hall and finished their gruesome raid in less than seven minutes. The dinner was arranged on the third floor.

One of the victims who sensed the danger tried to flee, but the goons chased and attacked him on the staircase. Two others were done to death in the dining hall.

It was blood and gore all over the place as the body parts of the victims were strewn all over the hall. Shocked invitees dropped their food plates and ran helter-skelter.

Waiters in uniform and a few people who witnessed the crime have been detained by the police. More than half a dozen deadly weapons were recovered from the spot.

The murders that were planned so meticulously and executed to perfection have created ripples in underworld circles. A few elements in the business say the gang entered through the main door. The gang, after completing their job, escaped through the rear door that leads to a service road.

The cops are trying to identify the man who might have been instrumental in giving “commands” to the killers inside the hall.

Nataraj alias Lambo Nati (24) was a rowdy-sheeter as per Seshadripuram Police Station records. He was involved in the Rajan murder case and a resident of Vivekananda Block, Palace Guttahalli. He was in jail from May 2009 for just 20 days. He came out on bail but was never seen near his house. It is said that he was staying on the city outskirts fearing an attack by his rivals.

Three have been detained in this connection. The city police are confident of arresting others.

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