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Muscat: Release of Apolinaris D Souza's New Album, 'Jeevan Sangeeth' on Nov 20
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Muscat, Nov 19: Apolinaris DSouza, well known Konkani music composer, popularly known as the 'Salmaum Rayachea Kullyecho Sangheeth Sordaar' (compser par excellence of the tribe of King Solomon) is all set to release his very first musical album in Konkani, titled 'Jeevan Sangeeth' on Friday, November 20, 2009 at the grand 'Mangalorean Day 2009' function being organized by Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP – Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi) at Al Masa Hall.

Till now, Apolinaris has composed and offered to the Konkani music world, some of the finest albums containing devotional songs. He has immensely contributed to Malayalam and Latin music also. This is the first time that he is venturing to present the finest musical extravaganza to his music lovers not only in Mangalore, but also around the world at large. Apolinaris told team Muscat, "This album contains something very different and entertaining for our music lovers in Mangalore and abroad. I have tried to incorporate some of the premium musical creations from my collections, and I am sure many of Konkani Music lovers will enjoy this unique presentation."

Apolinaris D Souza, Valencia, has created 'Jeevan Sangeeth' with a unique blend of high class melody and fine lyrics to suit every grade and age of the society. The music for the thirteen scintillating and hand-picked songs has been composed by King David of Konkani music, Joswin Pinto. These songs have been sung by Konkani music world's 'dream boy,' Rony DCunha, prince of Konkani music, Oswald D Souza - Valencia, Apolinaris DSouza, Dolphy Vas (one of the finalists of Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2008), Rony Lobo, Vivian Fernandes, Dr Christopher Dias, Hubert D' Souza, Joachim DSouza,  Ida Pinto (Nightingale of Muscat), Victoria Soares (one of the top five finalists of Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2008), Nirmala Goveas, Anita Lobo, Jovita Sequeira and Amanda Lobo.  The songs have been recorded at Sandesha Studio -  Mangalore by Ashit Pinto, Rajsri Studios - Calicut by Lijjith and 'The waste land' studios - Muscat by Glenn Correya.

Apolinaris, the renowned composer of Vandan Tuka Somiyam, Organ Tuka Somiyam, Ye Ye Jezu Mogalla, Jezu Jezu,  Thon Amchem Opsitaum, Mondirant Bitor Soron, Undya Wyna Sovem, Sasnaso Vishev Sorvespora Taka Laboia etc., has also published two books on music, one of which is titled 'Kontar Koryam Somiyak' in Konkani, which has over one hundred hymns, Mass and liturgical songs with music notations. The second book, titled 'Let The Whole World Sing to the Lord' is in English, has over one hundred hymns, Mass and liturgical songs with music notations.  He has also produced three CDs in Konkani, (Ye Ye Jezu Mogalla; Kontar Koryam Somiyak; Sant Visheth Paula), one in Malayalam (Varuvin Snehanadha), and the other in Latin (Laudate Dominum).

As per Apolinaris, the songs in this album have been carefully selected to meet the present taste of Konkani music lovers.  They carry various topics which include, the praises of Konkani language by its people (Amchi Mai Bhas), the president who tackles the present world crises (Obama), songs of nature (Chondra), song for Mother (Besaum dhi Mai) and other sentimental and love songs. There are a couple of songs composed around 30 years ago, which still bring a thrilling experience to the listeners. 

'Jeevan Sangeeth' which certainly is one of the finest musical albums, is sure to entertain scores of Konkani music lovers.

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