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Three Members of the Same Family of Shankerpura Perish in Air Tragedy - 5/23/2010


Udupi: Two young children and their mother from Shankerpura who had gone to Dubsi to spend a month’s summer vacation with their father tragically became the victims of one of the worst air crashes in recent history of Indian aviation on Saturday, 22 May 2010 early morning, when Air India Express from dubai to Mangalore  overshot the runway and burst into flames.

Flavia Lobo



Flavia Lobo (38) the resident of Innanje near Shankerpura along with her daughter, Venetia (15) and son Vishal (9) had gone to Dubai on 22nd April 2010 to spend the vacation with her husband, Vincent Lobo who is working in a Petro-chemical Company at Dubai. The family was on a visiting visa.

Vincent Lobo

Vincent had seen off his family at the Dubai airport without realising that he was bidding them goodbye for the last time and was unaware what tragedy lay ahead when they would reach the Bajpe Airport. On hearing the news of the air crash, Vincent could not believe that such a tragedy could strike his family.  Being shattered, Vincent is on his way back home.

Originally from Pernal, Vincent had built a new home at Innanje only last year. The family had been going  regularly to Dubai since quite a number of years to spend the summer vacation with Vincent. However, this year their trip proved to be the last one.

Venetial Lobo had been a talented young girl and was very good in music and singing. She had been a fine orchestra singer. She had just completed her SSLC through St. Mary's English School, Udupi and would have joined  PUC classes in one of the reputed colleges of Udupi. However, with her tragic death, the dream of Vincent seeing his daughter educating and growing up gracefully has broken into pieces. By the untimely death of the three members of the same family in the terrible air tragedy, the people of Shankerpura are in a state of shock and disbelief.


List of Passengers Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore flight 22.05.2010 - 5/23/2010
S.No PNR Passenger Name Passport No Passenger Phone Destination Phone Mobile Email Passenger Count Passenger Type Special Services Passenger Status
1 IX06049803 Miss Harshini Poonja G9987977 Ph-97143341475 Ph-919686122824 Ph-0504247626 1 Adult   Boarded
2 IX06693233 Mr AARON JOEL FERNANDES F5105026 Ph-042669470 Ph-8242419005 Ph-0506952634 1 Adult   Boarded
3 IX06802294 Miss NIHA IMTHIYAZ F9988607 Ph-918242420551 Ph-9710506554163 Ph-009199945302048 1 Adult   Boarded
4 IX06876929 Mr BHASKARAN TV H2222305 Ph-919895431764 Ph-971506561472 Ph-9895431764 2 Adult   Boarded
5 IX06876929 Mr KOMALAVALLY ALINKEEL G9694223 Ph-919895431764 Ph-971506561472 Ph-9895431764 2 Adult   Boarded
6 IX06924271 Mr NarayanaKanthav Rao G8429851 Ph-919448004462 Ph-919448004462 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
7 IX06924271 Mrs VaniNarayana Rao G8377192 Ph-919448004462 Ph-919448004462 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
8 IX06924271 Miss VaishnaviNaraya Rao G9167125 Ph-919448004462 Ph-919448004462 Ph-  3 Child   Boarded
9 IX06927728 Mr MOHAMEDISHAQUE RAFIQUEAHMED G7694493 Ph-9710505942493 Ph-91988085766 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
10 IX06933730 Mrs MUMTHAZ HASANABBAABBUBAKKAR G4342255 Ph-918256232386 Ph-918256232386 Ph-9448318507 4 Adult   Boarded
11 IX06933730 CHD HIBA AZEENA H8026770 Ph-918256232386 Ph-918256232386 Ph-9448318507 4 Child   Boarded
12 IX06933730 CHD MUSHINA CHD H8026771 Ph-918256232386 Ph-918256232386 Ph-9448318507 4 Child   Boarded
13 IX06933730 Inf HAIFA HASHA H8026769 Ph-918256232386 Ph-918256232386 Ph-9448318507 4 Infant   Boarded
14 IX07000007 Mr JOYANRICHARD SALDANHA G7650905 Ph-971502967940 Ph-918242296223 Ph-0502967940 1 Adult   Boarded
15 IX07077382 Mr UMMERFAROOK MOHAMMED E7061331 Ph-919743084825 Ph-0000 Ph-9743651837 1 Adult   Boarded
16 IX07096559 Mrs SHAHIDA NUSHRATHAR F3713206 Ph-919964185954 Ph-910971506508652 Ph- ATTIXE@GMAIL.COM 2 Adult   Boarded
17 IX07096559 CHD ZEESHAN ABDULREHMAN F6623558 Ph-919964185954 Ph-910971506508652 Ph- ATTIXE@GMAIL.COM 2 Child   Boarded
18 IX07098065 Mrs KANNURZULEKHA BANU E96817733 Ph-971505795314 Ph-919611474900 Ph-971505795314 2 Adult   Boarded
19 IX07098065 Mrs NAZEEMA MOHAMMADASHRAF F0283092 Ph-971505795314 Ph-919611474900 Ph-971505795314 2 Adult   Boarded
20 IX07105917 Mr sathyanarayana ballakuraya J1305516 Ph-0507895862 Ph-9448009616 Ph-0507895862 2 Adult   Boarded
21 IX07105917 Mrs SUJATHA RAO G1550511 Ph-0507895862 Ph-9448009616 Ph-0507895862 2 Adult   Boarded
22 IX07106336 Mrs FATHIMAMEHZAN SHAFQAT H0424521 Ph-971504209580 Ph-918242431272 Ph-00971557928606 2 Adult   Boarded
23 IX07106336 Inf RASHAAD SHAFQATMAHMOOD H9087110 Ph-971504209580 Ph-918242431272 Ph-00971557928606 2 Infant   Boarded
24 IX07108811 Mr KhaderAmmangod MohammadShafy E1580094 Ph-971505257466 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
25 IX07137356 CHD SUHAIB MOHAMMEDNASEER F9466657 Ph-918385223403 Ph-00971505258485 Ph-9886244018 SHAFI.EK@HOTMAIL.COM 3 Child   Boarded
26 IX07137356 CHD BIBI SARA H3335354 Ph-918385223403 Ph-00971505258485 Ph-9886244018 SHAFI.EK@HOTMAIL.COM 3 Child   Boarded
27 IX07137356 CHD NABEEHA MOHAMMEDNASIR G7458927 Ph-918385223403 Ph-00971505258485 Ph-9886244018 SHAFI.EK@HOTMAIL.COM 3 Child   Boarded
28 IX07156572 Mr MOHAMMAD ASRAF G7886175 Ph-97145082222 Ph-918242460956 Ph-00971502662883 4 Adult   Boarded
29 IX07156572 Mrs MAIMOONA ASRAF F4749209 Ph-97145082222 Ph-918242460956 Ph-00971502662883 4 Adult   Boarded
30 IX07156572 CHD ASHAZ ABDULLA F4599425 Ph-97145082222 Ph-918242460956 Ph-00971502662883 4 Child   Boarded
31 IX07156572 CHD AYESHA AFSHEEN G9162549 Ph-97145082222 Ph-918242460956 Ph-00971502662883 4 Child   Boarded
32 IX07163650 Mrs PLAVIASHAKUNTHALA LOBO G9784241 Ph-8202589039 Ph-919880349290 Ph-919880349290 SUMANTRAVELS@GMAIL.COM 3 Adult   Boarded
33 IX07163650 Ms VENISHANIKOLA LOBO H3027221 Ph-8202589039 Ph-919880349290 Ph-919880349290 SUMANTRAVELS@GMAIL.COM 3 Adult   Boarded
34 IX07163650 CHD VISHALFLOID LOBO H3027219 Ph-8202589039 Ph-919880349290 Ph-919880349290 SUMANTRAVELS@GMAIL.COM 3 Child   Boarded
35 IX07180836 Mr ABDULLA KMr Z1259760 Ph-919656532309 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
36 IX07182890 Mr MERWYN DSOUZA E2241989 Ph-918242418019 Ph-971503508019 Ph-00971503508019 1 Adult   No Show
37 IX07222046 Mrs ROSLY SHIBU H0047490 Ph-918242431535 Ph-971557040698 Ph-919480197131 3 Adult   Boarded
38 IX07222046 CHD GODWINA THOMAS G9466583 Ph-918242431535 Ph-971557040698 Ph-919480197131 3 Child   Boarded
39 IX07222046 CHD GLORIA THOMAS G9466580 Ph-918242431535 Ph-971557040698 Ph-919480197131 3 Child   Boarded
40 IX07223849 Mr BHAGALI PRABHAKAR H6596432 Ph-0919964106330 Ph-0508248793 Ph-050 8248793 1 Adult   Boarded
41 IX07225789 Mr Kammadam Kunhabdulla 33998201 Ph-01100971505462482 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
42 IX07276493 Mr Shashikanth Punja Z1811384 Ph-97143341475 Ph-919686122824 Ph-00971505376269 1 Adult   Boarded
43 IX07276577 Mrs Manirekha Punja Z1551259 Ph-9713341475 Ph-919686122824 Ph-00971505376269 1 Adult   Boarded
44 IX07277325 CHD ABDULBARR DAMUDI G2675931 Ph-971508811230 Ph- Ph-0505851165 1 Child   Boarded
45 IX07286920 Mr MAHESH Shetty F4995103 Ph-9710553360877 Ph-919945414205 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
46 IX07286992 Mr mohamed naser a7403350 Ph-97142250965 Ph-918385227366 Ph-0505258485 1 Adult   Boarded
47 IX07290169 Mr Anwar Sadiq E3818656 Ph-971505516477 Ph-919846603658 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
48 IX07292971 Mr Hassan Kutty H6694214 Ph-971508685833 Ph-919446772573 Ph-0508685833 1 Adult   Boarded
49 IX07305534 Mr JoelPratap DSouza G5852602 Ph-919886584852 Ph-9719945060228 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
50 IX07330441 Mr Arunakumar shetty F8958378 Ph-0502826476 Ph-919008855087 Ph-0554346577 1 Adult   Boarded
51 IX07335439 Mr VASANTHA SHETTY F0869102 Ph-971501738656 Ph-918255200792 Ph- 1 Adult   No Show
52 IX07351046 Mr ABDUL SAMAD F0606599 Ph-971042959900 Ph-0914972843258 Ph-0502140507 1 Adult   Boarded
53 IX07353403 Mr PRASADANAND MANJREKAR G0234794 Ph-971501022373 Ph-919845252583 Ph-971501022373 1 Adult   Boarded
54 IX07361416 Mr krishnan koolikkunnu e4111637 Ph-971506382839 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
55 IX07361801 Mr mullachery balakrishnan e1577977 Ph-9710507369913 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
56 IX07363593 Mrs SHANTHI OLIVERA G5852604 Ph-971559372769 Ph-919342551882 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
57 IX07365767 Mrs Chethana MukeshKumar H7103679 Ph-9710507781494 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
58 IX07367503 Mrs Thresiamma Philip A9283945 Ph-971506709702 Ph-919886267043 Ph- 1 Adult   No Show
59 IX07370398 Mr MOHAMED ASHFAQ F3646893 Ph-97165697767 Ph- Ph-971506262290 1 Adult   No Show
60 IX07371051 Ms Husna Farheen H6912375 Ph-9715581736 Ph-91988665593 Ph-971508855109 1 Adult   No Show
61 IX07371108 Mr AHMEDNAUSHAD ABBU E0423672 Ph-97142852222 Ph-918242460956 Ph-0501796543 1 Adult   Boarded
62 IX07371229 Mr RAJAN PULIKODAN E8532203 Ph-97148835181 Ph-971553392773 Ph-971553392773 1 Adult   Boarded
63 IX07376424 Mr JAYAPRAKASHA DEVADIGA E4157617 Ph-971507596283 Ph-918258238183 Ph-00971507596283 1 Adult   Boarded
64 IX07380334 Mr Jayaram Kotian E9476025 Ph-971507479083 Ph-0918242275304 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
65 IX07380334 Mrs Chitra Jayaram H9083815 Ph-971507479083 Ph-0918242275304 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
66 IX07380334 CHD Rahul Jayaram F7449276 Ph-971507479083 Ph-0918242275304 Ph- 3 Child   Boarded
67 IX07380882 Mrs Prabhavathi Karkera A6996611 Ph-065557537 Ph-8242215714 Ph-050 6132651 3 Adult   Boarded
68 IX07380882 Mrs Ashitha Bolar E5317955 Ph-065557537 Ph-8242215714 Ph-050 6132651 3 Adult   Boarded
69 IX07380882 Mr Akshay Bolar F4174704 Ph-065557537 Ph-8242215714 Ph-050 6132651 3 Adult   Boarded
70 IX07394328 Mr SURESH KUNDER H7319818 Ph-97143935999 Ph-919663626327 Ph-0509651787 1 Adult   Boarded
71 IX07396284 Mr Sanjeeva BabannaHegde A6107113 Ph-9713368787 Ph-918258231153 Ph-971507709954 1 Adult   No Show
72 IX07398922 Mr SOMAN NARAYANI Z1645006 Ph-971043332229 Ph-914994229849 Ph-0509221263 SHAREEF@ALTA-TRAVEL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
73 IX07418711 Mr PRADEEP GK F0276019 Ph-971501165484 Ph- Ph-065431116 1 Adult   Boarded
74 IX07425566 Mr MOHAMMEDASLAM KALLINGALABDULLA F3798320 Ph-971505473376 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
75 IX07432568 Mr THALANGARA EBRAHIMKHALEEL E5846223 Ph-919447700003 Ph-919447700003 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
76 IX07441634 Mr LOUISCARLO VINCENTGERARO F4197897 Ph-97143125252 Ph-97143125252 Ph- 1 Adult   No Show
77 IX07444331 Mrs NAZIYA AFARIN G9160807 Ph-71506753539 Ph- Ph- 2 Adult   Boarded
78 IX07444331 CHD MOHAMMED ABAANRUKNUDDIN H0577522 Ph-71506753539 Ph- Ph- 2 Child   Boarded
79 IX07447716 Mr MohammedRafi Beliyapura F1838528 Ph-971508915140 Ph- Ph-065630777 2 Adult   Boarded
80 IX07447716 Mr Abdulla Mohammed E8533023 Ph-971508915140 Ph- Ph-065630777 2 Adult   Boarded
81 IX07451216 Mr IBRAHIM SAHEB E3962835 Ph-043939002 Ph-919008982158 Ph-0506511095 4 Adult   Boarded
82 IX07451216 Mrs SAMEENA SAHEB Z1555831 Ph-043939002 Ph-919008982158 Ph-0506511095 4 Adult   Boarded
83 IX07451216 Mr ISSAM IBRAHIM F5664246 Ph-043939002 Ph-919008982158 Ph-0506511095 4 Adult   Boarded
84 IX07451216 CHD RIDA IBRAHIM F6099037 Ph-043939002 Ph-919008982158 Ph-0506511095 4 Child   Boarded
85 IX07452373 Mr ABDULHAKKEEM PERUMBALAMOHAMMED F4842545 Ph-971509304875 Ph- Ph-037654044 1 Adult   Boarded
86 IX07455809 Mr SHIVAKUMAR NAGARAJ F8948417 Ph-918242217644 Ph-919449208022 Ph-971552259165 1 Adult   Boarded
87 IX07456244 Mrs MEENU GUPTA F5767700 Ph-97142723555 Ph-919538417376 Ph-5655072 1 Adult   Boarded
88 IX07461984 Mr SHETTY KK Z1792943 Ph-8242493355 Ph-0505846058 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
89 IX07463009 Mr GANGADHARAN NAIR Z1554045 Ph-043205350 Ph- Ph-0505530944 1 Adult   Boarded
90 IX07464806 Mr Prabhathkumar Attavar F6639105 Ph-0505821428 Ph-918255233856 Ph-0505821428 1 Adult   Boarded
91 IX07464955 Mr SATHISHA SHETTY F0757585 Ph-0507385112 Ph- Ph- KRITESHPOOJARY@YAHOO.IN 1 Adult   Boarded
92 IX07467786 Mr Irshad Ahmed H5225459 Ph-971504276436 Ph-918242418427 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
93 IX07467786 Mr Neha Parveen E3429843 Ph-971504276436 Ph-918242418427 Ph- 3 Adult   Boarded
94 IX07467786 Inf Affan Ahmed H6920041 Ph-971504276436 Ph-918242418427 Ph- 3 Infant   Boarded
95 IX07475406 Mr SAMEERBEERAN MOIDEEN F3557644 Ph-0505696309 Ph- Ph-0505696309 1 Adult   Boarded
96 IX07481516 Mr ABDUNNASIR AVINJA G1117656 Ph-971043933117 Ph- Ph-0505064486 BASHEERMENA@HOTMAIL.COM 1 Adult   Boarded
97 IX07482119 Mr RIJU JOHN H4228618 Ph-0507143272 Ph-0507143272 Ph-042250777 1 Adult   Boarded
98 IX07483099 Ms SABRINA NASRINHUQ V0040205 Ph-0506631825 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
99 IX07483166 Mr Steven Rego F7918388 Ph-042621772 Ph-8242241100 Ph-050 5654972 1 Adult   No Show
100 IX07486756 Mr MAHAMMOODABDULLA KANYANA E8854875 Ph-971065641629 Ph- Ph-0508563873 1 Adult   Boarded
101 IX07488192 Mr ALTHAFAHMED MOOLANA F6557036 Ph-97172226995 Ph-918254275926 Ph-0507661377 1 Adult   Boarded
102 IX07490123 Mr LOKESHASADANANDA BELCHADA G1874400 Ph-9710507868795 Ph-0918985 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
103 IX07491364 Mr HAMEED POOKAYAM A9308711 Ph-9710505281485 Ph- Ph-2739612 ARSHADVK@ALFATAHTRAVEL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
104 IX07491541 Mr MAYANKUTTY KP F0779782 Ph-971508915091 Ph- Ph- RETHEESHGTA@GMAIL.COM 1 Adult   Boarded
105 IX07494451 Mr vipin kattoor f5038614 Ph-971507866101 Ph-914994310967 Ph-971507866101 1 Adult   Boarded
106 IX07495555 Mr KISHOREKUMAR KUDPAPOOJARY G3910850 Ph-0505910926 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
107 IX07495566 Mr CHANDUKUTTY NAIRK E2352409 Ph-9715556677 Ph- Ph-0503640455 PRINCY@ANTA.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
108 IX07496238 Mr NM BHARATHAM F0605787 Ph-0502114275 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
109 IX07498971 Mr ABDULAZEEZ ANCHIKATTA E8639926 Ph-065635333 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
110 IX07499869 Mr UMASHAN VIJAYAN G2235597 Ph-0503987414 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
111 IX07500101 Mr Cavin Sequiera H4227541 Ph-971507686155 Ph-919741503543 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
112 IX07500375 Mrs RESHMASANTHOSH RAI E3341991 Ph-0971555216789 Ph-0918242425209 Ph-0555216789 3 Adult   Boarded
113 IX07500375 CHD NALANDSHAUNSANTOSH RAI F3699103 Ph-0971555216789 Ph-0918242425209 Ph-0555216789 3 Child   Boarded
114 IX07500375 Inf VIHASANTOSH RAI H6089914 Ph-0971555216789 Ph-0918242425209 Ph-0555216789 3 Infant   Boarded
115 IX07500748 Mr Vamana Prabhu E3425688 Ph-971506683126 Ph-919449129009 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
116 IX07500969 Mr GANESH PRABHU E2602339 Ph-97148802111 Ph-919845766191 Ph-00971507911056 1 Adult   Boarded
117 IX07504230 Mr QAZI ABDULSALAM Z1917653 Ph-0505606610 Ph- Ph-0505606610 2 Adult   Boarded
118 IX07504230 Mr QAZIZULEKAH KHUDDUS A7649480 Ph-0505606610 Ph- Ph-0505606610 2 Adult   Boarded
119 IX07504303 Mr Jackson Periera F7231465 Ph-97143514343 Ph-919448591398 Ph-0507074025 1 Adult   Boarded
120 IX07508335 Mr MAHAMMED ISMAIL E8503716 Ph-971065561994 Ph-918242416386 Ph-00971557336471 1 Adult   Boarded
121 IX07508915 Mr NAVEEN KUMAR f0272517 Ph-9713935999 Ph- Ph-009710501451966 1 Adult   Boarded
122 IX07509790 Mr SANJAYKUMAR MAHABAL H2615698 Ph-97142712224 Ph-918202527397 Ph-0506763350 1 Adult   Boarded
123 IX07510380 Mr MAHENDRA KODKANY Z1815281 Ph-971505540503 Ph-971505540503 Ph- KADER.ALI@ALNOOBITRAVELS-TOURS.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
124 IX07510445 Mrs INDUMATHI NAYAK H4921404 Ph-971505540503 Ph- Ph- KADER.ALI@ALNOOBITRAVELS-TOURS.AE 1 Adult Lift O Mobile Wheelchair with Highlift Boarded
125 IX07510490 Mr VIJESH KOVVAL G6391885 Ph-0507132854 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
126 IX07511144 Mr RAMAKRISHNA NAYAK E7857962 Ph-971556748588 Ph-919880414902 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
127 IX07511784 Mr Ajesh Mottathil Z1867470 Ph-97142998444 Ph-914672284120 Ph-0506548309 1 Adult   Boarded
128 IX07511838 Mr NAVID IBRAHIM G9162672 Ph-971507101353 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
129 IX07512697 Mr IGNATIUS DSOUZA A8897309 Ph-024087258 Ph-919739558045 Ph-0504724486 1 Adult   Boarded
130 IX07512738 Mr SUKUMARA KUZHIYAMKOTTUCHAL E1577879 Ph-971508509662 Ph-919895323617 Ph-0508509662 1 Adult WHEELCHAIR Boarded
131 IX07512869 Mr ABDULBASHEER KM E8334491 Ph-971502126230 Ph- Ph-067445540 1 Adult   Boarded
132 IX07513099 Mr MOHIDDIN FARASUSMAN A8990621 Ph-971403443364 Ph- Ph-0558876607 1 Adult   Boarded
133 IX07513347 Mr MAHIM MOHAMMEDPALLI E5421277 Ph-042710200 Ph- Ph-0507155206 SAJID@SONICTRAVEL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
134 IX07513389 Mr MOHAMMEDASHRAF KA F0147349 Ph-971042248747 Ph- Ph-0504550530 1 Adult   Boarded
135 IX07514220 Mr MOHAMED USMAN E8488829 Ph-971507595172 Ph-9108242447252 Ph-050 7595172 1 Adult   Boarded
136 IX07514492 Mr KUNHIKANNAN CHANDU E7425250 Ph-0503029875 Ph-4672201775 Ph-0503029875 1 Adult   No Show
137 IX07514642 Mr NAVEENWALTER FERNANDES E2579475 Ph-042045959 Ph- Ph-0552414259 RIZWAN@ARABIANAIRTRAVEL.AE 2 Adult   Boarded
138 IX07514642 Ms SARITAPHILOMENA DSOUZA F3382605 Ph-042045959 Ph- Ph-0552414259 RIZWAN@ARABIANAIRTRAVEL.AE 2 Adult   Boarded
139 IX07514761 Mr ULLAS DSILVA F2117588 Ph-971502485587 Ph-919845848086 Ph-00971502485587 1 Adult   Boarded
140 IX07514833 Mr MANNAPADUPUASHRAF ABDUL E7059127 Ph-971502529087 Ph-919241800956 Ph-502529067 1 Adult   Boarded
141 IX07515021 Mr SAFDHARALI SHEIK E8500239 Ph-9710504412329 Ph- Ph-043935999 1 Adult   Boarded
142 IX07515448 Mr Mahesh Shetty F5561585 Ph-9710501471263 Ph-919987033141 Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
143 IX07515515 Mr ABDULHARISH KOPPALAMHOUSE F9052373 Ph-971502075808 Ph- Ph-0097142739612 1 Adult   Boarded
144 IX07515658 Mr ABDUL JEBRAN H1185483 Ph-971554739292 Ph- Ph-2739612 ARSHADVK@ALFATAHTRAVEL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
145 IX07515795 Mr PARAMBATHKUNHI KRISHNAN F1672009 Ph-971509961667 Ph- Ph- 2 Adult   Boarded
146 IX07515795 Mr PRABHAKARAN PACHIKARAN E5313719 Ph-971509961667 Ph- Ph- 2 Adult   Boarded
147 IX07515995 Mr NEKKAREIBRAHIM ISMAIL F7225439 Ph-9710503137935 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
148 IX07516154 Mr MELWYNKIRAN MENEZES G2705167 Ph-9710507387302 Ph- Ph-0507387302 1 Adult   Boarded
149 IX07516238 Mr SIDDEEQUE CHOORISULAIMAN J2005940 Ph-0507480678 Ph- Ph-042733050 1 Adult   Boarded
150 IX07516637 Mr PUTTURISMAIL ABDULLA E6802195 Ph-9710505073106 Ph- Ph-2739612 ARSHADVK@ALFATAHTRAVEL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
151 IX07517070 Mr SOMASHEKHAR POTYALSRINIVASA G4533563 Ph-971509144259 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
152 IX07517077 Mr LOKESH NARAYANAN F5175193 Ph-971509525917 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
153 IX07517088 Mrs LOLITTA DIAS Z259875 Ph-0507641965 Ph- Ph-0507641965 2 Adult   Boarded
154 IX07517088 Mrs LILLY DIAS G1033855 Ph-0507641965 Ph- Ph-0507641965 2 Adult   Boarded
155 IX07518144 Mr PRAVEENA SUNDAR H0682440 Ph-971557099822 Ph- Ph-042248747 RAJUNANDHU@YAHOO.COM 1 Adult   Boarded
156 IX07519277 Mrs HILDA DSOUZA H0108398 Ph-9710504533479 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
157 IX07519409 Mr pradeep deepanivas f0879499 Ph-971502874145 Ph-971502874145 Ph-971502874145 1 Adult   Boarded
158 IX07519598 Mr DENIS SALDANHA E5038101 Ph-97143935999 Ph-918970886192 Ph-00971508806959 AAMIR-NAEEM@AKBARGULF.COM 2 Adult   Boarded
159 IX07519598 CHD ASHTON SALDANHA J2064578 Ph-97143935999 Ph-918970886192 Ph-00971508806959 AAMIR-NAEEM@AKBARGULF.COM 2 Child   Boarded
160 IX07520023 Mr MANTHUR HASSAINAR G8333309 Ph-9710509488834 Ph- Ph-0508213921 ARSHADVK@ALFATATAHTRAVL.AE 1 Adult   Boarded
161 IX07520219 Mrs RAMA SATISH A8466263 Ph-0561252139 Ph- Ph- 1 Adult   Boarded
162 IX07520379 Mr MOHAMMED BASHEER G2647150 Ph-0507385810 Ph- Ph- 2 Adult   Boarded
163 IX07520379 Mr ABOOBACKER SIDDEEQ E6517454 Ph-0507385810 Ph- Ph- 2 Adult   Boarded
164 IX07521420 Mr MOHAMMED USMAN A9571036 Ph-0503496639 Ph- Ph-0506168079 1 Adult   Boarded
165 IX07522104 Mr SHAILESHRAO BRAHMAVARA F5402793 Ph-9710507805350 Ph- Ph-026330900 1 Adult   Boarded
166 IX07522846 Mr MOHAMMED ZIAD Z1975922 Ph-971509595721 Ph- Ph-0509595721 4 Adult   Boarded
167 IX07522846 Ms SAMEENA ABDULKARIM F3699759 Ph-971509595721 Ph- Ph-0509595721 4 Adult   Boarded
168 IX07522846 CHD ZAINAB MOHAMMEDZIAD F8286601 Ph-971509595721 Ph- Ph-0509595721 4 Child   Boarded
169 IX07522846 CHD MOHAMMED ZUBAIRZAID F4253154 Ph-971509595721 Ph- Ph-0509595721 4 Child   Boarded

Quick rescue, heroic escape - Hall marks of IX 812 tale in Mangalore - 5/23/2010
Mangalore :  It was the tale of human error, it was tale of human velour and it was a tale of human perseverance and hardwork that won the day despite the tragic crash of the IX 812 flight that killed 158 people in Bajpe on this tragic day.

The error was that of the pilot who overshot the landing by more than 500 meters and still tried to land the ill fated  IX 182. The Serbian pilot Z. Glusica despite having 10,200 flying hours experience in him made this fatal error which snuffed out 158 lives, 22 of them children below 8 and infants not more than 5 months old.

The Human velour and instinct of survival, eight of the passengers of the XE 182 decided to jump of the plane which was traveling at a speed of 250 kilometers of hour and save themselves. They will walk home in a week’s time or even earlier and a person no less than the Director General of police of the state -- Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh. This is the stark truth we are facing today.
And finally it was the perseverance and hardwork of few students, youth groups who transformed themselves into super humans working for more than 12 hours to recover bodies that laid underneath the ill fated aircraft. They dug out all the 158 bodies when the day was through and went home with a sense of accomplishment to return for more work perhaps on Sunday 23. Such was the passion that the youth showed on Saturday. 

The minister of civil aviation Mr. Praful Patel who addressed a mundane press conference announced that the DGCA, AAI and AI will carry out their own investigations on different aspects of the IX 812 air mishap in Mangalore on Saturday. Mr Patel said that the DGCA will enquire into the various aspects of efficacy of Air Traffic Control and ILS at the time of mishap, The Airports Authority of India will study the run way, its functionality and its friction quotient. The Air India and Boeing will take up a separate enquiry into the aircraft management and maintenance Mr. Patel said.








The nodal officer appointed by the Chief Minister Mr. B.S. Yeddyruappa Mr. Yogendra Tripathy said in a press conference that the state will organize DNA tests on those bodies that have not been identified and as a consequence not been claimed by its relatives.
Later in the day the Director General of Police  (fire and emergency services) of the state Ms. Jija Hari Singh in the press conference appreciated the spirit of  the people of Dakshina Kannada to rise to an occasion which demanded it more than any time in the past. She said I am yet to see such spirit of civic sense and commitment to the cause. She gave a report of how the day was won at Kenjar village where the ill fated flight dived into a valley.
The rescue was carried out in a systematic way. Over 2500 people who gathered there submitted to the command of the Commissioner of Police Mr. Seemanth Kumar Singh and  worked meticulously and ardently to dig out the bodies from beneath the fallen air craft, transport them to the ambunlances and turn for another body.
What goes on into the history of Mangalore is the biggest rescue operations with over 2500 people gathered at the site of the mishap and helped the district administration to pull it off easily and speedily. 150 ambulances, 24 fire tenders and many other support vehicles had taken part in the operations. The New Mangalore Port, MRPL, KIOCL, MCF had sent their men and materials, while the young doctors of KMC, A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences, K.S. Hegde Medical Academy and other medical colleges of the city had helped in the rescue operations. has learnt that the mortuaries of all the hospitals within the city like the A.J. hospital Kasturba Medical College Hospital Wenlock hospital have been filled up with bodies of the victims. Fortunately out of 158 bodies, 70 have been identified and 60 of them have been claimed by the relatives of the victims. Mr. Tirpathy hoped that all the bodies will be identified and claimed by early morning on Sunday or by late morning.

158 dead in Mangalore plane crash- One day mourning in K’taka

The Karnataka Government has announced a one day mourning today as a mark of respect to 158 passengers who were killed in Air India Express IX 812 crash at Mangalore International Airport.

All the state government functions and entertainment programmes were cancelled for the day, according to a press release from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

CM extends help to crash victims

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on Saturday said the State Government would extend all help to survivors of the Air India Express Flight crash in which 158 people were killed. "The State Government will extend all help that is needed for the victims of the tragedy," said Yeddyurappa, adding that he would ask Air India to find out the reasons of the crash. "I am making a request to Air India to investigate and tell why it has happened," he claimed.

Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, who arrived in Mangalore to access the situation following the crash, said that 158 people died in the crash and there are eight survivors. "There were 137 adults, 19 children, four infants and six crew members on board," said Patel. "Only eight survived. Four passengers sustained minor injuries. Three are severely injured," he added. He further said the plane overshot the runway, and there was no defect in the plane.

"The two pilots had over 1,000 hours of flying experience. The pilots were experienced and familiar with the terrain," said Patel. "The runway visibility stood at six kilometers when the incident took place. The visibility was normal. The ATC signal was also clear," he added.

Earlier this morning, Praful Patel had briefed the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, about rescue operations that were being carried out at the crash site.

It was also reported this morning that the pilot of the aircraft failed to signal or announce an emergency landing, which is being cited as a factor leading to the crash.

A probe team from Mumbai has arrived here to inspect the crash site and determine the cause of the mishap.

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, and the Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, have expressed shock and grief over the grievous loss of life resulting from the Air India Express crash.




Praful Patel owns moral responsibility for Mangalore crash

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel Saturday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and owned moral responsibility for the Air India Boeing 737 crash in Mangalore in which at least 159 people were killed.

"I expressed my anguish. I told him about my personal and moral responsibility as head of the civil aviation family," Patel told reporters after meeting the prime minister at his 7, Race Course Road residence. 

Though he did not give a direct answer to queries about his having offered to resign, Patel said he had "a great sense of personal anguish and felt morally responsible that such a tragic incident had taken place". 

Patel went to Mangalore Saturday morning soon after the crash to oversee the rescue operations. 

159 dead as AI plane overshoots runway at Mangalore

(IANS) At least 159 people were killed when a packed to capacity Air India Express flight from Dubai crashed Saturday while landing at Mangalore’s "table top" airport, breaking into pieces and falling into a deep gorge in balls of fire. Only seven passengers survived in what is one of India’s worst aviation disasters.

Though it had been raining for two days, there was clear visibility with no wind when the Boeing 737-800 with 160 passengers, including 19 children and four infants, as well as six crew members overshot the runway at 6.05 a.m., authorities and witnesses said.

There was no distress call from pilot Z. Glusica, a British national of Serbian origin who had flown in and out of Mangalore at least 19 times and received due landing clearance four miles from touchdown at the hilltop airport at Bajpe, about 20 km from here and 350 km from Bangalore.

The Bajpe airport, which is surrounded by forested deep ravines, is considered one of the most difficult airports to land and take off because it lacks adequate spillover area.

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said after visiting the crash site that the IX812 ploughed through a wall of sandbags and veered off course. As it did so, one of its wings crashed into the concrete landing aid, broke up and plunged about 200-300 metres into the gorge.

Stitching together the events by talking to four of the seven survivors, most of whom were seated in the middle of the plane, Patel told reporters that the Boeing did not immediately catch fire but did so subsequently.

Most passengers died instantly. 

By 5 p.m., the bodies of 146 people, most of them charred beyond recognition and some with seat belts still strapped on, were recovered, Civil Aviation Secretary M.M. Nambiar said. A court of inquiry is to be set up and Boeing has said it will assist the investigation. 

































The aircraft, the civil aviation ministry said, touched down the 2.45 km Runway 24 "slightly beyond the touch down zone, overshot the runway and went in the valley beyond the runway".

Eight people, including an infant, were the initial survivors. However, a four-year-old girl died on the way to hospital, where some of the injured remained in critical condition. 

All passengers were Indians, many returning home from Dubai where they worked. An estimated 50 were from Kerala, whose northern border almost touches Mangalore.

Among those who survived was Keralite Krishnan, who had a miraculous escape when he jumped through a gap in the broken aircraft just before it turned into a ball of fire. 

"I saw the plane catch fire and heard the shrieks of my co-passengers inside," said Krishnan, recalling how the aircraft shook as it lost one of its tyres after the landing. 

He said he removed the seat belt and sprang out through the gap. "I felt I was in a forest. Four others also jumped out and ran with me," he said, narrating his horror story from his hospital bed.

Air India Express is the low cost arm of Air India. The Airports Authority of India said the plane was in good shape.

Addressing sceptics, Minister Patel said the length of the runway had been increased from 6,000 ft to 8,000 ft to factor in bigger aircraft. "(But) because spillway area was limited, it went into a cliff."

Villagers were amongst the first to reach the site but leaping flames kept them away. Rescue personnel came across ghastly scenes of mangled bodies strewn over a large area. 

As firemen doused the fires, others took out bodies from the wreckage -- each body had to be taken up the cliff.

A shaken Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cancelled a dinner to celebrate the first anniversary of his government’s second tenure and condoled the loss of lives.

Two Dubai residents, a man and a woman, had a providential escape. While Kunhikannan Chandu could not get on to the flight because his boss piled on extra work, Theresiamma Philip was confused about the time and missed the flight. 

They couldn’t believe their luck.

But many others like Manirekha Poonja, who worked for the Gulf News in Dubai, her husband and their 17-year-old daughter, who were to take part in a wedding in Mangalore, were not so fortunate. 

This is the 11th major air accident involving Indian carriers or in the country’s air space since 1962, and the first since July 17, 2000 when an Alliance Air flight crashed at the Patna airport killing 60 people.

Help Mangalore crash victims’ kin, Tharoor urges Gulf NRIs

Thiruvananthapuram, May 22 (IANS) Former junior foreign minister Shashi Tharoor Saturday urged affluent NRIs in the Gulf to raise a fund to help the families of those killed in the Mangalore air disaster, many of who were from Kerala, as their remittances kept the Indian economy "buoyant".

"We must help the bereaved families in their hour of need" as "their remittances helped keep our economy buoyant", Tharoor, who is the MP from Thiruvananthapuram, told IANS. 

Tharoor said he mourned the loss of "so many migrant labourers" whose families depended on them as "sole breadwinners". 

"The we is not just government, though I think the government compensation should be in addition to Air-India’s. Then, we should also appeal to affluent NRIs in the Gulf, many of whom benefitted from the services of those who perished. I appeal to them to raise a generous fund to help the bereaved families as well," he said, adding that he would Tweet about it "shortly". 

At least 159 people were killed when Air India Express flight 812 flying in from Dubai crashed while landing at the Mangalore airport and burst into flames as it overshot the touchdown zone. 

Plane barely 30 months old, pilots highly experienced: Air India

Mumbai, May 22 (IANS) The ill-fated Boeing 737-800 aircraft that crashed at Mangalore airport Saturday morning was barely two-and-a-half years old and was "airworthy", Air India officials said.

The state-of-the-art aircraft had been inducted into the AI fleet on Jan 15, 2008 and had been flying on various domestic and international sectors, the officials said. 

Even the commander of the aircraft, Capt. Z. Glusica, a British national of Serbian origin, was a highly experienced pilot who had logged over 10,200 flying hours. 

He was assisted on the Dubai-Mangalore trip by the first officer, Capt. H.S. Ahluwalia, who had over 3,600 hours of flying to his credit. 

AI officials also said that both Glusica and Ahluwalia were extremely familiar with the "table top" runway at Mangalore. While Ahluwalia had made 66 landings there, Glusica had 19 landings to his credit there. 

Earlier in the day, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) said that Mangalore airport is a licensed airport with a runway length of 2,450 metres (around 8,000 feet long), plus a runway end safety area of 90 metres. 

The runway was commissioned in 2006 and has been under operation since then, AAI said. 

The AAI also said that the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the Mangalore airport was operating normally.

"No problem had been reported by the pilots (of the ill-fated aircraft)....the aircraft was following ILS approach for landing on runway 24 and the pilot reported to ATC that it was established on ILS approach at about 10 miles (16 km) from touchdown," an AAI statement said. 

The aircraft had been cleared for landing when about six km from the touchdown point. The aircraft touched down on runway 24 slightly beyond the point, overshot the runway and plunged into the valley beyond the runway where it caught fire, killing 159 people. 

The AAI said that at the time of mishap, the visibility at the Mangalore airport was 6 km and the wind was calm, with no rain at the time of the accident. 

Boeing, US aviation officials to assist Air India crash probe

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Officials from Boeing and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will visit India to provide technical assistance to investigators after an Air India Express Boeing 737 crashed in Mangalore killing 159 people, officials said.

Officials in the civil aviation ministry here said it was obligatory for NTSB to assist in air crash investigations in foreign countries if the aircraft in question, or a part, is made in the US, has the country’s registry, or was deployed by an American operator. 

The agency has so far participated in 40 overseas investigations in the past two years, including the one at Tripoli May 12 that killed 103 people, with one child miraculously escaping.

That aircraft was a Airbus A330-200 fitted with the US-made General Electric engines. 

"Boeing is sending a team to provide technical assistance to the investigation at the invitation of the Indian authorities," the company said in a statement soon after the news of the crash spread. 

The aircraft flown by Air India Express from Dubai to Mangalore that crashed was a two-and-a-half-year-old Boeing 737-800. It carried 166 people, including 19 children and four infants.

This specific make of the aircraft entered into service in 1998 with a capacity for 162 passengers in a two-class layout, or 189 in one class.

Saturday’s crash took place at the Bajpe airstrip, about 30 km from Mangalore -- a hilly area that is considered one of the most difficult airports to take off and land.

"The aircraft touched down on runway 24 slightly beyond the touchdown zone, overshot the runway and went into the valley beyond the runway," the civil aviation ministry said. 

Mangaloreans numbed by Air India tragedy

A week back it was celebrations for Mangaloreans as a new airport started operations, fulfilling a long pending demand.

The mood was one of sorrow Saturday after an Air India Express flying from Dubai crashed near the Mangalore airport killing 158 people. 

Mangaloreans knew that flying into and out of their city was always scary as the airport is on a hilltop with deep ravines only metres away from the runway.

Kenjar village, just outside the new terminal, will take a long time to get over the trauma of witnessing the gory scenes of the burning plane and charred bodies pulled out of the Air India wreckage. 

The plane with 160 passengers and six crew fell into the ravine after overshooting the runway on landing at the airport. Dozens of villagers rushed to the spot to be of help, but leaping flames kept them away till the firemen reached the site. Except for the tail of the Boeing 737-800, the aircraft was reduced to mangled, charred metal.

Dozens of people who were at the airport to receive relatives and friends also rushed to the disaster site. Many burst into tears as they saw the mass of metal, leaving little hope of survivors. 

S. Deepthi from Kenjar village who studies in Bangalore said: "It was horrendous to witness the tragedy. I had come home as colleges are closed for summer holidays. It will be difficult for me to get over the trauma." 






















Probe ordered into Mangalore air crash: Patel

Mangalore (Karnataka), May 22 (IANS) Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel Saturday said that a probe had been ordered into the plane crash at Mangalore airport and that it was premature to ascertain the actual cause for the accident that claimed 159 lives.

"Directorate General of Civil Aviation has already ordered an inquiry. Air India has constituted a team headed by executive director operations to take all necessary steps to establish circumstances, including collection of data pertaining to the accident. The team would assist the DGCA in inquiry into the accident," Patel told reporters here. 

Patel, who reached the accident site in the afternoon, said that both the pilots at the helm of the aircraft were senior, highly experienced and had made previous landings at the Mangalore airport. 

The commander, Z. Glusica, a British national of Serbian origin with over 10,200 hours of flying experience, had flown in and out of Mangalore airport at least 19 times, while copilot H.S. Ahluwalia had operated 66 times from the same airport. 

He added that the aircraft was new and had been acquired at the end of 2007. "It was hardly two-and-a-half years old... and this aircraft has no defect or malfunction," he said. 

"These are preliminary observations. There will be a detailed inquiry," he said. 

The Air India Express flight 812 flying in from Dubai crashed early Saturday while landing at Mangalore’s "table top" airport surrounded by deep gorges. It erupted in flames when it overshot the runway and plunged down a cliff. 

The plane had 166 passengers, including 19 children, four infants and six crew members.

Patel said that the Mangalore airport has a limited spill-over area after the short runway.

"Because the spill-over area was limited, it (the aircraft) went off a cliff," he said. 

"The plane went into the spill-over area, hit the localiser, a wing broke there and the aircraft plunged into the valley 200-300 metre deep," he said, adding that the plane did not catch fire immediately. 

The minister said the length of the runway had been increased from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet to factor in landing of bigger aircraft. 

He said the aircraft black box, which recordS flight information, would be recovered as the entire wreckage had been found.

Patel also brushed aside suggestions that airport safety norms were defied.

"India has had a long unblemished record for several years. Unfortunately, this incident has saddened all of us and we are deeply shocked and pained," the minister said. "If an airport is deemed unsafe, there is no way we one can permit operations there."

About the operations to recover and identify bodies, he said that as the bodies were badly burnt, it would take some time for health authorities to identify the victims and hand them over to their next of kin. 

Patel added that since India is a signatory to the 1999 Montreal convention, the families of those who had died would be paid up to $160,000. The injured would also be given suitable compensation and their treatment would be paid for by the airline. 

Praful Patel to brief PM on crash

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has been monitoring the Air India crash at Mangalore since morning, will be briefed about the search and rescue operations by Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel later in the evening.

Patel, who went to Mangalore Saturday morning soon after crash, will fly be back to the capital and also order an inquiry into the mishap, officials said. A priliminary inquiry has already been ordered by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. 

The prime minister condoled the loss of lives in the air crash and ordered compensation of Rs.200,000 for the families of the dead and Rs.50,000 for the injured.

He also postponed an event scheduled at his official residence Saturday evening to celebrate his government’s first year in office during its second tenure. 

At least 159 people were killed when an Air India Express Boeing 737 with 166 passengers and crew flying from Dubai overshot the runway while landing at the Mangalore airport and turned into a ball of fire as it crashed into a forested ravine. 

Crash paralyses Mangalore airport

Mangalore (Karnataka), May 22 (IANS) The tragic crash of an Air India Express Boeing 737 killing at least 158 passengers Saturday has severely disrupted operations at the Mangalore airport.

"Since the crash around 6 a.m., all operations, including flight services, have been suspended and we have been busy coordinating rescue and relief work at the mishap site," said an Airports Authority of India (AAI) official at Bajpe airport, about 30 km northeast of Mangalore.

The picturesque airport with a table top runway handles about 10-12 flights daily, including two to Dubai daily by Air India Express, the budget carrier of the state-run National Aviation Company of India Ltd.

Soon after the crash, an emergency was declared at the airport, which was recently modernised with a longer runway and a new terminal, inaugurated May 15 by Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel to provide better amenities to domestic and international passengers and other users. 

"Besides Air India Express, which also operates overseas flights to the Gulf region, private carriers Jet Airways and Kingfisher provide daily services on the domestic routes to Bangalore and Mumbai," the AAI official said. 

Within 30 minutes after the IX-812 Boeing 737 overshot the runway and crashed into a forested ravine, the air traffic control (ATC) ordered both Jet and Kingfisher to cancel their services to Mangalore from Bangalore that were scheduled to land at 8.15 a.m. and 8.35 a.m. respectively. 

"The overseas AI flight (IX-817) to Abu Dhabi and Muscat, which was to take-off at 9.30 a.m. remains cancelled, as the ill-fated plane that crashed while landing was to fly back to the Gulf region. The Air India Express night flight to Dubai at 9.30 p.m. also stands cancelled," the official said, requesting anonymity. 

Air India, Jet and Kingfisher also operate services to Mumbai. According to AAI officials, new flights linking Mangalore to Panaji in Goa and Kochi in Kerala were also being planned.

The Bajpe airport has a tough landing approach leading up to the edge of the hillsides that drop into the valley from about 90 metres to nine metres within a short distance of 500 metres on the eastern side and from 83 metres to 25 metres on the western side. 

"Landing on this short runway was considered difficult due to its height varying from 90 metres to 83 metres from east to west," the official noted. 

Though the original airport became operational in 1951 when prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru arrived on the first flight, the shorter airstrip and the improvised passenger facilities prevented the carriers from introducing their services. 

"The demand for flight services to other cities and towns gathered momentum thanks to the burgeoning economy and increased movement of people from the coastal areas to the Gulf region," an AI spokesman said. 

Direct flights to Dubai and other Gulf countries since the last three years saved local passengers the trouble of changing flights at Bangalore or Mumbai to reach home, the spokesman said. 

Being a port city, the airport also handles cargo shipments for export and import of a variety of goods and raw materials. 

Mangalore airport tests pilot’s skills: Krishna

Bangalore, May 22 (IANS) External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said the Mangalore airport, where an Air India plane crashed Saturday, is known to test the limits of pilot’s skills.

"Well, it was known that the Mangalore airport and runway are a very tricky and the skills of the pilot would be put to maximum test while landing," Krishna told a television news channel.

An Air India Express aircraft crashed after overshooting the runway killing 158 people.

Krishna is on his way to the accident site to join his cabinet colleagues Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel and Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily.

"In over a decade, there hasn’t been such a big accident. My heart goes out to the relatives of those killed," he said. 

PM directly monitoring Mangalore rescue operations: Antony

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was directly monitoring rescue operations in Mangalore, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said Saturday adding that the central government was in constant touch with the Karnataka government on providing relief to the victims of the Air Indian Express 812 crash.

"The entire nation is in shock... Delhi (central government) is in shock. The prime minister is directly monitoring the rescue and rehabilitation operation," Antony told IANS. 

"The first and foremost thing before the government is to rescue maximum number of lives. The government is currently concentrating on it," the defence minister said. 

Describing it as the worst airline tragedy in the country, Antony said he had directed the defence ministry to deliver all help possible for rescue operations. 

"No need to wait for an order from higher authorities. I have told them to do whatever help is required," he said. 

Mangalore tragedy an eye-opener: Air India

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) The Mangalore air crash that killed 158 people Saturday "points finger towards the faults in our infrastructure facilities in airports", an Air India board member said.

"It is a big tragedy, particularly for Indians in the Gulf. It is an eye-opener... it points finger towards the faults in our infrastructure facilities in airports and international services," said NRI businessman M.A. Yusuff Ali, who recently became a board member of Air India.

Air India Express Flight IX812 from Dubai crashed at the Mangalore airport killing 158 passengers and crew Saturday morning. The plane overshot the runway and crashed into a forested ravine. 

Ali, managing director of the Emke Group that employs thousands of Indians in the Gulf, was appointed to the board this month.

"At our board meeting (Wednesday), we thoroughly discussed ways to improve our international services, particularly to the Gulf countries," Ali told IANS on telephone while travelling from Kozhikode to Mangalore by road. 

"It is the saddest day for Indians in the Gulf countries. Most of the victims were travelling with their family members, including children, to meet their relatives after a long break," Ali said. 

India has poor aviation safety standards, says expert

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) India has poor aviation safety standards and accidents like Saturday’s crash near Mangalore are bound to occur if these are not improved, said Captain M.R. Wadia, founder president of the Federation of Indian Pilots.

Reacting to the Mangalore air crash that killed 158 people, Wadia said the country needs to focus on improving safety standards in the aviation sector.

"According to the Flight Safety Foundation figures, India has the highest rate of aviation accidents in the world. But the sad part is that still we do not have specialists in aviation safety," said Wadia.

He said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) controls air safety but it also doesn’t have an independent safety board.

"All countries in the world have an independent safety board. But despite having so many accidents we don’t have a safety board as yet. Even several government-appointed committees have recommended an independent safety board," Wadia said. 

"We have made representations to the government time and again to improve safety standards but it has refrained from implementing them," he said. 

The Air India Express passenger plane flying from Dubai overshot the runway after landing at the Mangalore airport, killing 158 people. Only eight people survived.

Thorough probe into crash needed: Minister

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran Saturday said only a thorough investigation would reveal the reason behind the aircrash at Mangalore airport that killed at least 159 people.

"All technical aspects and angles should be probed to know the cause of the tragedy," Mullappally told IANS over the phone from Mangalore, where he had gone to oversee the rescue operations. 

Around 50 of the victims belonged to north Kerala and were returning home from Dubai. Mangalore is near the Kerala border. 

Asked whether a sabotage angle would be probed, the minister said "all aspects should be probed". 

Expressing profound grief at the death of passengers in the tragedy, Mullappally said the accident showed that the safety standards in civil aviation should be strengthened. 

Civil Aviation Secretary M.M. Nambiar told reporters that 146 bodies had been recovered from the debris of the Air India flight that crashed, and a court of inquiry will be ordered. 

Achuthanandan offers all assistance to victims

Mangalore (Karnataka), May 22 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan Saturday offered all possible help to the injured and kin of the passengers from his state who died in the Air India Express crash in Mangalore.

Achuthanandan reached Mangalore with three of his ministerial colleagues - Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi and Devaswom Minister Kadannappilli Ramachandran - as well as P. Karunakaran, the MP from Kasargod constituency that neighbours Mangalore, on hearing the news that there were several Malayalis among the victims. 

"It is a shocking incident. The state govenrment will do all possible help to the victims and their families," the chief minister said. 

"It is not ascertained that how many Malayalis died in the crash. According to our information, there were at least 50 passengers from Kerala on the flight," Karunakaran said, adding most of the charred bodies of the victims could not be identified. 

Karunakaran told IANS that many of the Malayalis on board were from the north Kerala districts of Kasargod and Kannur.

Karunakaran, who is also deputy leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) in the Lok Sabha, expressed satisfaction over the efforts being made by the central government and Karnataka government to give relief to the victims and their families. He also demanded a high-level probe into the accident.

At least 159 people were killed when the Air India Express flight from Dubai overshot the runway after landing at the Mangalore airport early Saturday and caught fire as it crashed into a forested gorge.

Black box of Air India flight not traced, 146 bodies found

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) Authorities have recovered 146 bodies from the debris of the Air India flight that crashed in Mangalore Saturday and a court of inquiry will be ordered soon to know the cause of the disaster, Civil Aviation Secretary M.M. Nambiar said.

He also said that the cockpit voice recorder, also called the black box, was yet to be recovered from the crash site. 

"We have recovered 146 bodies, including those of the commander and two female crew members," Nambiar told reporters here.

He said an immediate inquiry was ordered by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to ascertain the cause of the crash. 

"The ministry will also set up a court of inquiry shortly," he said. "So far, we have not recovered the black box." 

The plane, which crashed while landing at the Mangalore airport, had 166 people -- 137 adult passengers, 19 children, four infants and six crew, according to the civil aviation ministry. 

Nambiar made it clear that the flight was completely air-worthy and had been acquired just two years ago and that the airport at Mangalore was also safe. There had been 32,000 landings since 2006. 

"Our focus is now on rescue and relief operations. Air India will run a special flight from Dubai to bring the kith and kin of ones who have lost their lives," the secretary added. 

Nambiar said the commander, who was of Serbian origin, had an experience of 10,200 hours. In Mangalore, he added, the commander had made 19 successful landings. 

According to him, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel will return to New Delhi later in the evening and brief Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

’Angels of Air India’ nurse Mangalore crash survivors

Mumbai, May 22 (IANS) Air India has deployed its full Emergency Response Team - "Angels of Air India" - at Mangalore where Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore flight IX-812 crashed Saturday.

Besides the specially trained humanitarian assistance team which has already reached Mangalore, Air India has set up a local co-ordination centre for relief and rescue purposes, an official said here Saturday evening. 

The survivors from the ill-fated flight are under the care of the "Angels of Air India" and local medicos. 

Air India has also contacted the families of all the passengers - the victims and survivors - and is giving them all support for travel and other arrangements, he added. 

In addition, an Air India Flight Safety Team and a team of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation have also reached Mangalore for preliminary enquiries into the tragedy. 

Air India has set up more emergency helplines at various airports to help the families of the victims and survivors. The helpline numbers are:

Mangalore - 0824-2451046/0824-2451047. 
Dubai Airport - 00971-4-2165828/29.
Bangalore - 080-66785172/080-22273310.
Mumbai - 022-22796161. 
Mumbai Airport - 022-26168310. 
Chennai - 044-22560266. 



Mangalore's 'table top' airport surrounded by gorges - 5/23/2010


Mangalore : Flying into Mangalore has always been considered difficult because the airport is on the top of a hill and surrounded by deep gorges that are just 30 metres from the runway.

The airport is at Bajpe, about 20 km from Mangalore and 350 km from the state capital Bangalore. The runway is called the table top because of the deep gorges surrounding it.


Ironically, the new terminal building was inaugurated only May 15 by union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel.

The Mangalore airport is considered one of the most difficult ports to land and take off from, particularly in the rainy season. It has been raining heavily in the area, an impact of cyclone Laila.

It is not clear whether the Air India Express, which caught fire Saturday, landed at the old runway, about 1.6 km in length, or the new 2.6 km runway that became operational in 2006.

Mangalore is a busy commercial and education centre on the west coast. It has a mixed population of Hindus, Christians and Muslims and four languages - Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Urdu - are spoken. It has a busy port, the New Mangalore Port.

It has been in the news for wrong reasons in the last few years because of increasing communal tension. The most infamous incident was that of young girls being attacked by self-appointed protectors of Hindutva at a pub in Mangalore in January 2009.

Passengers pick a quarrel with crew over flight delay at Mangalore Airport - 5/22/2010


Mangalore : The passengers scheduled to fly on the Kingfisher flight between Chennai-Bangalore-Mangalore were a heckled lot today, following their flight experiencing a double technical snag at Mangalore airport. They could take their flight only when a bigger aircraft arrived from Bangalore to board them after a delay of 7 hours.


The scheduled flight arrived in Mangalore with an on board technical snag in the fuselage section. But when that snag was attended to by the engineering division yet another snag appeared this time in the engine and that was when the captain of the flight announced the flight will have to be grounded for the day.

At this announcement the passengers got furious, they had their reason also as they have been boarded twice and de-boarded twice before in a matter of 3 hours and many of them were eager to catch their connecting flight to different places in the country as well as some abroad and all of them had to miss their flight.

According to the airlines officials the flight was scheduled to leave Mangalore at 9am but it arrived from Bangalore with a snag onboard, which was quickly repaired by the engineering staff. But when the engines started there was yet another snag this time in the engines and the captain said he would not take the risk of flying the aircraft without the snag being set right.

However after facing a lot of ruckus from the passengers a bigger aircraft arrived from Bangalore at 3pm and boarded all the passengers and was off on its course at 4pm. The officials of Kingfisher were though reluctant to divulge the details the passengers vented their ire in public.

Udupi Power Corporation Ltd's thermal power project at Nandikur (erstwhile Nagarjuna) inaugural put off? - 5/22/2010


PADUBIDRI: Though it was said that the Udupi Power Corporation Ltd's thermal power project at Nandikur (erstwhile Nagarjuna) would be formally inaugurated by the Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and Energy Minister Eshwarappa on Thursday, it is now reported that the inaugural could not take place due to the failure of the two leaders to arrive. Meanwhile, company sources have said that the inaugural programme is now scheduled to be held on May 30.

It is believed that the mess that prevailed inside the project site due to Wednesday night's rain also was one of the reasons for the postponement of the inaugural. Earlier it was reported that the CM and the Energy Minister were supposed to arrive for the inaugural of this controversial project in a hush hush manner fearing public opposition.

The machinery in the plant which were operational on an experimental basis and were letting smoke out of the chimney since the past several days, have now all of a sudden fallen silent.

The project which has been facing several hurdles since the very beginning has now faced another hurdle for its very inaugural.

M'lore: Air India Express Crashes at Mangalore Airport - 5/22/2010


VT-AXF - Air India Express Boeing 737-800 aircraft

MANGALORE: An Air India Express aircraft overshot the runway at the Mangalore airport on Saturday morning. As per reports, 169 passengers were onboard the aircraft.

Karnataka home minister has said that around 160 people may have died in the accident. He also said that the plane crashed around 10 km away from the airport.

The Mangalore police has said that there could be several causalties. Emergency services have been installed at the site of the accident. Almost 25 ambulances have reached the site.

The plane burst into flames after overshooting the runway. The injured were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

All the contact with the aircraft was lost after 6.30 am as the left wing of the plane caught fire. 


file photo: Mangalore Airport

The UPA Government has cancelled the Anniversary dinner in view of this tragedy and respect for the victims. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been in contact in the Home Minister, Chidambaram regarding the progress in the rescue operation. The President of India,Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the Prime Minister and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have expressed their shock and have expressed their grief at the horrendous tragedy and death due to the air crash at Mangalore. 

The Aviation Minister, Praful Patel and Veerappa Mioly, the Law Minister are on their way to Mangalore to take the stock of the air crash. Speaking to the TV anchor from Delhi Airport waiting to go to Mumbai and from there to Mangalore, Veerappa Moily said that he was extremely saddened by this tragedy and the heart of the government goes out to the victim as they were on their way from Dubai to meet their dear and near ones back at home. 

The last major air tragedy was at Patna in 2000. Since then, for the last ten years the Air India had registered a safety record that is being  shattered  by this major crash at Mangalore. According to sources, the Air India express Boeing 737-800 is a relatively new aircraft, barely 5 to 6 years old. 

Three survivors


The names of the survivors who escaped with minor injuries are Joel Pratap D’Souza (a "young man around 25-30 years old" ), Umar Farooq (26) and Sabrina, a medical student. They have been taken to a private hospital for treatment, but are out of danger.


Mr. D’Souza came to the airport from the crash site in a vehicle and said he was a survivor of the crash. He was immediately removed to the hospital


A Help Desk has been set up at the Mangalore airport.


Contact numbers are: 0824 2220422/0824 2010167


Here is the list of passengers on the flight received from S.A. Prabhakar Sharma, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mangalore District.


From PNR Report 

1. Harshini Poonja

2. Aaron Joel Fernandes

3. Niha Imthiaz

4. Bhaskaran T.V.

5. Komalavally Alinkeel

6. Narayana Kanthav Rao

7. Vani Narayana Rao

8. Vaishnavi Narayana Rao

9. Mohammad Ishaque Rafique Ahmed

10 Hasanabba Abubakkar

11. Hiba Azeena (child)

12. Mushina (child)

13. Haifa Hasha (infant)

14. Joyanrichard Saldanha

15. Ummer Farook Mohammed

16. Shahida Nushrathar

17 Zeshan Abdul Rehman (child)

18. Kannur Zulekha Banu

19. Nazeema Muhammad Ashraf

20.Satyanarayana Ballakuraya

21. Sujatha Rao

22. Fathimamehzan Shafqat

23.Rashaad Shafqatmahmood (infant)

24. Khader Ammangod Mohammed Shafy

25. Suhaib Mohammed Naseer (child)

26. Bibi Sara (child)

27. Nabeeha Mohammed Nasir (child)

28. Mohammad Asraf

29. Maimoona Asraf

30. Ashaz Abdulla (child)

31. Ayesha Afsheen (child)

32.Plaviashakunthala Lobo

33. Venishanikola Lobo

34. Vishalfloid Lobo (child)

35. Abdullah K.M.

36. Merwyn D’ Souza (No Show)

37. Rosly Shibu

38. Godwina Thomas (child)

39. Gloria Thomas (child)

40. Bhagali Prabhakar

41. Kammadam Kunhabdulla

42. Shashikanth Punja

43. Manirekha Punja

44. Abdulbarr Damudi (child)

45. Mahesh Shetty

46. Mohamed Naser

47. Anwar Sadiq

48. Hassan Kutty

49. JoelPratap DSouza

50. Arunkumar Shetty

51. Vasantha Shetty (No Show)

52. Abdul Samad

53. Prasadand Manjrekar

54. Krishnan Koolikunnu

55. Mullachery Balakrishnan

56. Shanthi Olivera

57. Chethana Mukeshkumar

58. Thresiamma Philip (No Show)

59. Mohamed Ashfaq (No Show)

60. Husna Farheen (No Show)

61. Ahmednaushad Abbu

62. Rajan Pulikodan

63. Jayaprakasha Devadiga

64. Jayaram Kotian

65. Chitra Jayaram

66. Rahul Jayaram (child)

67. Prabhavati Karkera

68. Ashitha Bolar

69. Akshay Bolar

70. Suresh Kunder

71. Sanjeeva BabannaHegde (No Show)

72. Soman Narayani

73. Pradeep GK

74. Kallingalabullah

75. Thalangara Ebrahimkhaleel

76. Louiscarlo Vincent Geraro (No Show)

77. Naziya Afarin

78. Mohammed Abaanruknuddin (child)

79. MohammedRafi Beliyapura

80. Abdullah Mohammed

81. Ibrahim Saheb

82. Sameena Saheb

83. Issam Ibrahim

84. Rida Ibrahim (child)

85. Perumbalamohammed

86. Shivakumar Nagaraj

87. Meenu Gupta

88. Shetty KK

89. Gangadharan Nair

90. Prabathkumar Attavar

91.Sathisha Shetty

92. Irshad Ahmed

93. Neha Parveen

94. Affan Ahmed (infant)

95. Sameerbeerran Moideen

96. Abdunnazir Avinja

97. Riju John

98. Sabrina Nasrinhuq

99. Steven Rego (No Show)

100. Mahammooda Abdulla Kanyana

101. Althafahmed Moolana

102. Lokeshasadananda Belchada

103. Hameed Pookayam

104. Mayankutty KP

105. Vipin Kattoor

106. Kishorekumar Kudpapoojary

107. Chandukutty Nair K

108. NM Bharatham

109. Abdulazeez Anchikatta

110. Umashan Vijayan

111. Cavin Sequuiera

112. Reshmasanthosh Rai

113. Nalandshaunsantosh Rai (child)

114. Vihasantosh Rai (infant)

115. Vamana Prabhu

116. Ganesh Prabhu

117. Qazi Abdulsalam

118. Qazizulekah Khuddus

119. Jackson Periera

120. Mahammed Ismail

121. Naveen Kumar

122. Sanjaykumar Mahabal

123. Mahendra Kodkany

124. Indumathi Nayak

125. Vijesh Kovval

126. Ramakrishna Nayak

127. Ajesh Mottathil

128. Navid Ibrahim

129. Ignatius DSouza

130. Sukumara Kuzhiyamkottuchal

131. Abdul Basheer KM

132. Mohiddin Farasusman

133. Mahim Mohammedpalli

134. Mohammedashraf KA

135. Mohamed Usman

136. Kunhikannan Chandu (No Show)

137. Naveenwalter Fernandes

138. Saritaphilomena Dsouza

139. Ullas Dsilva

140. Mannapadupuashraf Abdul

141. Safdharali Sheik

142. Mahesh Shetty

143. Abdulharish Koppalamhouse

144. Abdul Jebran

145. Parambathkunhi Krishnan

146. Prabhakaran Pachikaran

147. Nekkareibrahim Ismail

148. Melwynkiran Menezes

149. Siddeeque Choorisulaiman

150. Putturismail Abdulla

151. Somashekhar Potyalsrinivasa

152. Lokesh Narayanan

153. Lolitta Dias

154. Lilly Dias

155. Praveena Sundar

156. Hilda Douza

157. Pradeep Deepanivas

158. Denis Saldanha

159. Ashton Saldanha (child)

160. Manthur Hassainar

161. Rama Satish

162. Mohammed Basheer

163. Aboobacker Siddeeq

164. Mohammed Usman

165. Shaileshrao Brahmavara

166. Mohammed Ziad

167. Sameena Abdul Karim

168. Zainab Mohammedziad (child)

169. Mohammed Subairzaid (child)




The plane burst into flames after overshooting the runway. The injured were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Five passengers have been admitted as per reports.

All the contact with the aircraft was lost after 6.30 am as the west wing of the plane caught fire when it took off, say reports. The aircraft was heading from Mangalore to Dubai.

DGCA sources have said that a probe has been ordered into the accident.

However, there has not been any confirmation from Air India.

Helpline Nos: 011-25656196, 25603101

More pics......

















A survivor in hospital


Hyderabad: Cyclone Laila weakens, death toll at 26 - 5/22/2010

Gulf News-PK


Hyderabad:Cyclone Laila weakened Friday after battering India's southeastern coast with several days of torrential rain and high winds that claimed 26 lives, officials said.

The storm, which formed over the Bay of Bengal, drenched the southern state of Tamil Nadu before making landfall further north Thursday in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, where it uprooted trees, electricity poles and destroyed communication lines.

Andhra Pradesh disaster management commissioner T. Radha said more than 70,000 people evacuated ahead of the storm had been told to stay in shelters until Friday evening.

Radha told AFP that at least 17 people had died in storm-related accidents across the state.

Television footage showed cars smashed by fallen trees, huts missing their thatched roofs, people clearing debris left by the wind and rains, flooded roads and marooned villages.

The heavy rains and strong winds damaged mango, banana and lime crops, with conservative estimates putting the losses at two billion rupees (41 million dollars)

In Tamil Nadu where the storm was blamed for nine deaths, officials said life had begun to return to normal as flood waters in low-lying areas receded.

Cyclone Laila was still hovering off the Andhra Pradesh coast Friday, but its force had weakened with wind speeds down to 75 kilometres an hour, compared to 125kmh at its peak.

"We think it will weaken further and move in a northerly direction. But there will be more rains," said V. Prasad Rao, director of the cyclone warning centre in Visakhapatnam city.

Another weather office advisory warned fishermen to stay ashore due to "rough" sea conditions and predicted widespread rains for Orissa state, north of Andhra Pradesh.

India and Bangladesh are hit regularly by cyclones that develop in the Bay of Bengal between April and November, causing widespread damage to homes and fields.

Local News in Brief :- 21/05/2010 - 5/21/2010

Compiled by Richard Dsouza (Kenja Bail)-PK

Local News in Brief :-

Severe damage due to heavy wind in Kundapur

Kundapur : The heavy wind caused severe damage in Kundapur on Wednesday. Villages including Vitalavady suffered due to this.

Many trees were uprooted and trees at Vitalavady fell on the house and caused damage. The tiles and sheets of the house were blown up.

Otherthan this, a tree fell on the cattle shed but no casualities occurred.

Speak Tulu in school

Udupi : Students of Tulu nadu should speak in Tulu language in schools said
MP D V Sadananda Gowda.

He inaugurated the two day National seminar held on the occasion of 500th coronation day of Shri Krishnadevaraya under the aegis of Tulu literature academy, Kuppam Dravida University at Ambalpady temple premises on May 19.

In the current year Tulu learning has been promoted from sixth standard. All the students should take interest in learning Tulu language.

If we have to know the base of our culture it is possible only through language. He said Tulu nadu’s culture is ancient and wished the seminar bring to light the major information about the relationship between Tulunadu and Shri Krishnadevaraya.

President of the academy Dr Paltadi Ramakrishna Acharya, chief of Kuppam Tulu University Dr B S Shivakumar and others were present on this occasion.

Lyla fear: Boats idle onshore

Malpe : In the fear of Lyla cyclone on Thursday, Malpe sailors did not venture to the sea for fishing.

On the ground of announcements made by meteorological centers in neighboring states on Thursday pursin sailors in Malpe port did not go for fishing in view of cyclonic storm Laila. Thus Malpe port on Thursday was a busy place for parking boats. Sailors who had ventured for deep sea fishing from Malpe port have taken a temporary shelter in nearby ports. Most of the boats from here have reached Malwan, Rathnagiri, Karwar and Bhatkal ports. No damages have been reported.

Saline water from Nagarjuna plant enter fields: Farmers protest - 5/21/2010


PADUBIDRI: Residents of Ulloor in Ellur gram panchayat limits staged a protest against the Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (erstwhile Nagarjuna) for letting the waste saline water from the plant into the fields, affecting the crops as well as contaminating the local wells.

The locals said the saline water that was let out from the plant was also found to be quite hot. The controversial project which has commenced operations despite stiff opposition, it is learnt was first drawing water from the sea to be purified and used in the boiler. The extra water that was not purified was let out through a drain with the water directly entering the local fields.

The locals had complained to the tahsildar in the backdrop of which the Kaup revenue officer A Satyananda Shetty had arrived at the spot along with the village accountant of the local panchayat.

When villagers complained to the officers that the saline water was let into the farm lands since the past three days and that they were also finding it difficult to consume the well water which too has turned saline, a company spokesperson named Sudarshan who was at the spot tired to divert the attention of the authorities by saying “The waste water was not saline and hot. However the official team on inspection found that the complaint of the villagers was right. When the villagers took the company spokesperson to task he silently left the place. The villagers say they were now forced to trek for long to get potable water.

Some time back, when the locals had enquired the reason behind the construction of a drain, the company authorities had said that it was to facilitate free flow of rain water. Now with the saline water let into this drain, the intentions of the project authorities have become crystal clear.

Meanwhile though the authorities have taken a sample of the water for testing, the locals have no hope that they would report against the company. Their question is how they could secure justice when the government and the officials are outrightly in favour of the company.

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