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Mangalore : Sriramulu Promises Moon If Brought to Power - 8/2/2012

mcMangalore: The Swabhimana Sankalpa Yatra headed by BSR Congress President B Sriramulu reached the city on August 2.  The part of the yatra began from Jyoti circle and culminated at the city town hall. 

Addressing the party workers and the gathering, Rakshitha said that the recent attack on Morning Mist Homestay and the assault on girls is strongly condemned by the BSR Congress. When we were in Karwar we have seen the TV footage of assaulting girls.  Our own people don't protect women in the state, but the BSR Congress will surely work for the protection of women and girls in the state, she assured.  She urged the college students to support the BSR Congress and strengthen the party, so that the BSR Congress will win in the forthcoming elections. 




The regional president of BSR Congress, Girish Rai addressing the gathering said that Sriramulu is very much concerned about farmers, he fought for the rights of the farmers.  But when the election comes, Karnataka people think only about two parties, they are congress and BJP.  In 4 years of ruling the BJP has changed three chief ministers, that is their greatest gift to the citizens of Karnataka.  This district has given two Chief Ministers to the state, and there were many opportunities for the development of the district, but both did not use the opportunities, he blamed. 

Rai further continued saying, In the next election we will contest from 8 constituencies and win in all the constituencies, Sriramulu will be the chief Minister.  There are many farmers in our State who are born, live and die in poverty.  If Sriramulu becomes the Chief Minister we are planning to give three cents of land to the farmers which will help to eliminate poverty.

Sriramulu addressing the gathering said that it is unbelievable to see huge supporters in Mangalore.  He said in Karnataka there are two strong parties they are congress and BJP, both are not for the people. Under the blessings of 6 crores people BJP government came into power but the same government played with 6 crore peoples sentiments.  BJP government is filled with corruption, they are fighting for power and the chair in the party and none of the minister is bothered to work for the development of the state.  Former CM Yeddyurappa promised to give Rs 1 Lakh each for every new born girl child under the scheme of "Bhagyalakshmi', but it did not reach anyone. In the name of Baghyalakshmi, Yeddyurappa made Rs 300 crores, there is no proper pension for widows, BJP government's achievement in Karnataka is a big Zero, said Sriramulu.

Sriramalu added saying, Congress government is ruling in the centre but the government is unable to implement a strong Lokpal bill because most of the Congress leaders are involved in various Scams. In coastal Karnataka, the election is based on caste. During elections people vote for the candidate belonging to their caste, why, is Hindu blood red and the blood of Muslims black? he questioned.  He said that the blood which is flowing in every human being is red, it is not based on caste. 

Further he assured to give free laptops to every student who completes tenth standard, and  Free education from 1 standard till the student willing to pursue his/her education. He also assured to give free medical check up in multi speciality hospitals and to compensate the students till they get a job.  He also assured that he will make it mandatory to buy the products directly from the farmers with good returns. He said we have formed BSR congress for the benefit of the people and to work for the development of the people. Everyone knows that the BSR Congress is growing fast and many are joining the party.  We don't need high ranking people in our programme, but we need the common people's support.

A few new members were inducted to the party by Sriramulu  on this occasion.

Mangalore: Police Inaction cause for Home Stay Attack - C Manjula - 8/2/2012


By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore: Chief of the State Commission  For Women, C Manjula,  briefed the media about the assault on girls at the Morning Mist Homestay at Padil on july 28, at the Circuit House, Kadri Hills here on August 2.

Addressing the mediapersons, Manjula said that she visited two of the girls who had been assaulted at the ' Morning Mist ' by the assailants. " After meeting them , listening and inquiring about the happenings, I was totally shocked and depressed. I refuse to disclose the names of the victims. The police inaction has been one of the cause for this incident to occur. Eight months before, the residents of that locality had complained to the Kankanady Police station about the illegal activities in the particular resort, but I have learnt that the police did not take any action. Even the residents of the locality have given a memorandum to me about the disturbance caused by people coming to the resort " said Manjula.

According to Manjula, after meeting the girls, she revealed to the media that, one of the girl invited her friends, who were studying with her when she was doing her PUC, for her birthday celebration, but they were not aware of the party being held at the Morning Mist. The friends had come to the resort wearing their College uniforms, but later changed to party dress which was brought by the birthday girl for them to wear.

Manjula said according to the police report which was given to her, she said that the resort was unauthorized, running illegally and there was no permission for such parties. Also the said to be leader of the assailants was from the near by area. She said Gurudath Kamath and Vijaykumar who had organized the party are not students. 

One of the principal of the college has said that he will support and counsel the girls to come out from the shock, another college principal has decided to debar the girls from the college. The girls who have  gone under the trauma will have social, emotional, family and educational pressure and they need moral support. Instead of taking action on them Manjula said "it is better to support the girls to increase their spirit to come out and fight against the attack on them". She also said that she would talk to the principal and the vice chancellor of Mangalore university and discuss about retaining the students and other issues.   

The parents of the two girls have said that they have been very uncomfortable about the coverage in the media, and that the media was repeatedly highlighting the faces of the innocent girls. She urged the media to be cautious about such issues, specially while telecasting or publishing girls photographs or clips. 

She also stated that the Dakshina Kannada Police failed in taking proper action. Police should have taken immediate action when such things happen. The police department must be pro-active. Government officials, college heads and the society should join hands to eliminate such crimes happening in the City. There have been continuous attacks on girls. Police department should monitor and keep an eye on groups involved in such crimes or theft, and members belonging to such groups should be made to show their faces everyday at the police station and to check their activities.  Police should trace groups who are involved in immoral activities and misguiding women. All the organizations should control their members from being involved in illegal activities and taking law into their own hands. 

She also said that the police are inactive in Mangalore and have failed in taking action when such crimes are committed. Owner of the resort and the manager of the resort  must be questioned.  We have filed a case under the prevention of offence act and arrested 15 culprits so far, 12 more are yet to be arrested, said Majula.  She also assured to meet the Home minister and Chief Minister to hand over the report on the attack and insist on strict action against the culprits. 

Father wants a 1 on 1 with the rat who bashed his daughter - 8/1/2012


Mangalore, 01 Aug 2012: The shameful incident, whose footage was telecast on TV channels continually for two days, has enraged the family members of the 13 youth who were at the receiving end of the moral police’s heavy handedness. The father of one of the women who were targeted has revenge on his mind.


This 50-year-old man, who works at the port, wants a one-on-one duel with the goon who slapped his daughter. He said he can identify the man, having seen him on TV, roughing up his daughter.



I am a man of 50 years of age, but I think I have enough strength left in me to beat that rat to pulp, said the enraged father. If the leader of the Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Subhash Padil, has any manhood left in him, he should take this message to that man who hit my child and tell him about my challenge for a man-to-man duel.


He said if the goon who slapped his daughter is not among the dozen who have been arrested, he would hunt him down with the help of his friends in the police. “If he is in jail, I will request the police to let me and parents of all the children who got beaten up a chance to have a go at him,” he said, seething with anger.


‘1 was stripped’

Two days after the attack, it is coming to light that the attackers had not only assaulted the youth, but also stripped a woman down to her undergarments.


Sources that were privy to the attack told the press that two persons (Shailesh and Chetan) stripped the woman and dragged her in front of camera. Sources said the attacking group disrobed even Vijaykumar, the event manager, and three other men and pushed them into the room where the women were confined. The mob wanted to portray that the youth were indulging in obscene activities.


A youth who stays near the homestay and had sneaked in when the attackers barged in there said some people in the mob were against hitting the women and said they should be sent to their homes in autorickshaws, but the others did not heed them.


Also, the youth who were beaten up have said that the attackers took away Rs12,000 cash from them, three mobile phones (of net worth Rs35,000) and a gold chain valued at Rs22,000 from a girl. Allegedly, they even inflicted a cut on a woman.

Students boycott classes, stage protest - 7/31/2012


Mangalore : Condemning the attack on youth by a group during a birthday party, the students exhibited their solidarity by boycotting classes across Mangalore city on Monday.

Most of the colleges in the city including Canara, Rosario, St Aloysius, SDM, St Agnes, Besant, Sridevi, Roshni Nilaya declared holiday in the backdrop of all college bundh call given by Sarva College Vidhyarthi Sangha, Students Federation of India and district Youth Congress. 

The members of the CPM and the SFI tried to stage a protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. However, the police arrested them as Section 144 has been clamped by the administration in the city. 

On the other hand, the students of St Agnes College staged a mass protest inside the college campus, flaying the attack on the youth. 

Addressing the protesters, one of the victims of the attack Gurudutt Nayak alleged the accused did not show any trace of decency during the attack. The moral police have created such a situation in Mangalore that the youth can neither party in clubs or in the houses. We will fight against the molesters till they are punished, because we did not do anything wrong, he said.

When he sought students support for the protest, over 1000 students raised their hands. 

“Don't call the attackers as Hindu activists. Call them goons as they believe in lawlessness. The victims should receive support from their parents. They should come out in open and speak about the atrocity,” said Social activist Vidya Dinker who was present at the venue. In a press release, Sarva College Vidhyarthi Sangha has stated that nearly 60 colleges in Mangalore remained closed and supported the bandh on Monday. The Sangha members have demanded the administration to ensure that the students are not attacked in future. 

Memorandum to top cop

Later in the evening, the office-bearers of Dakshina Kannada District Working Journalists Association submitted a memorandum to the Police Commissioner condemning the filing of FIR against TV reporters in connection with the case. Association President P B Harish Rai warned of carrying out a severe fight if the FIR was not withdrawn. In response to the request, Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh said he would take a decision only after investigating the matter. “I have never held media responsible for the attack.

But, if the media had wished they had an opportunity to prevent the occurrence of this incident. Reporting the event might be your duty, but we all share a common duty of humanity,” said the Commissioner.

He promised that he would not arrest the TV crew till the investigation is completed. Meanwhile, he also proposed to constitute a committee of five journalists and five investigating officers for the transparent examination of the case. 

Cops threaten students

Students of St Agnes College alleged the police of threatening them for no reason. One of the students said that the students were protesting inside the college campus premises at 10 am. However, three police told the students to stop staging of protest. When the students argued that they are protesting inside the premises, the cops threatened of humiliating them by taking their video and uploading it on internet. If the cops who came to give us security, speak to us in this language what are we supposed to do? questions Noronha.

Section 144 extended

Prohibitory order that was clamped in Mangalore city in the backdrop of attack on youth, has been extended till August 1, 6 pm, informed Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh. Though the order was initially clamped for three days, it has now been extended to one more day.

Mangalore: J R Lobo Ideal Representative, has Done his Work Silently - Ronald Colaco - 7/30/2012


Mangalore: J R Lobo Ideal Representative, has Done his Work Silently - Ronald Colaco
Stanley Bantwal
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (RD)
Mangalore, Jul 30:
A public felicitation ceremony for J R Lobo, who joined Congress recently, was organized at St Sebastian’s auditorium, Bendore, here on Sunday July 29 evening.
NRI entrepreneur and philanthropist Ronald Colaco felicitated J R Lobo for his exemplary social work and civil service in various important posts.

Addressing the gathering, Ronald Colaco said, "It's all our effort to get a sincere, honest officer as a politician to represent the Mangalore community, and since Congress has decided to give only two places for Christian representatives (Bangalore and Mangalore) we thought he would be ideal."

"There are lots of issues facing society - issues related to culture, religion - fundamental organizations attacking places of worship, indulging in moral policing now and then and so on. J R Lobo's credentials are well known to the public and to political parties. If he is the local representative, things will get done at the government level as he knows many in the government,"

He further said, "There are apprehensions that he is new to politics. How can he be new? He has vast experience in managing various political stalwarts, like Oscar Fernandes, Veerappa Moily, Blazsius D'Souza, Nagaraj Shetty and many more. He has managed politicians and their requirements, and at the same time met the needs of the people, be it with healthcare, garbage disposal, roads and so on, in every capacity."

He recalled that when he was the honourary chairman of Karnataka Agenda Task Force (KATF) J R Lobo had provided an enormous amount of statistics as a result of which the sea port was upgraded, the airport began international operations, access roads were developed and other roads were widenened. "He has done his work silently, no one knows about," he said.

"Because of the extent of development works he did, in the previous elections, 43 Congress corporators got elected," he pointed out.

Hence, he cannot be new to politics, Colaco asserted.

Ronald Colaco openly condemned the incident at the Congress office on the day when J R Lobo and other 30-40 people joined the party. "Ivan D'Souza who I had helped even when he was new and even after he lost the last elections by 9000 votes, came to the programme with anti-social elements and tried to create a ruckus."

"I had warned him the previous night that I had information that he would be trying to create problems, and told him, 'If you are a sincere and loyal member of Congress you should welcome Lobo and not disrupt the programme and spoil your political career. I asked him to be part of the political process and that I was his well-wisher. But the next day he created so much chaos. As chairman of IFKCA, I strongly condemn this," Colaco said.
MLA U T Khader said that one has plenty to learn from veteran bureaucrat J R Lobo.  "The district Congress committee is fortunate to have him as its member," he said.
Local Congress leaders Suresh Ballal, Tejomaya, Kallige Taranat Shetty, Mahabala Marla, Tejasviraj and others were present.
Titus Noronha welcomed the gathering. Lawyer M P Noronha delivered the introductory address. Vitori Karkal compered the programme.

Sculpture showing support for ANNA HAZARE on his campaign against corruption - 7/30/2012


Kaup : Molding Gandhian principles with an artist’s creativity, Manipals Sand Heart Team carved out sand  sculptures to support and create awareness about the agitation ignited by Anna Hazare. While many marched, protested and fasted, the Sand Heart Team took to shaping sand heart sculptures kaup beach on sunday.

“We wanted the general public to know about the issue. As we could not go to Delhi, we had to do something here to show our support for Anna Hazare. The nails in the face of one of the sculptures are symbolic of the corruption that is gripping our minds. We have to eliminate corruption from our minds," said Srinath Manipal.Sculpting for social causes since 2005, this team of artists has modeled clay and chiseled sand to spread awareness about various crucial issues. While Srinath Manipal and Ravi Hirebettu are artists at the Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal, . “Actually we started this accidently. We went to Malpe on Nagapanchmi few years back and we started making a sand sculpture. As the sculpture got a lot of attention from the people gathered there, we thought about making a team to make sculptures for social causes,” informed Srinath. 


Mangalore: Hindu Jagarana Vedike raids resort, attack girls - 7/29/2012


Mangalore: Three years after a fanatical right-wing group indulged in moral policing creating national headlines, another outfit has struck again assaulting a group of boys and girls at a home stay in Padil, about 7 kms from the city.


The police had taken the victims an undisclosed location after they were rescued from the attackers, numbering about 50. Deputy Commissioner NS Channappa Gowda told that police commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh informed him that statement of the victims were being taken.



The police have started operations to nab the culprits who attacked them. So far as far as my information goes no arrests have been made, barring possibly the local corporator who was at the spot during thee lathicharge,’’ he said. I don’t know the exact number of boys and girls who were at the resort. I was given a number of 14,’’ he said.


After the attack, many pro Hindu organization women and others gathered at the resort premises protest alleged immoral activity going on at the resort saying that police had not taken action even after several complaints.


After the mob grew violent police resorted to lathicharge to disperse the unruly mob led allegedly by Hindu Jagarana Vedike.



Police Commissioner Singh and other police officials were not receiving calls for a clear picture of the incident.


Youth Congress gherao police station

The youth Congress party workers gheraoed the Pandeshwar Police station on Saturday night demanding the release of victims, who were assaulted by the moral brigade.


’Cong youth president Mithun rai told that the victims had taken permission from their parents and had gathered at the resort for a birthday party.


Till they are released and culprits arrested, we will not move from this place,’ he said. He said Youth Cong will call its core committee meeting on Sunday to decide about all college bandh on Monday.


What right they have got to take law into their own hands. They had gathered with permission and nothing immoral as alleged was going on, Rai added.


Police sources said the main culprits have not been arrested, but six, including the local corporator was taken into custody for protesting near the resort at Padil.

Thottam church celebrates Titular Feast of St. Anna - 7/28/2012


Thottam : The Titular Feast of St. Ann & Jochiqim was celebrated at Thottam Church here with utmost affection and devotion.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Martis of Jeppu Seminary celebrated the festive mass with Rev Fr. Valerian Mendonca of Barkur Parish. Fr. Frederic DSouza of Thottam Parish, Deanery priests and many guest priests concelebrating the high mass.

Rev Fr. Frederic DSouza delivered the vote of thanks at the end of the festive mass and wished all the parishioners a happy feast.

Research should benefit the society - 7/27/2012


Nitte : A three-day national-level workshop on Research methodologies and effective publication practices’ organised by NMAM Institute of Technology (NMAMIT) and co-sponsored by Technical Education Improvement Programme (TEQIP) of the Union Government began at Nitte in Udupi district on Wednesday.

According to a press release issued by the institute, over 100 delegates from engineering and management institutes, and degree colleges and polytechnics from Karnataka and neighbouring States are participating in the workshop.

Inaugurating the workshop, S. Karunanidhi, scientist at Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, said that any research should benefit society and the nation. A person who worked selflessly for the country would attain a high position. Knowledge was happiness and ignorance was darkness. There was no limit for invention.

Necessity is the mother of invention and scarcity is the mother of innovation, he said.

Speaking after releasing the NMAMIT research bulletin, principal of the institute Niranjan N. Chiplunkar said there was now a demand for interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research.

Researchers should carry out their work with seriousness, and their work should be open to debate and scrutiny, he said.

Divakara Bhat, convener of the workshop, spoke about the scope and objectives of the workshop. Srinivas Pai proposed a vote of thanks. Sudesh Bekal, Dean (Research and Development) at the institute.

Buy artwork, decorate homes and be happy - 7/26/2012


Manipal, 26 July 2012: In Udupi district there are good artists, but they do not get enough encouragement from the society, said Entrepreneur Pramod Madwaraj. He was speaking in the inauguration function of ‘The Gallery Manipal’ of Vrakshakala in Benaka Towers at Syndicate Circle Manipal on Wednesday.


Speaking further Pramod Madwaraj said that, when the artwork of the artist is purchased by paying money, then only the artist and the art in him will get encouragement. Otherwise the art and the artist life will shrink. If we buy the artworks and decorate our homes, then the people living at home will get happiness, he opinioned.


Inaugurating the Gallery, Editor of Taranga Weekly magazine Sandhya S. Pai said that, every human being has art in him and also has the character to enjoy the art. This need to be always kept active, then the life becomes beautiful. For this reason conducting of the art exhibitions are welcome, she said.



Ambalpadi Temple Trustee Dr. N.B. Vijaya Ballal gave asheervachana. Bonsai artist Gururaja Sanil welcomed and also compeered the program. Gallery organizer Narendra P. Nayak proposed vote of thanks.


Manipal city, where everything is available, did not have a art exhibition gallery, this has been fulfilled through ‘The Gallery Manipal’ by Narendra Nayak. In this gallery the artworks from popular artist Ganjeefa Raghupathi Bhatt who is conducting revolution for saving the traditional kavi art to Ravi Hirebettu who is involved in artwork in Udupi.


The paintings of Srinath Manipal who paints landscapes in water colour, the experienced painting senior art teacher K.L. Upadyaya are all here in this gallery. All these art works are capable to inspire the art students who come here to visit the gallery.


Along with these art works also various Bonsai trees grown in pots by Gururaj Sanil, artworks constricted in clay by Venki Pelimaru gives a different taste to this gallery which is different fromn any other ordinary gallery.


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