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5 year old girl dies in tragic mishap at Parkala - 8/19/2012


tragic mishap at Parkala


Manipal : A five year old girl met a tragic end  when her father’s bike in which she was travelling was involved in an accident at Parkala on the morning of August 18, Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as Kavana (5), daughter of Karunaker and Geetha Patil of Herga Shettybettu.
The accident took place when her father was taking her to school in his bike. The bike was hit by a car and the seriously injured girl died while being taken to hospital.

tragic mishap at Parkala

The entire town of Parkala observed a hartal  following the incident.  Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Manipal police station demanding the arrest of the car driver. Local MLA Raghupathi Bhat and SP Boralingaiah  tried to pacify the agitating public.

Legal protection on inter caste marriages - 8/18/2012


Udupi : There is legal and constitutional protection for getting rid of the caste system, so even the police will have to give protection. Therefore, ending of caste system can be celebrated without any fear, said High court Lawyer Prof. Ravivarma Kumar. He was speaking upon inaugurating the establishment of state level inter caste marriage forum on Sunday.


Speaking further he said that, the Supreme Court in its instruction has mentioned that, if adult male and female get married with their mutual consent, then there is no provision for the police to interfere in it. Court has said to police that, instead they should stop who are objecting it and give protection to the couple. So there is freedom in our country for the inter caste and inter linguistic marriages. But still there are people in the society who violate the law against this freedom. So it is important to have the forums, he said.



On the inter caste marriages there are strong examples of Kota Shivarama Karantha, Poornachandra Tejaswi, Prof. Ramdas, Prof. B. Krishnappa and Prof. M.D. Nanjundaswamy. Also in the history we can see the examples of Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Valmiki, Varista for inter caste marriages, said Prof. Ravivarma Kumar.


The program was presided over by writer Prof. H.L. Keshavamurthy. Guests of the occasion Dr. U. Vanajakshi, Girija Balakrishna and Shashidhara Hemmadi were present on the dias. Forum Committee Member Dr. Udaya Barkur welcomed the guests and the gathering. Convener Hayavadana Moodusagri gave an introductory speech. Members Suma S. compeered the program and Nagaraja G.S. proposed vote of thanks.

Mangalore: Bishop lays foundation for 28 houses - 8/16/2012


Mangalore: Bishop of Mangalore, Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza blessed and laid foundation for the project of constructing 28 houses at Mariashram church in Talapady on Wednesday.



The houses will be constructed for the landless poor people. The project is taken up as part of Post-Centenary Silver Jubilee celebrations of the diocese of Mangalore where 165 houses will be constructed.


Each house will be constructed at a cost of Rs 3.60 lakhs on a plot of 4.15 cents of land donated by the diocese.


Marian Project Pvt Ltd Naveen Cardoza has come forward to construct the houses at zero profit, informed a press release.

Mudarangady: Assumption Day and Independence Day celebrated. - 8/15/2012

william mendonca -sfxkutam.com The assumption of our heavenly mother was celebrated in St. Francis Xavier's Church, Kenha-Mudarangady with offering of holy mass at 8:00 a.m. today, the 15th August 2012, with a houseful congregation participating in the holy mass. Rev. Louis DSa, the parish priest, was the chief celebrant of the mass. Rev. Denis DSouza and Rev. Walter Mendonca were the other priests who joined the concelebration.

The Assumption is important to many Catholic and Orthodox Christians as the Virgin Mary's heavenly birthday (the day that Mary was received into Heaven). Her acceptance into the glory of Heaven is seen by them as the symbol of the promise made by Jesus to all enduring Christians that they too will be received into paradise.

Incidentally, India's Independence Day is celebrated on the same day to commemorate its independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation on that day in 1947. The day is a national holiday in India. All over the country, flag-hoisting ceremonies are conducted by the local administration in attendance. The main event takes place in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort and delivers a nationally televised speech from its ramparts. In his speech, he highlights the achievements of his government during the past year, raises important issues and gives a call for further development. The Prime Minister also pays his tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle.

Accordingly, and as was being celebrated every year, the Independence Day was celebrated in St. Francis Xavier's Educational Institutions with the hoisting the flag at 9:00 a.m.  Students from both the schools participated in the celebration with attractive march fast and dances.  The correspondent of the Schools, Rev. Louis D’Sa, presided over the short-and-sweet function and hoisted the flag together with other two guest priests.  The Head Mistresses of both Kannada and English Medium Schools, the Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Parishad were present on this occasion.  In his address, Rev. Louis D’Sa called upon the students to be discipline-constious in order to build up the nation.

The old Diana hotel site has turned into a parking lot - 8/14/2012


Udupi : Here is a perfect example that even though many political leaders, officials, try to keep the Udupi city clean and systematic will not work or fails miserably.

As we all know that the previous site where the famous Diana Hotel existed i.e.  it was situated in the corner where road from Kinni-mulki meets Kavi Mudhanna Raste and the turn is very dangerous.  It has been planned for several years to remove the hotel and did not yield any results.  One of the reason being the LIC office was situated and even after so many requests and begging and paying the compensation, finally the land was given up and hotel is moved and the government could get he property.

 Once it is done, Hotel Diana was became the property of the government and as per the agreement, part of the Diana hotel was demolished.

Call it a tragedy or unfortunate, the empty place where the Diana hotel was there before has now become the most expensive free parking lot!!. The public as if it is their own property have been parking their vehicles and leave for the daily routine and jobs. This has resulted in conjunction of the traffic and hence, the old problem still remains the same. The big question is if the land was occupied paying hefty compensation, of lakhs of rupees was for public to park vehicles free of charge?? Is it not the intension to widen the road and have a free access for traffic? The tax payers of the city are worried and complaint to the authorities on this issue.

 The public has demanded that the related authorities should wake up and this site has to be vacated and should be declared no parking zone as soon as possible. Also the land has to convert into and make available for widening of the road and allow free flow tot the traffic as intended when the building was demolished.

Shirva Katpadi State Highway Flooded - 8/12/2012

Pundalike Marathe, Shirva- RD

Shirva : The State Highway in Shirva Grama on route Shirva – Panjimar – Bantakal – Katpadi has formed into lake at an area called Palke every year during the rainy season. Complaints were given to the Lokopayogi department, to the people’s representatives and to the Grama Panchayath by the local people, but there is no use. Minor patch work repairs were done, but there has been no repair of the drain gutter.


Lokopayogi department has stocked pipes and other materials for the repairs in last April, but the construction work was never done. The drain gutter has gone completely with ponds all over. There are frequent incidents of two wheelers and rickshaws falling into the ponds repeatedly.



This is the main road linking Belman to Katpadi, so the heavy trucks coming from Karkala Nitte, the trucks carrying construction materials to the Padoor crude oil storage project are passing through this road, hence unable to bear the load the drain gutter has collapsed completely. Even when the slight rain comes this area gets filled with rain water making it a adventure to pass through this road.


When the vehicles passing through the muddy water gets sprayed to people on either side of the roads who has to go through the sufferings of hell. The local people have urged the members of Grama Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and Jilla Panchayath to take initiative to carry out the construction work using the materials already in stock, so that this problem can be resolved.


Six houses, temple damaged as rain lashes Udupi


Floodwaters inundated low-lying areas and entered many houses in Brahmavar, Heroor, Uppoor, Korangarapady, Kemthur, Neelavar, Bavalikudru, Aroor, Balkudru, Havanje, Padutonse, Navunda, Padukere, Vaddarse, Barkur, Kachur, Handady, Hanehalli, Bandimatha, Belmar and Nada villages in the district. However, the floods receded in most areas by evening.


Six houses and a temple were damaged. Sea erosion was reported in Udyavar-Padukere and the road there was on the verge of getting engulfed by sea waves. Floods inundated temples in Aroor and Kachur villages. The Meteorological Department has issued a high alert of heavy rainfall in Udupi district, especially in the coastal belt, in the next 24 hours till 2 p.m. on August 11.



Deputy Commissioner M.T. Reju told media that there was no loss of life in the district and no gruel centre had been set up. Boats had been kept ready in sensitive places. We are geared up to meet any eventuality, he said. Lalanke Ravi, Kundapur Tahsildar, said that landslips had been reported in Kodi village. The house of Kamala Kanchan was damaged in rain at Yemanagudde. The loss had been estimated at Rs. 50,000.


The house of Kalyani P. was damaged when a tree fell on it. The house of Ramesh Suvarna was damaged when a tree fell on it at Kadekar village. Anand Naiks house was damaged at Kenjur. The house of Padmavati Kulal was damaged in Bairampalli. The roof of Babbuswamy Temple was damaged at Badanidiyur village. The house of Sadhu Panti was damaged in Shiriyar, according to sources in taluk office.

Udupi Jamia Masjid inaugurated - 8/11/2012


Udupi : Renovated Udupi Jamia Masjid was inaugurated on Friday by the main donor Entrepreneur Hidayatulla Abbas Ucchil. On this occasion he said that setting up of Hospitals, Schools and Colleges are needed for the community and called upon the Muslim youths to come forward and he assured his complete support on this regard.


Chairman of state Wakf Board R Abdul Riyaz Khan addressing the gathering said that, in Karnataka there are Wakf places which bring crores of rupees income and it must be utilized properly. The properties of Wakf if utilized properly free education can be given to all the Muslim students here, we can also establish Islamic Banks, he opinioned.


Udupi Jamia Masjid Imam Maulana Mohiyuddin Zilani conducted prayers. Jamate Islami Hind Darwad Convener Maulana Salim Umari said that the Masjid is the center point of the community. How the heart is in our body, similarly the Masjid is for the community, he said. Maulana Sanaulla Umari, Maulana Masiulla Qasmi also spoke on the occasion.



Maula compeered the program. Committee President T.S. Budan Basha welcomed the guests and the gathering and also presented introductory speech. Secretary Kamruddin proposed vote of thanks. On the dias Imran Hidayuthulla, K.S. Mohammed Masood, Mohammed Kunji, Abdulla Haji and other dignitaries were present.


In the evening Iftehar get together was organized in the new Masjid. Shiroor Mutt Sri Laxmivara Theertha, Former MLA U.R. Sabhapati, Kishen Hegde Kolkebailu, Lions Governor Madhusoodana Hegde, Former Governor Jayakara Shetty Indrali, Masjid Construction Committee President Budan Basha and others were present on the occasion.


The Masjid is having total 20 thousand square feet area with 3 floors (ground, first floor and second floor) and can facilitate about 3,000 people to carryout Namaz at a time. Also, in this Masjid there is exclusive facility for 400 women to carryout Namaz in all the 5 times of day. There are separate washrooms for men and women. This is the largest Masjid in the district.

Raghupathi Bhat eyes Mogaveera vote bank; opens office at Malpe - 8/10/2012


UDUPI: Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat has opened his new office the Rajmahal building close by the Malpe bus stand on Monday. This latest move by the MLA on the pretext of helping people of Malpe who otherwise will have to travel all the way to his Udupi office, is believed to be made with an eye on the elections to the Udupi Assembly as well as Udupi TMC, likely to be held within the next seven to eight months.

Sources say the main intention behind opening the office was to woo the fishermen community, who, Bhat is fully aware were inclining towards the Congress. Here it is worth mentioning that the Congress had gained a significant number of votes in the booths in Malpe and around and also in Udupi in the recent Parliamentary elections. This was considered a major setback to Bhat who has been MLA for the past nine years.

This latest move of the MLA is also described as a last ditch effort to save himself and his party being fully aware that the BJP was sure to lose its base in the next elections, if efforts are not put in right now.

Shiroor Mutt swamiji visits new Udupi mosque - 8/10/2012

mtMangalore, Aug 9, 2012 : Shri Laxmivara Teertha Swamiji, head of Shiroor Mutt, visited the newly renovated Jamia Masjid in Udupi on August 8, Wednesday. The mosque is going to be inaugurated on August 10, Friday. The seer congratulated the Muslim community for their efforts in renovating this mosque, which was in a dilapidated condition. The swamiji stated that various religious communities ought to cooperate with one another to build a better world, adding that today people fight over trivial issues because they just do not understand one another. Budan Bhasa Saheb, president of the mosque committee, gave him a copy of the Holy Quran. Kamruddin, secretary of the mosque committee; V. S. Ummar, treasurer; and members of the committee Althaf Ahmed, Mohammed Moula, Ibrahim Kaup, Dr. Riyaz Kaup, and others were also present.
Rain causes havoc across DK, Udupi Districts - 8/8/2012


Mangalore, 08 August 2012: Incessant rains continued to lash Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts on Tuesday too while a person was washed away in river Seetha, at Brahmasthana in Hebri on Monday night.  It is said that the person was washed away when he tried to cross a road which was flooded (overflowing) by river water.  The deceased has been identified as Shankara Shetty (60), a dailywage labourer. The body was found at Nadpalu on Tuesday morning.


While rivers in both the district are overflowing, rains have flooded both the bridges linking Subramanya and Uppinangady and Subramanya and Gunday, thus cutting off the road link to the temple town. In the last 24 hours, Kadaba received highest rainfall of 151.3 mm followed by Belthangady—141.6 mm, Puttur—134.9 mm, Sullia—115.4 mm, Bantwal—39.6 mm, Mangalore—12.6 mm.  A hanging bridge at Udane in Shiradi has been damaged.


A landslide at Charmadi curve on Monday night has been cleared and a JCB has been pressed to service in the Ghat section, said an official.  Low-lying areas at Kallapu, Adamkudru, Kallapupatna, Amblamogaru have been inundated. With flood water entering the Government Urdu Primary School at Kallapupatna, the school authorities declared holiday for the children. The residents had to use traditional boat to reach the main road in Kallapu and Amblamogaru in Mangalore.



MLA U T Khader has urged the district administration to get ready to face flood situation in the region.  Meanwhile, the water-level in almost all the drains were seen reaching the danger level. In fact, owing to the lack of storm water drains, rain water was seen flowing on the road at many places in Mangalore.  At the same time, sea erosion too has been intensified in Hosabettu, Chitrapura, Mukka, Sasihithlu, Ullal and Kotepura.  Floods in Bantwal Though Bantwal taluk did not receive heavy rainfall, the water-level in river Nethravathi increased drastically following heavy rains in the Western Ghats.


The water-level had reached 8.3 metre in Bantwal. The danger-level is 8.5 metres.  The low-lying areas of Bantwal, Panemangalur, Aladka, Basthipadpu, Kanchikarapete, Jakribettu have been flooded. Schools and colleges have declared holiday on Tuesday at Bantwal and Panemangalur. As many as seven houses have been partially damaged in the taluk.  “In Panemangalur, three houses are facing the threat of flood. The inmates have been shifted to safer areas.


Home Guards are stationed in Bantwal with a boat facility to evacuate the people from the low-lying areas,” said Tahsildar C H Anand Naik. With the rain playing hide and seek in the last one month, the people of the region had worried over drought like situation. The rains which lashed on Tuesday has brought a smile on the faces of the farmers.  Bridges under water With the rain lashing Subrahmanya, the bridge connecting Subrahmanya was flooded on Tuesday as well.


A huge tree that floated along with the flood water had blocked the movement of vehicles on the bridge.  The forest department officials and the locals cleared the road by cutting off the branches. As a result, the movement of vehicles were disrupted for two hours. In fact, Subrahamnya-Puttur road was blocked on Monday late night. The passengers had to use Balpa-Kamila-Guthgaru to reach Subrahmanya. With the flooding of bathing ghat (snana ghatta), several shops were flooded in Subrahmanya.


Hosamata bridge which was blocked on Monday evening was cleared on Tuesday evening for traffic. The water-level of Nethravathi and Kumaradhara has reached 26 metres in Uppinangady.  Trains cancelled Due to land slips between Yedekumari and Shrivagilu stations in Mysore division Train No 16518/16517 Kannur –Yesvantpur – Kannur express Via Mangalore Central and Train no.16516 Karwar – Yesvantpur Express via Mangalore Junction is cancelled between Mangalore Junction and yesvantpur on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Though it rained and rained well on Tuesday, most college students say they were left dry this season by the truant monsoon. For them, the scanty rains just took the fun and the romance out of the season. “We used to walk on the roads every day last monsoon, playing in the puddles. Not this year,” says Suchithra F., a BBM student of Canara College. “I love heavy rain,” she adds as an afterthought. For Suchithra’s friend and classmate Ashwini D’Souza, the rains are about togetherness. “I can hug my friend and walk under one umbrella,” says Ashwini D’Souza of Canara College. “Chandi aadre olle aagthade (If I get drenched, I feel nice)”.


In Udupi, Udupi district has received 34.13 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours. Kundapur taluk has received highest of 51 mm rain followed by Karkala—35.8 mm and Udupi—15.6 mm.  A drain at Kabbinale was washed away in Mudradi near Hebri. With this, road connectivity between Kabbinale and Muniyala was cut off and movement of vehicles were disrupted.  Mudradi Gram Panchayat President Chandrashekar Bayari and ZP member Mudradi Manjunath visited the spot and said that the work on repairing the drain will be taken up at the earliest.


Sauparnika, Sumana, Edamavinahole rivers  have been overflowing. Heavy rains which lashed Baindur on Monday receded on Tuesday. Flood water had entered Heroor, Badakere, Navunda, Maravanthe, Nada, Hadavu, Senapura, Hakladi villages. At few places, roads were filled with one to four feet water.


The residents of Kelabailu, Salbudam Hadavina Athikone, Movadi, Chikkali, Thoplu were seen depending on boat to reach their destinations. Many had deserted their houses and are taking shelter in their relatives houses in the region. Two damages were reported in Kodibettu area in Kudi village of Udupi taluk. A house belonging to Ratnamma Prabhu was partially damaged owing to heavy rain and wind.


The roof of the house of one Ramachandra Prabhu was damaged. Flood water had entered Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple in Kamalashile in Kundapur. Two boats have been kept ready on the banks of Sauparnika river to shift the people from low lying areas, in case of increase in the water-level in rivers. Kannada kudru, Theru kudru, Kurudweepa have been inundated.


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