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22 injured as express bus overturns near Kaup - 9/17/2012


Udupi: Nearly 22 persons travelling in an express bus sustained injuries when the bus overturned and hit a road divider near Muloor Sunni Center, Kaup  on September 16, Sunday.

Kaup Bus accident

The bus was on way to Mangalore from Udupi when the mishap took place. The driver is learnt to have lost control over the vehicle. The injured have been admitted to hospitals in Kaup and Udupi. Luckily most of them suffered minor injuries.

Kaup police have registered a case.

You have been hacked by Fil0X - 9/16/2012

Hacked by Fil0x

You have been hacked by Fil0X

Padubidri hi-tech fish market not yet operational - 9/14/2012


PADUBIDRI : The hi-tech Fish Market at Padubidri, constructed at a cost of Rs 76 lakhs was inaugurated with much fanfare and also hastily on August 26 by the district minister Kota Srinivas Poojari. But, the regret is that the market is not yet open for the fish sellers. The reason is evident- the works are incomplete.

Though the Padubidri Gram Panchayat had been saying that the market would be inaugurated only after all works were complete, it had to yield to pressure from political leaders and had to agree for the inauguration at an earlier date.

An official in-charge of the works had earlier even assured that the market would be open for use the very next day of the inaugural. However, nothing like that has happened even 15 days after the inaugural much to the worry of the fish sellers.

Two Udupi women work for Rs 15 a month for last 42 years! - 9/13/2012


Mangalore : Believe it or not, 60-year-old Akku and 59-year-old Leela, residents of Kinnimulki and Beedinagudde in Udupi respectively, have been working as scavenger/sweeper in Government Women Teachers Training Institute at Udupi for a meagre basic salary of Rs 15 per month for the last 42 years!

Leela and Akku from Udupi. Photo: H.S. Manjunath


Revealing the same to media persons here on Tuesday, Human Rights Protection Foundation (Udupi) President Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag, said that though the Supreme Court had passed the judgment on January 22, 2010, directing the State government to consider their claim for regularisation of employment with principles laid down by the Constitution Bench in State of Karnataka and others Vs Uma Devi and others, the duo have not received the due which they were liable even to this day.


These two women have been repeatedly requesting the higher authorities in the department of education since 1971, to sanction minimum wages given to scavengers /sweepers. In 1999, they approached the Human Rights Protection Foundation, an NGO, for guidance and support. Even after two years of systematic correspondence from the NGO, there was no result, he said.


In 2001, the duo filed a petition before the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal (KAT) at Bangalore. Soon after filing the case, the Education Department stopped even the meager salary they have been paying. But the duo continued to work without salary in the hope of getting justice from the court, he said.


Shanbhag said the KAT had directed the government to regularise the services and pay the pending wages within 90 days in its order dated July 25, 2003.


When the duo failed to get justice, they filed contempt proceedings against the government on September 6, 2004.


In reply to it, the education department filed an appeal before the Karnataka High Court against the KAT order. On October 4, 2004, Karnataka High court dismissed the appeal by the government after hearing and ordered the Government to pay the salaries. Notices were issued for contempt of courts when salaries were not paid.


Instead of paying their salaries, in 2005, Karnataka government challenged the High Court order by filing special leave petition before the Supreme Court of India. Inspite of the Supreme courts order in favour of the duo, the government has failed to pay the dues even after two and a half years of the Supreme Court’s verdict.


Now the authorities concerned are saying that the women are not employable because they have reached the retirement age.


Akku, who was present in the press meet, said that she joined the work in the Institute after her mother’s death. “My mother was getting a salary of Rs 6 per month. Though initially, the authorities concerned said that they have written to the government to regularise the service, I kpet working with a hope of better future.


In fact, my appointment as a sweeper was approved by deputy director of public instruction, South Canara,she narrated her story and added that she has five children, and her husband is a asthama patient. I want my daughters to get married. Hoping for a better future, I continued the work.


She said: I had met B S Yeddyurappa, when he was the Chief Minister. However, he had turned down her appeal.


if I had to regularise your service following Supreme Court order, then there are over 75,000 persons with similar problems waiting for the regularisation of the service, Yeddyurappa reportedly told Akku, she claimed.


When asked how they were eking out for living, the duo said: We were working in the houses of other teachers in the institute, who were paying us Rs 50 to Rs 100.


Shanbhag said that it is surprising that the government thought it better to spend lakhs on fighting these cases than pay to these two women. The air fare and DA paid to the lawyers travelling would have probably been enough to pay their arrears, he said sarcastically.

Monkey girl in Kundapur - 9/11/2012


KUNDAPUR: A four year old girl who behaves like a monkey, has aroused much curiosity among the people.

The girl who is from a family from Hubli which migrated to Kundapur, even has a semblance to a monkey. She turns her neck around all of a sudden and widens her eyes, which looks weird as well as queer. The girl named Anjali could be seen begging in the town along with her sister every Saturday.

At times, she can also be seen jumping towards her sister and then clutching her. She moves around the town hopping like a monkey and people are wondering if she was a monkey in human form. However, some feel this girl who was born deaf, was behaving in this queer fashion owing to her deafness. Whatever it is, these antics of Anjali have been helping her family earn its daily bread.

Mangalore : Krishna Vesha competition - Spectacular Scenes - 9/8/2012


Mangalore, Sep 8: On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami festival, Kalkura Foundation organized a national level Shree Krishna Vesha (costume) competition at Kadri Shree Manjunatha temple on Saturday, September 8.

The competition was held in different categories which included ‘Kanda Krishna’, ‘MudduKrishna’, ‘Thunta Krishna’, ‘Bala Krishna’, ‘Nanda Gokula’, ‘Devaki Krishna’ and many others.

Not only were the children dressed up as Krishna, even the parents were seen in different costumes participating in some of the competitions like ‘Yashodha Krishna’ and ‘Vasudeva Krishna’.

Surprisingly, Aravind Rao (36), a businessman based in Mangalore, took part in one of the competitions solely to encourage and support his nine month old child Adhi Rao.
There were other such cases wherein the parents came to support their children.
There were more than 2000 participants taking part in a variety of competitions. 
Kateel Lakshmi Narayan inaugurated the occasion. AJ Shetty, Captain Ganesh Karnik, trustees Devadas Kumar, Purushotham, Jayaram Bhat of Karnataka Bank and Pradeep Kumar Kalukura were present among the others.

Mudarangady: The feast of Our Lady of Nativity celebrated. - 9/8/2012

William Mendonca-sfxkutam.comMonthi Fest, a unique Mangalorean tradition, has a tremendous significance to all Catholics universally and it was truly a family festival to celebrate.  Incidentally, this feast was also observed by the Canara Roman Catholics to thank God with gratitude for the new harvest and the favours received. 
After observing a nine-day novena that comprised of holy mass, novena and offering of flowers to Infant Mary, the feast of the Nativity (birth day of Mother Mary) – Monthi Fest - was celebrated in St. Francis Xaviers Church, Mudarangady, on Saturday, 8th September 2012, symbolizing a precise blend of solemnity, devotion, unity, joy and merriment.  Monthi Fest  is a family festival of love, peace and emotions.
At 8:00 a.m., the grains representing the new harvest, were  blessed inside the church as it was raining outside. Rev. Louis D’Sa, parish priest, along with Rev. Denis DSouza and Rev. Abraham DSouza, local priests, lead the prayers before the grains carried by twelve Gurkars of the church wards were blessed.
Then the celebration of solemn holy mass followed.  Rev. Louis DSa offered the sacrifice of the holy mass, together with other two priests, in the presence of the congregation that filled the church to its capacity and also delivered the festive sermon briefing about Mother Mary and how the feast was related to family feast.
At the end of the holy mass, valuable prizes were given away to the children/adults who brought flowers to offer to the Holy Virgin, during all nine days of the novena, by way of drawing lots. Then the holy grains were distributed to the members of the Parish Pastoral Parishad, the donors and sponsors of the feast and to the head of all the families of the parish.  Juicy and jumbo sugar canes were then given away to all the children present during the novena days carrying flowers, and to all adults as well. 
As per the local tradition, these holy grains are mixed with the main meal of the day that includes varieties of vegetarian dishes, participated by the whole family, invoking God's blessing before the meal. Members of the family, who could not join the meal are remembered, and those members of the family who have entered their heavenly abode are also remembered.  Non-vegetarian dishes and alcohol are normally forbidden at this meal. Some of the holy grains are even sent to the family members working outside the native place, inland or overseas, symbolizing their presence at the meal.
The Nativity Issue of 'Salaval' was released by the parish priest at the end.  Rev. Denis, Rev. Abraham, the Vice President and Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Parishad, and Mr. Santhaan Mathias, the man behind in bringing out the Issue, were present at the brief ceremony.
Sugar canes were sponsored by the children of late Lawrence DSouza, Agardande, St. Lawrence Ward. The new harvest-grains were made available by Mr. Paul DSouza, St. Anthony ward and some Gurkars of the ward.  In total, melodious choir, neatly dressed up alter boys, and marvelous discipline at the sugar cane distribution site, were the attractions of the day
8h September is a day of treble celebration for us, Mangaloreans.  Today, we have a feast celebrating the birthday of the Holy Virgin, one of the many feasts the Church reserves for her, in as much as her birthday marks a new era in the Old Covenant.  More over, it is the event that announces the fall of Paganism (the belief and practices of non-Christians and/or idol worshipers).
Also, while we celebrate the birthday of our heavenly mother, this day is also observed to show our gratitude to God for the blessings He bestowed on us particularly by way of sufficient harvest.  Moreover, it is a family feast, showing our unity and solidarity; it is the third celebration.
In the order of nature, Our Lady was conceived without original sin, giving her a singular and peerless value. She was a lily of an incomparable purity and beauty. She also had all the natural psychological gifts that a woman can ever have. God gave her the richest personality imaginable. She received the most precious graces, God ever gave to any human creature.

Shirva Rotary Club honoures local Teachers - 9/7/2012


Shirva: A teacher should not be like static water, instead should always be creative. Making a student aware of the country’s corruption, terrorism, awareness of social duties and must create hope in the children, said Udupi District Education Officer Ashok Kamath. He was speaking upon honouring the six teachers of Shirva area on the occasion of teacher’s day at Bantakal Shirva Rotary Saabhabhavana in a function organized by Rotary Club Shirva.



Shirva Hindu PU College Principal S.V. Ganapathi Bhat, Physical Education Teacher Sudhama Shetty, Bantakal Durgaparameshwari School Headmaster B. Ananatharama Bhat, St. Mary’s PU College Teacher Ratnakara Rao, Pamboor Catholic Higher Primary School Teacher Martin Mendonsa, Padu-Kalattoor Ayyanna Higher Primary School  Teacher Nalini K, were felicitated with shawl, fruit-flowers and momentos.


Raghupathi Aythal, Lucas D’Souza and K.R. Patkar conducted introduction. All the teachers present in the function were honoured with flowers and momentos. Rotary Zone 3 Deputy Governor proposed vote of thanks. On behalf of the teachers who were honoured S.V. Ganapathi Bhat and B. Anantharama Bhat spoke on the occasion.

Udupi MLA recieves threat call - 9/7/2012


Udupi : MLA Raghupathi Bhat has filed a complaint with Udupi city police on Thursday, of having received threat calls from unknown person.

In his complaint, he has stated: I was near Peramapalli house near Ambagailu on September 5, when I received a call on my mobile phone from an unknown person. He not only threatened and abused me, but also demanded for money.

The police have registered the case and have started investigation into the matter.

Massive protest held against Mangalore home stay attack - 9/4/2012


Mangalore: The Karavali Sauharda Sangharsha Samithi in collaboration with the JD(S), CPI(M), and Congress organized a massive protest against moral policing on September 4, Tuesday. 

The protestors organized a rally from Jyothi Circle to the DC’s office and especially condemned the attack on young people at Morning Mist Home Stay by members of the Hindu Janajagarana Vedike (HJV).

ksss12sep4 1

ksss12sep4 2


ksss12sep4 3


ksss12sep4 4

B. Madhava said in his protest address that members of the Hindu Janajagarana Vedike (HJV) have proved to be extremely uncultured by beating up girls under the excuse of protecting culture. He also said that the police have still not arrested many more people in connection with this case, adding that the protestors will continue fighting till Subhash Padil, the chief accused in the case, is booked under the Goonda Act. 

Ramanath Rai, president of the samithi, said that the district has witnessed a number of anti-social activities such as pub attack, home stay attack, and church attack recently. Incidents such as these instill fear in the minds of students who come to Mangalore from far off places to pursue their studies, he added. 

Chandrakala Nandavar, Kannada writer, said that DK is full of intelligent people and such incidents are a blot on the reputation of the district. Parents are capable of taking care of their children and they do not need anti-social elements to discipline their children, she added. 

Speaking on the occasion, M. G. Hegde, state secretary of the JD(S), said that the home stay attack has had an adverse effect not only on the economic and educational status of the district, but also its future as a tourist hotspot. 

Among the protestors were P. Sanjeeva, M. B. Sadashiva, Sathish Kumar Bantwal, B. Madhava, P. V. Mohan, T. C. M. Sheriff, Sara Abubakker, and others.

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