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Welcome to Bishop Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo 'Pura Pravehsa' - 10/18/2012

Richard Dsouza -Kallianpur/Kenja Bail

Udupi : Newly erected Udupi Diocese Bishop Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo after the took over charge of diocese on 15th October, 2012 at Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur to occupy his official residence at Mother of Sorrows Church campus here accorded rousing welcome at Karavali junction on Thursday, 17th October.

Vice president of Udupi church parish pastoral council Boniface D'Souza traditionally welcomed Bishop at Karavali junction opposite of Electrical Point and proceeded to Udupi church by procession. A large number of people gathered to welcome the new Bishop Dr Gerald Issac Lobo. The procession of the religious head, started from Karavali Junction at 5pm. The procession passed through the Karavali Junction, Bannanje, Shiribeedu, Service Bus Stand, KM Marg and culminated at Udupi Church. When the procession reached near Kidiyoor Hotel, Jitesh Kidiyoor, felicitated the bishop on behalf of all the hotel management and staff.

During the procession near the Service Bus stand several dignitaries including Raghupathy Bhat MLA and others were garlanded the Bishop who in decorated open vehicle. When the procession reached Udupi Muncipality office Udupi town Muncipality President Kiran Kumar, Commissioner Gokuldas Naik and other garlanded the Bishop with floral bouquets.

The procession culminated at Udupi Mother of Sorrows church entrance. The Bishop, who arrived to the Cathedral was given a rousing welcome by the Parish Priest of the Mother of Sorrows church Fred Mascarenhas. Later Udupi Parish Pastoral Committee Vice President Boniface D'Souza welcomed the Bishop in a traditional way by offering jaggery, water, betel leaves and nuts.Udupi Episcopal Baptist Menezes, Fr Stany Tauro Dean of Shivra denary and Fr Anil D'Souza Dean of Kundapur deanery received the new Bishop and welcomed him to his new House. Rajya Sabha member Oscar Feranades and his wife Blossom Fernandes also greeted the new bishop on the occasion.

After the new Bishop entered the church, and participated in a short adoration prayer and blessed the devotees. This was followed by a felicitation programme. Bishop speaking on the occasion said that he knew the 47 churches of Udupi diocese prior to he appointed as Bishop to Shivmuga. He was served Shirva parish for four years. Whatever he appointed to Udupi Diocese Bishop has the wish of God and whatever he recieved love and rousing welcome will be to the Jesus. Declaring his ardent desire to convert the Udupi diocese as number one diocese. He need the love  and help and prayer from Diocesean people to run diocese smoothly.


Gracian Buthello proposed vote of thanks and Very Rev Fr. Fred Mascaranhas introduced the Bishop. Prof Vincent Alva Pamboor masterminded the said occasion with grand success. Around 2500 catholic people were took part in grand procession and the occasion of Bishop Pura Pravesha.

Udupi Catholic Diocese inaugurated & Bishop Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo first Bishop - 10/16/2012

Richard Dsouza -Kallianpur/Kenja Bail

Kallianpur :Udupi will officially be the ninth Roman Catholic diocese under the Archdiocese of Bangalore.Udupi Diocese which has been carved out from the Mangalore diocese consists of 48 parishes spread across five deaneries of Karkala, Shirva, Udupi, Kallianpur and Kundapur. The total Catholic population of the new diocese is estimated to be around 1.25 lac who will be served by 58 diocesan clergy, 20 religious priests and brothers and 220 nuns

The much awaited inauguration of the new diocese of Udupi ceremony began with offering a warm ceremonial reception to the New bishop Rev. Dr. Gerald Issac Lobo, along with Apostolic Nuncio in India, Dr. Salvotor Pennacchio and other dignitaries at Cathedral Entrance on Monday October 15.

Earlier, parish priest of Milagres Church Kallianpur Fr Stany Lobo welcomed Dr Pennacchio, Bangalore Archibishop Dr Bernard Moras and new bishop of Udupi diocese Dr Gerald Lobo at the entrance. They were taken in a grand procession towards the church.



Later Rev. Dr. Gerald Issac Lobo, Apostolic Nuncio in India, Dr. Salvotor Pennacchio, Mangalore Bishop Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza entered the new Cathedral. Bishop Jerald Lobo lighting up the lamp, The Udupi diocese has been inaugurated by Apolistic Nuncio of India Dr Salvatore Pennacchio. The inauguration will be followed by the Eucharistic Mass. Rev fr Ronald Serro from jeppu seminar guide Eucharistic ceremony.

Fr Henry Sequeira, chancellor, Mangalore diocese read the letter in Latin the official decree received from Vatican from Pope Benedict XVI, Parish priest of Milagres Cathedral Fr Stany Lobo read the translation.

Bishop Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo has officially taken the charge of Udupi diocese. Mangalore Bishop Dr Aloysius Paul DSouza and Archbishop Dr Bernard Moras escorted Dr Gerald Lobo to the ’cathedra’ and Dr Salvatore Pennacchio sprinkled holy water on the Chair and presented the scepter.

This will be followed by Holy Mass at the Cathedral Grounds. Apostolic Nuncio in India, Dr. Salvotore Pennacchio will be the principal Prelate along with new Bishop Dr. Gerald Issac Lobo as the main celebrant of the Mass. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore Archdiocese, Dr. Ingatius Pinto, Retd Archbishop of Bangalore Archdiocese, Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza Bishop of Mangalore, together with more than 40 bishops and 400 priests will take part in the Holy Eucharistic celebrations, more than 15,000 people gather this history ceremony.

During the Mass, Archbishop Dr Bernard Moras in his homely said that for the diocese to grow and progress smoothly there is need for love, prayer and support. Urging the people to support and work towards unity in the diocese, he said, "Obedience towards bishop is obedience towards Church.The bishop is the supervisor of the diocese, he said, asking the priests and the laity to build the diocese and the Church with faith.Stressing on the importance of unity in the diocese, the archbishop asked the devotees to spread the love and faith of Christ, and thereby support the bishop, the prophet of Jesus.

Offerings were made by the five deaneries representatives under Udupi diocese. Kundapur deanery, Shirva deanery Udupi deanery ,and Kallianpur deanery .


5.00pm Eucharistic Mass finished then volunteer distbuted  snacks to the crowd

After a short break, the formal felicitation ceremony of the first Bishop of Udupi diocese is now under way. The stage programme started with a prayer dance by Sudhir Kodavoor and Manasi team. The song was composed by Fr Clement.

Sri Sugunendrateerta Swamiji of Puttige Math, Dr Bernard Moras, Fr Ignatius Pinto, former Archbishop of Bangalore, Udupi bishop Dr Gerald Lobo, Rev Dr John S Sadananda, bishop, CSI, Mangalore, Rajya Sabha MP Oscar Fernandes, Kota Srinivas Poojary, Udupi incharge minister, MP Jayaprakash Hegde, MLA Raghupathi Bhat, N B Aboobakker, chairman, KMDC and Sunitha S Poojary, president of Kallianpur gram panchyath are present.

Mangalore bishop Dr Aloysius Paul DSouza welcomed the gathering and said, Today is a day of thanksgiving and celebration as god has given us the opportunity to witness the historic ceremony of the erection of Udupi diocese and installation of the new bishop.He extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries present on the dias, all the archbishops, bishops, and the priests and the gathering.

Sri Sugunendrateertha Swamiji of Puttige Math in his address conveyed the message of harmony and peace and said, "Today I see people of all religions gathered here. This occasion has brought all of us together and created communal harmony amongst us.He further said, Everybody should follow their own dharma, only then there can be peace. When people go against dharma, violence erupts.

Stressing that Udupi has given space for all religions to exist and grow, he said, God is omnipresent, no one can claim that God belongs to any one religion. Conveying Sri Krishna’s message, he said that there should be unity among all religions and that inter-faith dialogues are necessary to foster unity and harmony.

"There are various similarities between religions. We should uphold the similarities and forget the differences. When we do that, there will not be any fight in the name of religion.To stress his point on similarities, he said, "Sripadaru for Hindus and Father for Christians mean the same.""Today in Udupi we have two Paryayas," he declared, much to the appreciation of the crowd.

Speaking earlier, MP Jayaprakash Hegde appreciated bishop Dr Gerald Lobos statement ’I swear by faith and development,’ and said that there can be no better words than these. He also lauded the bishop for his work and said that he is a humanitarian who had brought school dropouts back to classes and extended financial help to those in need of medical treatment.

He pledged the governments as well as his personal support to the diocese

CSI bishop Rev Sadananda congratulated the new bishop on behalf CSI and wished him luck.

Oscar Fernandes in his address thanked bishop of Mangalore Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza for taking care of Udupi people in all their needs. He pledged his support to the new bishop in his new mission. "In Udupi Catholics contribute to temples and Hindus to Churchs. Even Muslim brothers have contributed toward Udupi temple’s Lakshadeepotsava . We have to carry on in the same way in future also," he said.

Udupi district incharge minister Kota Srinivas Poojary said, I am grateful to the services rendered by the Catholic community to society. We join in congratulating the community today. Today the Pope has given us a small girl child. I promise on behalf of the Udupi district administration that we will take care of this girl baby.

MLA Raghupati Bhat said, This day and this wonderful programme will be go into the golden annals of Udupi’s history. It is pleasure and good fortune to be part of this wonderful event, which is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So far no untoward incident has crossed Mulky border, this is becuase of the harmony among the people and communities of Udupi.

He further said, We cannot forget the services rendered by the Catholic community in health and education fields, where they have reached the very last person in society. I am blessed to be the MLA of Udupi constituency which is now under Udupi diocese. I had been on a tour to Rome in 2009, and am blessed to be part of the Eucharist celebration of the Pope.

Addressing the gathering, N B Aboobakker said, The period of life between birth and death is very important and short. We must reach the last person in the society and do our best to bring them to the mainstream.

On behalf of the 1.25 lac people of Udupi diocese, Veronica Cornelio congratulated Bishop Dr Gerald Lobo and said, "We will be with you in all your missions in the development of Udupi diocese, be it social or religious work.

Bishop Dr Gerald Lobo in his address said, "God has blessed us with a new diocese and has given me the previlige to serve Him as the first bishop. Udupi has got an enviable legacy of faith. We have lot of challenges in front of us because as it is a new diocese."

He remembered the late bishop Basil DSouza of Mangalore and said that it was his dream to see Udupi as a diocese. He also thanked Mangalore bishop Dr Aloysius D’Souza for making it possible and said, I am indebted to both of you.

He thanked Sri Sugunendrateertha Swamiji for gracing the programme and extended his wholehearted support towards fostering peace and communal harmony in the district. Together we will build a peaceful Udupi district," he said.

Youth are our strength and our elders are our inspiration and guide, he said, urging peoples support in building the new diocese.

Fr Gerald Isaac Lobo, the newly-appointed bishop was formally felicitated by Apostolic Nuncio Dr Salvotore Pennacchio, Dr Bernard Moras, Dr Ignatius Pinto, Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, bishop of Mangalore, on behalf of the laity Leslie Lewis, vice-president, Milagres Cathedral Pastoral Council, on behalf of the nuns, Sr Shaila AC, superior, St Cecily’s Convent, Udupi, on behalf of the priests Fr Lawrence Rodrigues.

Parish priest of Yermal, Fr Felix Noronha, past vicar general of Shimoga Diocese, on behalf of the family, Jessy Lobo, sister of Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo felicitated the bishop of Udupi by garlanding him.

Apostolic Nuncio Dr Salvotore Pennacchio presented blessed candles to the donors who contributed more than Rs 1 lac.

Apolistic Nuncio of India Dr Salvatore Pennacchio said, "I will convey the gratitude to Holy Father. I have experienced hospitality of the people of Udupi and I am moved by the amount of faith among the devotees

Bishop of Mangalore Dr Aloysius DSouza was honoured on the occasion. Fr Fred Mascarenhas read the felicitation letter.

Acknowledging the honour, Dr Aloysius said that when he first came to know that Udupi was going to be a diocese, a dream had come true."When Pope Benedict XVI sent the official letter, he said ’your dream has become a reality,’" he said.

I never felt that Udupi was too heavy a duty for me, but I couldnt look after the social, economical and educational development of Udupi the same way as I did of Mangalore, though I tried my best, he said.

Today Udupi has got a talented bishop who has 13 years of experience as bishop of Shimoga. I am giving a part of heart (Udupi) to the new bishop, he added.

My wish is that we do not differentiate between Mangalore and Udupi just because they are different dioceses. Our culture remains the same and we should be as united as before," he urged.

He thanked Valerian DSouza, who served as episcopal vicar of Udupi for six years and Fr Baptist Menezes who has been the episcopal vicar for the last five years.

Fr Stany Lobo proposed the vote of thanks. The formal felicitation ceremony was compered by Vincent Alva and Mabel D’Souza. Rev Fr Ronald Serro from |Jeppu seminar guide Eucharistic ceremony.Tight security arrangements have been made at the venue, with ambulance and fire engines on alert

Accident at Yermal - 4 Dead - 10/16/2012


Padubidri : :4 Persons were dead and another 4 persons were seriously injured at Yermal when a gas cylinder supplying truck collided with a Tata Sumo. The incident happened on Monday night.

The deceased werg e identified as Shaji,Shanthi,Vijay and Jayanthi. Rajan and his children Hrishikesh,Shrikesh and Babu were seriously injured and admitted to KMC hospital Manipal. The family was travelling from Ernakulam(Kerala) to Kollur’s Mookambika temple. The cylinder supplying truck tried to overtake a vehicle and hit the on coming vehicle. Tata Sumo was completely damaged in the incident.

Padubidire Police is investigating the case.

Mangaluru Dasara begins - hore kanike sets record - 10/15/2012


Mangalore:  The hore kanike procession, which marked the beginning of the 22nd Mangaluru Dasara, which coincides with the 100th anniversary celebrations of Kudroli Gokarnatheshwara Temple, comprised hundreds of vehicles from different parts of the state and neighboring states such as Gujarath, Kerala, and Mumbai. 

The vehicles gathered at Nehru Maidan at 3:00 p.m., after which they proceeded in a grand procession under the leadership of B. Janardhan Poojary, patron of the temple and Congress leader. 

horekanike12oct14 1

horekanike12oct14 2


horekanike12oct14 3


horekanike12oct14 4


horekanike12oct14 5


horekanike12oct14 6


horekanike12oct14 7


horekanike12oct14 8


horekanike12oct14 9


horekanike12oct14 10

The hore kanike procession passed through A B Shetty Circle, K S Rao Road, PVS Circle, M G Road, Lady Hill and Mannagudda and ended at Kudroli. The presence of as many as 1000 flag bearers made the procession attractive. 

Sairam H. S., president of the Kshethra Development Committee, commented that this is the first time in the history of India that so many vehicles are taking part in the hore kanike procession.
Devotees contribute rice, coconuts, vegetables, pulses, and other essential items required to prepare meals at temple festivals through the practice of hore kanike. 

Mangaluru Dasara will be held from Oct 16 to Oct 25. Harikrishna Bantwal, member of the Kshethra Development Committee, said that the Dasara will be celebrated in a special manner this year because it coincides with the temples centenary celebrations. On Oct 16, nine Durga idols and one Sharada idol will be installed. 

The Brahmakalshotsava will be held on Oct 19 and Oct 20. Besides, a number of cultural programs will form part of the 10-day festival.

Two boys die of drowning in Bengre river - 10/14/2012


Mangalore: Two young boys died of drowning in a river in Bengre on Oct 13, Saturday.

The deceased are Marsook (13), son of Ameer, and Nameer (14), son of Basheer. Marsook was a Std. VIII student of Government High School in Bengre while Nameer was a Std. IX student of Badriya School in Kandak.

Bengre Tragedy

Bengre Tragedy

Bengre Tragedy

The two boys, along with four friends, had gone to the river for a swim. But Nameer and Marsook were carried away by the current and their friends starting shouting for help.

The local people, the Panambur police, and the Tannir Bhavi lifeguards rushed to the spot and tried to rescue the boys, but could not save their lives.

The boys were swimming at a place that was recently dredged, owing to which the river was very deep.

Their bodies were retrieved at around 1:30 p.m. and taken to Mohiuddin Jumma Masjid.

The Panambur police have registered a case.

Mangalore University students protest against murder of Sowjanya - 10/13/2012


Mangalore: The students of Mangalore University organized a protest against the rape and murder of 17- year-old Sowjanya, a student of SDM College, Ujire. They protested in front of their college on Oct 12.

In his protest address, Shravan Kumar said that a number of organizations, including women’s forums, had protested against the home stay attack. However, these organizations are quiet about the rape and murder of Sowjanya.

univeristy12oct12 1

univeristy12oct12 2

He said that students’ organizations will intensify their protests if the case is not taken seriously.

The alumni association of SDM College Ujire, the All College PG Students’ Union, and the students of Mangalore University took part in this protest.

Udupi Diocese : Road at Santhekatte & Kallianpur new looks - 10/13/2012


Kallianpur : The Kemmannu and Kallainpura road has been transformed. It is a wonder of overnight people were surprised to see the newly laid interlock blocks on the Junction towards Kemmannu Kallianpura rd with major change in the look of the whole area that was once densely shadowed by the huge foliage of trees and roadside makeshift petty shops. More than 50 people today were engaged in what is considered as a show of labour that climbed and felled the trees, paved the roads, laid the interlocks, cleaned the garbage besides the road making it as one of the best place for anyone who passes through this road.  The countdown of the New Diocese has begun and the developments are in progress since MLA Ragupathy Bhat took initiatives and ordered his District administrative to clean and make a beautiful location for the receiving New Bhishop Rev Jerald Isaac Lobo and the delegates from Rome and other International dignitaries as well our own VIPs Hnr Oscar Fernades with ministers from the central.

The traffic to Kallianpura and Kemmannu has been diverted via NH 66 taking right to Veerabhadra Temple in front of Goretti Hospital.

Thanks to the effective go-aheads from MLA Ragupathy Bhat who assured the programme committee during his last preliminary meeting with members at Milagres Cathedral and acted so quickly to bring a new look to the road which is the only connection from the Santhekatte junction to the Milagres Cathedral.


The people of Kallianpura and Kemmannu including students who walked to school and college this morning sighed and exclaimed: Thank God what a beautiful road, now we have!

Gowri Poojari is Udupi Taluk Panchayat President - 10/12/2012


Udupi : Gowri V Poojary of the BJP was elected the President of the Udupi Taluk Panchayat at a meeting held on October 10, Wednesday. She represents Barkur constituency. Rama Kulal, also of the BJP and representing Perdoor constituency was elected the Vice President of the Taluk Panchayat. Assistant Commissioner Sadashiv Prabhu was the Returning Officer.

Udupi Taluk Panchayat President

If Gowri defeated Suneetha Shetty of Kokkarne, Rama Kulal defeated Umesh A Naik of Cherkady by  23-18 votes.

Taluk Panchayath EO Manjunathiah, District BJP President Uday Kumar Shetty and others were present.

Padubudri's hi-tech fish market in news again - 10/11/2012


PADUBIDRI : The Padubidri hi-tech fish market which was inaugurated one and a half months ago and is not yet operational, has already kicked off a controversy for the hasty inaugural even before the works were complete.

Now, the market is in news again following the Padubidri Gram Panchayat action of constituting a sub-committee to oversee the functioning of the market. The grouse of the public is that the sub-committee that has been constituted has given representation only to a few communities, while neglecting other communities. The appeal of the villagers is to give representation to all communities in the committee.

Presently, with the fish market functioning in the old building itself, one can notice the filthy water from the market yard flowing on the roadside and emanating an unbearable stench much to the inconvenience of nearby shopkeepers as well as passersby.

Udupi Diocese inauguration - Preliminary meeting held - 10/10/2012

Richard Dsouza -Kallianpur/Kenja Bail

 Kallianpur : On account of inauguration of Udupi Diocese, preliminary top level meeting of District Administration was held at Milagres Cathedral Vicar's house here on Tuesday, 9th October, 2012. The meeting was presided by Very.Rev. Fr. Baptist Menezes Episcopal Vicar of Udupi District.

Local MLA Raghupathy Bhat, Udupi District S.P. Boralingayya, Acting DC of Udupi District, DSP Dr. Prabhudeva Mane, Top district Police officals, District Health Officer, PWD officer, Local Panchayat officer, Commisioner of Udupi Muncipality Mr. Gokuldas Nayak, Appu Jaththanna Vice President of Kallianpur Panchayat, Udupi District Trafic Police Head, Very Rev. Fr. Stany B. Lobo, Dolfy D'Lima Barkur, Dr. Gerald Pinto, BJP Leader Anthony D'Souza Nekre, APMC member Melwyn Sequiera, Vice President of Milagres Cathedral Parish Parished Leslie Lewis and other departments officials were present during the preliminary top level meeting.

Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo welcomed the gatherings and Dolfy D'Lima Convener of Technical Committee proposed vote of thanks. After the meeting all the officials were inspected the inaugural ceremony location at Milagres College grounds. Large number of youths, media persons and locals were present during the occasion.


Richard D'Souza


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