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MRPL Sulphur Plant 2 hit by explosion: 1 worker dead, 5 injured - 1/22/2012

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Mangalore: At the Mangalore Refineries (MRPL) factory on Saturday, on explosion has ripped through a sulphur plant causing severe burns to five and killing a worker too, identified as Nagesh(25)  from Kulai.



The 5 injured were taken to KMC hospital in city, and one of them, Bashir, is in critical condition.

The other four are Sirajuddin(23) from Katipalla, Ashwith(23), Srinivas(33) and Mahesh K.(24).

The MRPL underplayed the incident by calling it only a mild explosion(in a release issued soon after), that took place around 11-15AM(Morning) in unit no.2, injuring six(including the deceased).

MRpl-BlastFour of the workers were employed by Entech Constructions, and only one from Sri Ganesh Constructions, but Mahesh was an employee of MRPL, the official statement informed.

A Committee constituted by management has started enquiry, The freak incident has tainted the safety record of which MRPL is said to be proud. Safety measures would be tightened to prevent further chilling incidents such as the one on Saturday, MRPL reported.

Udupi: Gang Assaults PU College Principal from Jokatte - 1/20/2012


Udupi, Jan 20: Abdul Khader Hussain (35), principal of the Composite Pre University College in Jokatte near Baikampady, was attacked by a gang of three with stones on Thursday January 19.

It is learnt that the gang had invited Hussain to visit Padubidri, and targeted him once he reached there.

The accused reportedly contacted the principal over phone and invited him to the supermarket located below Padubidri branch of Syndicate Bank, duly telling him that they wanted to discuss something with him. Hussain, who suffered injuries in the incident, was admitted into a private hospital in Udupi.

In a complaint filed with the Padubidri police station, Hussain said that he was assaulted in retaliation for suspending a student of the college as a disciplinary measure. The complainant also named T Abubakker, an employee of New Mangalore Port Trust, as the person who hatched the plan of assault, and Siraj from Kulur and two others as the accused who executed it.

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Udupi Power Corporation Ltd defaults its quarterly Rs 90-cr loan repayment - 1/19/2012

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Udupi: Lanco Infratech has missed its quarterly repayment of loan raised for its 1,200-mw imported coal power project at Udupi in Karnataka as the poor health of state distribution companies is taking a toll on power utilities.

Lanco Infratech's subsidiary Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) was unable to make a debt repayment of 90 crore that was due on January 15, as it has not received payments totaling 450 crore from the state distribution companies (discoms) in Karnataka for its first unit of 600 mw at Udupi. Also, inordinate delay in commissioning of the second unit of 600 mw has further worsened cash flows to the company.

"There has been delay in payment on outstanding of 90 crore as we have receivables due with the state discoms. We are working closely with the state government so that the issue is resolved and we have cash," a senior executive from Lanco Infratech said.

The company had raised a loan of 4,500 crore for the project from a consortium of 15 banks led by state-run Power Finance Corporation. Although the company did not reveal names of other banks, analysts said that the consortium included Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, IFCI, Canara Bank, Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank and IDBI. They said that ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and Rural Electrification Corporation do not have any exposure to the loan.

"UPCL has paid all installments until now. The non-payment in January is not yet a concerna¦it takes six months to consider it as a non-performing asset," Power Finance Corporation's chairman and managing director Satnam Singh said.

UPCL is in pact to sell power to eight state-run power distribution companies, of which seven are located in Karnataka and one in Punjab. The first unit of 600 mw, which sells power primarily to Karnataka discoms, started operations in 2010. The second unit is ready for commercial operations but is not able to do so as Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation has not been able to complete the transmission line due to delay in clearance from the ministry of environment and forests.

Udupi: Grand Paryaya Procession as Sode Mutt Seer ascends Paryaya Peetha - 1/19/2012


Udupi, 18 January 2012: On the occasion of the Paryayotsava the various religious programs were conducted in Krishna Mutt and Rathabeedi from Tuesday evening itself. In the night at 8.00 pm for the first time in Udupi’s history eight chariot grand utsav was conducted for Lord Krishna. Later on at Rathabeedi tens of cultural entertaining programs were conducted and lakhs of people participated in this.
In the early morning at 3.00am, the people who were absorbed by the musical concert programs being conducted in Rathabeedi and all the streets of Udupi, began to move in groups towards the Jodukatte which is in the southern part of Udupi city and from there the Paryaya procession began at 4.00 am.
On a high platform Shree Vishvavallabha Theertha of Sode Mutt who will be ascending the Paryaya Peeta, Shri Vishvesha Theertha of Pejavara Mutt, Shree Vishvaprasanna Theertha, Shree Vidyasagara Theertha of Krishnapura Mutt, Shree Vidyadeesha Theertha of Falimaru Mutt, Shree Vidyavallabha Theertha of Kaniyoor Mutt, all sat together and presented themselves to be seen to the public. Raja Peta’s were shining on their heads. Later they sat on the decorated palanquin of the Mutt and arrived to Rathabeedi in a procession which included many musical orchestras, tablos and dancers.      
The qualities and varieties of the still pictures taken part in the procession was good, may be as a result of the announcement by the Paryaya Welcoming committee that prizes will be given for them. Rati Manmatha, Samudra Manthana, Chanoor Mardhana, Kalinga Mardhana, Krishna Leele, Purusha Mragha, Bhoovaraha, Tiger Costume, Dashavathara, Nagavalli, Panchavrandavana, Hanumadwilasa, Bhramarambika Vilasa, Shrivadiraja, Bhootaraja replicas were religious and very attractive.



2 Women chande teams, 4 Men chande teams, 2 Nassik Band teams, 2 Saxophone teams, 12 Horns, 8 Nagaswara teams, Gymnastics, Dummy horses, Doll dance, Peacock, Karaga, Pookavadi, Marakalu, Tiger costume, Kangeelu, Panchavadya, all gave a cultural – folklore touch to the grand procession. The scene of people standing infront of their houses on either sides of the procession and raising the aarathi and performing Pooja to the Swameejis created a unique Godly supernatural environment.
Swameejis who arrived in a grand procession had Krishna darshana through Kanakana Kindi and from there they went to Anantheshwara and Chandramoulishwara temples and performed Pooja to the Lord. Later Paryaya Peetadeesha Shree Laxmivara Theertha of Shiroor Mutt welcomed Sode Shree who arrived in front of Krishna Mutt and took him inside the Mutt and had Krishna darshana for him through Navagraha Kindi.
After this Shiroor Shree held the hand of Sode Shree and made him seat on Sarwajna Peeta and as per the treditions of the Krishna Mutt, handed over the Akshaya Patra and thus handed over the responsibilities of performance of Krishna Pooje and the administration power of Krishna Mutt. From there all the Swameejis arrived at the Rajangana, where grand Darbar began. Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda and MP Oscar Fernandes congratulated Sode Mutt Seer.
In this program State Medical Education Minister A. Ramdas, Higher Education Minister Dr. V.S. Acharya, MLAs Raghupathi Bhat, Lalaji Mendon, Kota Shrinivasa Poojary, Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Coastal Development Authority President Nagaraja Shetty, Municipality President Kiran Kumar, NEI Entrepreneur B.R. Shetty, Raja Marthandavarma of Tiruvankoor Royal Family, Congress Leader Pramod Madhvaraj, IGP Pratap Reddy, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Reju, SP Dr. Ravikumar, BJP District President Udayakumar Shetty were present.


Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha of Sode Mutt all set to ascend the 'Paryaya Peetha' - 1/18/2012


Udupi:  Under the  bi-annual Paryaya  tradition, Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha, the 36th pontiff of  the Sode Mutt  is all set to take up the responsibility of worshipping  Shri Krishna idol in the Shri Krishna temple at Udupi and its administration with effect from January 18, 2012 following the grand paryaya ceremonies by which the privileges will be passed on to Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha  by the incumbent paryaya swamiji- Sri Laxmivara Tirtha of the Shiroor Mutt. As the city of Udupi is gearing up for the  great day, it would be appropriate to know about the paryaya tradition, Sode mutt and Sri Vishwavallabhateertha.


Sri Madhwacharya, the great dwaita philosopher and founder oof eight mutts installed the idol of Sri Krishna at Udipi . He appointed eight bala sanyasis to perform the worship (pooja) by turns of two years for each mutt. 

Sri Madhwacharya

Sode Mutt is one such dedicated for the worship of the idol of Shri Krishna at Udipi. Sri Vadiraja Tirtha was the head of the Sode Mutt in the 15th and 16th Century.  This is located in the Southeast corner of the Car Street. Before the time of Vadhiraja the main village branch of this mutt was in Kumbhasi village. Hence it was known as Kumbhasi Mutt.


It was during the time of Vadiraja Swamiji, Arasappa Navak of Sode gifted land properties at Sode to honour the Swamiji. Vadriraja Swamiji constructed a big Mutt there and renamed this Mutt as Sode Mutt. The main branches of all seven Mutts are in the villages of South Kanara whereas that of Sode Mutt alone is in the North Kanara District around 20 kilometres from Sirsi.

Sode Mutt near Sirsi

Sode Mutt in Udupi

Sri Bhuvaraha

Sri Hayagriva

The original pontiff of this mutt, Sri Vishnu Tirtha  started worshipping the idol of Bhuvaraha gifted by Sri Madhvacharya. The idol is known for its remarkable iconography with Bhuudevi on one thigh and the other leg supporting on the hood of serpent. Along with Bhuvaraha idol of the personal god of Vadiraja namely Hayagriya is also worshipped. Sri Hayagriva is the presiding deity of knowledge and accordingly the idol has in hand the mudra of knowledge, book, rosary and conch. 

Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha:

Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha Swami was born on March 24, 1991 as the second son of the learned scholar Vedamoorthi Padigaru Srinivasa Tantri and Srimathi Vedavathi. He was named Raghava as he was born on the auspicious day of Rama Navami


Raghava Tantri in his pre-monastic days was initiated into asceticism on June 14, 2006 by his Guru, Sri Vishwothama Tirtha, the 35th pontiff of Sri Sode Mutt and Raghava was renamed as Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha. The custom of the appointment of a successor personally by the concerned senior Swamiji is a rare occurrence in the annals of the eight Mutts of Udupi. For reasons best known to them, the Swamijis do not nominate their successor during their life time. The usual practice is that when a Swamiji passes away without nominating a successor, it is the prerogative of the head of the Dwandwa Mutt to select a person to fill that vacancy. As a welcome change, the Sode Mutt enjoys the unique distinction of an unbroken tradition of selection of the successor by the Sode Swamiji as distinct from the pontiff of the Dwandwa Mutt.

Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha

Soon after his initiation, the young Swamiji mastered the regulations governing the performance of worship and the Nitya Naimittikas at the Mutt under the able guidance of his Guru, Sri Vishwottama Tirtha Swamiji, assisted by Vedamurthi Konandur Sri Gopala Acharya. Sri Vidyasagara  Tirtha, head of Sri Krishnapura Mutt taught him Vedanta and all scriptures. While Udayakumar Saralatthaya taught him the Vedapatas, Raghavendra Puranik trained him in Vyakarana.


Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha paid special attention to the educational institutions established by his great Guru, at Innanje near Shankarpura. These institutions ranging from Pre-primary class to high school and Pre-university College are functioning successfully. A new building has been constructed to accommodate the students studying in standards 8 to 10. A high school with English as the medium of instruction has been established for the benefit of the students of rural areas.


Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha was chiefly responsible for establishing at record time the Sri Madhw Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management at  Vishwothama Nagar, Bantakal. Swamiji showed great interest and initiated the completion of several developmental works started by his Guru, at the original Mutt at Sode.


In addition to the above achievements, Swamiji constructed a new Goshala, and enhanced the beauty of the place by constructing gardens and parks. The birth place of Sri Vadirajas mother was Renjala. The branch of the historic mutt in Renjala was in a very dilapidated condition. Realizing the unique importance of the place, Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha renovated the building. In accordance with the wish of his Guru, he took over the administration of the Vishnumoorthi temple at Undaru. In order to provide additional accommodation to the pilgrims visiting Sode, Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha constructed Rajadhama lodges.


With a view to promoting literature and disseminating Sri Madhwas philosophy, he started publishing a quarterly magazine called ’Tatwa Mallika.’ 


Paryaya 2012 is the first paryaya of  Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha. Following the ceremonies on January 18, 2012, Sri Vishwavallabha Tirtha will inherit the privileges of worshipping the idol of Shri Krishna at Udupi and the administrative charge of the temple for  the next two years till January 2014.

Pamboor: ICYM and YCS celebrate Annual Day in Holy Cross Church - 1/16/2012


Pamboor: The ICYM and YCS units of the Holy Cross Church, Shanatipura, Pamboor celebrated annual day on Sunday, January 15, 2012 thanksgiving mass at 7:30am.

The evening programme started at 6:30pm. The Dean of the Shirva Varado,  Rev.Fr.Stany Tauro was the chief guest.

Rev.Fr.Charles Lewis presided over the function. Vice president of parish council-Federick Menezes and ICYM advisor-Gerald Machado, presidents of ICYM and YCS-Brian Noronha and Preetham Mendonca, secretaries of ICYM and YCS-Denzil Menezes and Josia Noronha were present on the dais.

Frenny  compeered the stage programme. The progrmme started with prayer song. Miss Steffi Menezes welcomed the gathering. ICYM and YCS handed over  contribution to Pamboor School which was collected during Christmas. Both secretaries of ICYM and YCS read their reports on the works they did in the present year. They honoured Martin, teacher in Pamboor School for his support to the youth and service in Pamboor school.


Rev.Fr.Stany Tauro addressing the gathering said that the youth today have to be set free to do what they want such as taking responsibility and this will make them strong to face their future and the world.

Rev.Fr.Charles Lewis  also addressed the gathering and Brian Noronha, president of ICYM and Preetham Mendonca, president of YCS also gave their feedback about ICYM and YCS respectively.The stage programme ended with vote of thanks by Miss Linet DSouza.The cultural programme was compeered by Winolin Menezes and Lester Sequira. First, Prithesh Sequira presented a song, and there was a dance by Glen and group, a comedy skit by Aaron Quadros and Rayan  Monis.  Steffi Menezes conducted a dance and Gipson Saldanha sang a song.

A Tulu play named Aaye Barethije was presented by Pingara Artists Bedra…. under the direction of Mani Kotebagilu. It was an entertaining play with some suspense.

Chikmagalur: Infant Jesus Feast celebrated with great devotion at Bala Yesu Niwas Shrine - 1/16/2012


Chikmagalur: Under the soft rays of the  mid-January sun setting slowly on the edge of the Western Ghats and the mild flow of the cool breeze of the Malnadu region, around three thousand devotees gathered for the annual celebration of the feast of Infant Jesus in the lush greed ground of Bala Yesu Niwas shrine, Parvatipura in Chikmagalur  on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 5.15 pm. There was an air of devotion and fervour as the devotees entered the venue, offered flowers and candles in front of the decorated statue of Infant Jesus and attended the solemn Feast Mass concelebrated by the priests form different  parishes of Chikmagalur, the chief celebrant being, Most Rev. Dr. T. Antony Swamy, the Bishop of Chikmagalur. Following the feat mass, the entire congregation of devotees of Infant Jesus  were served  hot meal comprising of Chicken Biryani and raita.


There was hectic activity right from the morning  of Saturday, January 14, 2012 as volunteers arranged the chairs and  Carmelite Sisters from Kuduvalli, Sisters of St. Joseph of Taps and Brigantine Sisters prepared the altar and decorated it with flowers on the gigantic stage.  Fr. Valerian Castelino, hailing from Moodubelle,  Rector of the Bala Yesu Niwas shrine,  supervised the entire arrangement paying attention even to minute details.


Bishop of Chikmagalur, Dr. T. Antony Swamy was received at the main entrance by Fr. Valerian at 5.15 pm as the Girls Band from St. Josephs Girls High School, Chikmagalur presented salute and ushered in the Bishop through the sound of trumpets and beats of the durm.


The solemn celebration of the feast mass began with a grand procession to the main altar through the  centre of the ground with the group of girls  from St. Josephs Girls High School performing welcome dance. Fr. David Prakash, Director of Jyoti Niwas Minor Seminary  conducted the proceedings  of the feast mass. The St. Cecelia Choir from St. Antony’s Church, Hassan, led by Prashant rendered melodious hymns in Kannada that enlivened the spiritual atmosphere of the feast mass.



In his homily, Bishop Antony Swamy traced the origin and spread f the devotion of Infant Jesus of Prague. The Infant Jesus of Prague originally came from Spain. The legend tells that the Infant Jesus appeared miraculously to a certain monk, who modelled the statue based on the appearance of the apparition. According to another legend the statue belonged to St. Teresa of Avila, the founder of the Discalced Carmelites, who was aflame with a great love for the Child Jesus. She is said to have given the statue to a friend of hers, whose daughter was setting out to travel to Prague.


When the Duchess Maria Manrique de Lara came to Bohemia to marry a Bohemian nobleman in 1556, she received the statue from her mother as a wedding gift. When her daughter Polyxena of Lobkowicz was widowed, she gave the precious statue to the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites attached to the church of Our Lady of Victory in 1628.


The Carmelites placed the statue in the novitiate chapel, so that the young monks could learn from the virtues of the Child Jesus. At that time the Thirty Years War was raging through Europe and even the Infant Jesus was not spared when the Saxon army occupied Prague in 1631. It was only after his return to Prague in 1637 that Father Cyril of the Mother of God, originally from Luxemburg, discovered the statue, abandoned in a corner. To his sorrow, however, he found that the Infant Jesus had had both hands broken off. At this moment it seemed to him that the Infant Jesus was saying to him: Have mercy on me and I will have mercy on you; give me hands and I will give you peace; the more you honour me, the more I will bless you.


Eventually Father Cyril had new hands made for the Infant Jesus. The gold coin invested in this was returned many times over, as the Child Jesus began to bless the monastery, the local people, and the whole of Prague. Miraculous healings were attributed to him, as was the protection of Prague when it was laid siege to by the Swedes in 1639. In 1651 the statue was carried as a pilgrim round all the churches in Prague and in 1655 it was solemnly crowned by the Bishop of Prague. In later years, gradually, the devotion of Infant Jesus spread to other parts of the world.


Towards the end of the mass, Fr. Valerian Castelino expressed his gratitude to the Bishop, all the priests and nuns, donors, volunteers and everyone who had helped in the grand celebration of the feast of Infant Jesus.


At  the end of the mass, Mrs. Regina Maria D’Souza from Mumbai  gave the testimony regarding the miraculous cure from rheumatic arthritis that she had experienced since her visit to the last year. Mrs. Regina said that she had been suffering from rheumatic arthritis since 25 years. The pain was so much that she had to give up her job after five years and no amount of medicine including steroids could relieve the pain. Eventually, on the advice of Fr. Valerian Castelino, she attended the annual feast of Infant Jesus last year (2011) and prayed to Infant Jesus to relieve her f the aliment. She claims that thereafter her rheumatic arthritis gradually vanished and she has regained her health and in gratitude, she attended this year’s annual feast (2012) especially to express her gratitude to Infant Jesus for the favours   granted to her.


Following the mass, the devotees of Infant Jesus who attended the celebration were served chicken biryani and raita from two counters. Around three thousand men, women and children queued up and collected their meals handed over by the volunteers from two counters in a disciplined manner.


As part of the spiritual preparation to the feast of Infant Jesus on January 14, 2012, the novena services were held and three priests were specially invited to deliver homilies which were quite effective. During the first three days of the novena Rev. Msgr. George D’Souza, Vicar General of Chikmagalur preached the homilies; during the next three days of the novena, Fr. R.P. Moses-Parish Priest of Kunigal in Tumkur District was the preacher and during the last three days, Fr. Roman Pinto from Shivmogga Diocese conducted Charismatic preaching.


The Bala Yesu Niwas was established by the Capuchin Congregation at Parvatipura, Chikmagalur in 2000. In 2010, the Capuchin priests handed over the place to the Diocese and on May 1, 2010 the place was declared as the shrine of Infant Jesus through a decree  by the Bishop of Chikmagalur, Dr. T. Antony Swamy and appointed Fr. Valerian Castelino who had retired as the Principal of St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Chikmagalur as the first Rector.


Fr. Valerian Castelino, started celebrating the feast of Infant Jesus in a well-planned and  organised manner since 2010. Besides the novena, the feast has been celebrated with large attendance of devotees of Infant Jesus from different parts of Chikmagalur, Shivmogga and Mangalore Dioceses. He also started the practice of providing meals to those devotees who attend the feast mass.


Extension structure of Don Basco Youth Centre opened on January 12 - 1/16/2012


Shirva: An extension built to the Don Bosco youth Centre in Shirva has been inaugurated on Thursday, January 12 during feast of Don Bosco here.

Fr. Ian Figueiredo, a salesian provincial inaugurated and blessed the building, in the presence of Fr. Baptist Menezes, vicar of Udupi(Episcopal), Fr. Stany Tauro, parish priest, and Fr. Valerian Pinto, former priest of Shirva church.

The annexe includes dormitories, kitchen, and refectory. A festive mass was offered on the occasion with Fr. Pinto as the chief celebrant, who spoke on the life of young Don Bosco and urged the laity to follow on his footsteps.




The thanksgiving was rendered by Fr. Maxim, Director of DB Youth Centre. The architect and contractor were honoured and benefactore felicitated in a ceremony.

Cultural programmes were presented by Centre’s resident boys.

Mangalore: Multicultural, Plural Fabric of India Shines at Youth Festival - 1/14/2012


Mangalore: After an attractive rally from Nehru Maidan to Mangala Stadium as part of the 17th National Youth Festival, an attractive parade from various states and union territories in the form of a march-past left the audience ecstatic, with splendid displays from participating contingencies. The parade which lasted for over an hour also showcased the traditional dance forms from all parts of India.

The parade which began following the release of 5000 tri-colored balloons, was led by a team of artistes from Dakshina Kannada. Seventeen cannon shots were fired in the air to mark the inauguration of the 17th National Youth Festival.

Teams from a majority of states and union territories of the nation utilized the opportunity to exhibit the rich cultures of their states. Martial arts from states from India, such as Kalaripattu from Kerala and its Manipur version were also presented and they left the crowd spell-bound.

Traditional dances of the states such as Bihu of Assam, Odissi from Odisha, Bharatanatyam from Tamil Nadu added to the exuberance of the inaugural ceremony. The troupes seemed to enjoy performing as much as the crowd viewing it.

The parade saw over 4000 representatives from all states and union territories with few participants from SAARC nations also joining in. The event conducted to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is being held for the first time in Karnataka, with a theme 'Diversity in Unity.'

Because of a large number of artistes and participants in the parade, teams depicting the folk tradition of the nation were rushed through as the time was running short.

Chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda in his inaugural address announced that a special task force will be constituted to give impetus to drive the implementation of policy recommendations and to strengthen the youth-centric policies of the state.

He described Mangalore as 'Jewel of coastal Karnataka' and highlighted the cultural heritage of the region."With the provision of enabling infrastructure all round, our goal is to take Karnataka to the forefront of all the states in the country. The energies of the youth have to be harnessed in this task of nation-building," he said.

He appealed to the youth to emulate the steadfastness, adherence to ideals, fearlessness and tireless service to humanity of Swami Vivekananda. Speaking on the importance of educating the youth, he declared that opportunities will be created to transform Karnataka to a knowledge society by 2020.

Minister for Sports and youth affairs Ajay Maken, in his address said that India is the youngest nation in the world. "When the world is growing old, India is growing younger," he said.

He also hoped that the convention will be a deathnail for all fanaticism rampaging the nation.

Meanwhile, crowd at the Mangala stadium, jam-packed during the parade got thinner steadily during the address of the guests.

Despite the stress on Indian culture, youths patronisation for western music was clearly depicted with the Prince Dance group from Orissa, dancing to a fusion of heavy western and Indian instrumenta of the song Saare Jahan Se Achcha. Severa traditional dance forms such as Kathakali and Bharathanatyam followed. An impressive laser show also entertained the gathered audience.

Union minister of corporate affairs Veerappa Moily, union minister of state for youth and sports Ajay Maken, deputy speaker of state legislative assembly Yogish Bhat, MLAs and MLCs and other dignitaries were present.

Twenty eight individuals and two associations from various states of India were felicitated by the guests for their commendable achievements.

Earlier report:

Mangalore: Youth Festival Takes off with a Bang!

Mangalore, Jan 12: The city of Mangalore witness an unprecedented rally from Nehru Maidan to Mangala Stadium featuring a variety of traditional art forms for the inaugural of the 17th National Youth Festival on Thursday, January 12. Crowds thronged the street sides to have a glimpse of a national spectacle, to be presented at their city this year.

Entire city displayed a sense of celebration with decorations in place after a brief beatification project initiated by the Mangalore City Corporation. Long lines of people including artists of traditional dance forms such as Bhootha Kola, an almost extinct art form of Dhuff of Beary community, dances from various parts of the state succeeded in creating a glimpse of the diversity in culture present in the state.

Artists playing instruments unique to the threatened cultures of the region was also displayed. An observer on the streets exclaimed that the city wont witness such a celebration and enthusiasm amongst the people in the near future.

Students from different colleges also joined the rally with enthusiasts filling the Mangala Stadium, an hour before the official inauguration at 5:30 pm, January 12.

Traffic also suffered a jolt with several routes deviated to ease the flow of people in the procession. Long queues of vehicles was also found due to a sudden increase in traffic density in the routes.

Inauguration of youth festival is expected to mask the spectacle, the momentous rally created.

Mudarangady: 'Musical Thunder - 2012' by Mudarangady Friends. - 1/12/2012

Report by: William Mendonca & Pics by Pakky & Arunakshi- Srijana Digital Studio,Mudarangadi

As part of the annual feast of St. Francis Xavier parish, Mudarangady, a cultural programme - Musical Thunder-2012 - was arranged by Mudarangady Friends on Wednesday, 11th January 2012 from 6:30 p.m. onwards, at St. Francis School Grounds, Mudarangady. 

The programme included musical night by Rag Dhwani Orchestra, Mangalore lead by Mr. Muralidhara Kamath, from the well known musical group - Baila Kudla - that won the Rajyothsava District Award and mimicry by Naveen Koppa, famous 'Comedy Khiladi' of Zee Kannada T.V. channel.

Mr. Ivan DSouza, Honorary President, Mudarangady Friends, Mudarangady, presided over the programme.  Rev. Louis DSa, parish priest, Mudarangady church, and Mr. Sunilraj Shetty Santhoor, President, Mudarangady Grama Panchayath, were the chief guests.

The following dignitories were identified and honoured at this programme for their life time achievement.:

1. Ms. Veronica DSouza, Retd. Teacher, St. Francis Higher Elementary School, Mudarangady.

2. Mr. Thomas Barboza, Managing Trustee, Jeevan Asha Trust, Shirva.

3. Mr. T.R. Sadananda, Senior Autorickshaw Owner-Driver, Mudarangady.

4. Mr. Victor Saldanha, Social Worker, Mudarangady, now serving in Kuwait.

They were honoured by Mr. Anantha Moodithaya, Lecturer in Economics, Pompei P.U. College, Talipadi, Aikaka, Dakshina Kannada Dist., with a shawl, garland and memento each.

This colourful programme was supported and sponsored by Mr. Ivan DSouza, Mangalore, Mr. Joseph DSouza, Mudarangady, Mr. Maxim DSouza, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Stany DSouza, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Edwyn DSouza, Dubai, Mr. Alban Lucas DSilva, Mycodi, Mr. Michael Ramesh DSouza, Dubai, Mr. Ronald DSouza, Mumbai and Mr. Anil Prakash DSouza, Dubai.

Earlier, Mr. Ivan DSouza welcomed the gathering.  Mr. Moodithaya spoke on behalf of the people honoured, Rev. Louis DSa praised the efforts of Mudarangady Friends and Mr. Roshan Lobo, Secretary of Mudarangady Friends proposed a vote of thanks............................................................

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Happy Birthday Dear Shaun


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Mudarangady: Parish Telephone Directory released.

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