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Udupi: Power shortage seems made govt. to bow to UPCL - 10/13/2011


Udupi: With the shortage of power in the state, the government of Karnataka is now ready to give clearance for the commissioning of the 2nd unit of Udupi Power Corporation Limited (UPCL). Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda himself has taken interest on this issue. The remarkable thing in this is that, just two months before Sadananda Gowda becoming the CM while he was the MP, he visited UPCL project site and had roared that the local people are seriously affected with the burning of coal and the company should immediately stop the production.
Then Sadananda Gowda became Chief Minister, the power plant did not stop its operation and the problems of the people were also never resolved. But the Chief Minister also has the responsibility to resolve the sudden power shortage in the state, so even though he knows that the people are facing problems from the 1st unit of UPCL, the government is giving the clearance to the 2nd unit, he said this in Hubli. This could be good news to those who are suffering from the shortage of power, but to those who are suffering from UPCL and opposing, it is a bad news.


Already the 1st unit of UPCL which is producing 600 megawatts power, has made the peoples and their domestic animal’s life miserable in the surrounding areas, from the tons of ash which is coming out and the lack of facility to cope with the gallons of salt water which is being pumped from sea into the plant to cool the boilers have destroyed the agricultural fields. Once this 2nd unit starts functioning upon commissioning, these miseries and losses of the people and their animals will be doubled.
The 2nd unit of UPCL was constructed and ready since one year, but the government had not given the clearance for the commissioning. But now the power shortage situation is such that, the government seems to have come to a decision that, even if the people of Ellur and other tens of villages in the surrounding area suffer from the coal ash and salt water, for the sake of providing power for the people of rest of the state, the power needs to be produced from the 2nd unit.
At present the 1st unit of UPCL is producing 600 megawatts power which is being supplied to Mescom and Bescom. This completes the 30% of the power supply demand. As the demand is increasing year after year, the 2nd unit has been a great relief to improve the power shortage in the state.
However, since the last 3 days the 1st unit has been shut down, which has been an additional blow to the state which is already reeling with the shortage of power. The Officers of the company are saying that the shutdown is for carrying out the annual maintenance work of the machineries. But the timing of this shutdown by the UPCL while there is already heavy shortage seems like they are trying to bend the iron while it is red hot. Under pressure of the power shortage, the government seems to have given the clearance having no other option.
Overall, it is true that the 1st unit of the UPCL has helped in resolving the shortage of power in the state to some extent and now in this inevitable situation if the 2nd unit is started, then the government can get rid-off its major headache. So, the Chief Minister, even though he himself had opposed the project of the 1st unit of UPCL at one stage, now he himself has come forward to give the clearance for the 2nd unit. This is the government’s duality and also the inevitability.

Quack, hubby arrested for cheating couple, kidnapping child - 10/12/2011


UDUPI : Police have arrested a quack and her husband from Edamangala Bonadka in Sullia

taluk who are facing charges of cheating a couple from Bangalore and kidnapping their child.

The arrest took place at Udupi. The arrested are identified a KS Vani alias Usha and her husband

Rajesh alias Raju. A case had earlier been registered against them in Kodigehalli police station in

Bangalore for stealing jewellery and kidnapping a child.


The woman who identifies herself as Vani, Usha Divya and several such names was claiming

herself to be a BAMS doctor though actually she was an SSLC fail. She was even running an

Ayurveda clinic called “Om Shree Guru Raghavendra Care Centre’ at Canara Bank Layout.

She maintained some stock of medicines and used to provide them to patients visiting her. She

could not have been trapped but for her proximity with a neighbouring couple Srikanth and

Roopa. The fake doctor and her husband used to often visit the couple on the pretext of fondling

their two year old child saying they loved the child as they were issueless. The fake doctor and

her husband also took the child along with them on several occasions.

Recently, the fake doctor had secured jewellery weighing 135 grams from Roopa saying she

had to attend a wedding and had even taken Roopa’s child along. The couple was missing since

then. Meanwhile the Bangalore police team investigating the case arrived in Udupi and arrested

the couple.

Padubidri: No one listening to Kolachur Ellu Molya's grief? - 10/11/2011


Padubidri, 10 October 2011: This agricultural land, at one time was producing sufficient rice to feed the joint family of a dozen members. They never had to purchase any vegetables either; all could be produced at the backyard in this land. Cultivation of rice, vegetables, coconuts, beetle nuts, banana were all watered from the well in front of their house. This self-reliant family living with self-respect, has lost most of its land.
The remaining land has become salty and in this land now the rice paddy cannot get sprouted, vegetable does not grow, beetle nut is dying, and even the water from their well is not fit for drinking. This is the story of the family of 84 year old Ellu Moolya of Kolachur Grama, Padubidri, Udupi Taluk. The reason for all this grief is the Udupi Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) a coal based power plant which has established there.


Ellu Moolya who owned about 7 acre land was depending on this agricultural land and was happily living with his wife, two sons, daughters, grandchildren, altogether 14 members in the family. But 3 – 4 years ago UPCL emerged just next to their land. The government which readily agreed to handover the farmer’s lands to this private company forcefully acquired 4 acre of Eluu Moolya’s agricultural land. Eluu’s family became orphan, but having no other choice they decided to live in the remaining land.
Now the power plant has started its operations. Thousands of gallons of salt water from the sea is pumped in through the pipes to cool the coal based boilers. This salt water heats up, gets evaporated and will fall down drop by drop in kilometers of surrounding land. With the continuous fall of this salt water fog since one year; the coconut, beetle nut, banana, vegetable, jasmine flowers are all does not grow here now. They have 4 acre land, but it is of no use.
Even the drinking water well also become salty and the water cannot be used for drinking. The salt water released from the power plant has flown into the neighbouring paddy fields and has destroyed the paddy cultivation. “We used to eat the rice and vegetables grown in our fields, but now we have become dependent on others”, weeps elder son Subbayya Moolya.
In their land even the grass cannot be grown to feed to their cattles and buffaloes. They had to sell off the pair of buffaloes as they could not feed them anymore. Among the 7 cows from which they could get milk all 3 times, now there are only 3 cows which also have become slim due to lack of feeding.
Ellu Moolya, his sons Subbayya Moolya and Jagannatha Moolya have given appeal to UPCL, Deputy Commissioner, local People’s Representatives, Human Rights Commission, Lokayuktha tens of times, pleaded them even. But the blind and deaf capitalist – bureaucrats did not even respond. The local people’s representatives - politicians have not even seen the direction of Ellu Moolya’s house. Deputy Commissioner’s office is just doing the post office work of forwarding the appeals to UPCL and their false replies back to them.
When the railway track construction was taking place in 2010 for the transportation of coal to the power plant, Konkan railway cut the narrow road approaching to Ellu Moolya’s house. When Ellu appealed to Railway department, they directed him to UPCL, but UPCL again directed him back to Railway department. Finally there is no road access to Eluu Moolya’s house. He cannot get a tiller to his fields for cultivation work. Even recently when Eluu Moolya was seriously ill, his family could not get vehicle to take him to the hospital, as there is no access.
The department has tested his well water and has given report that the water is not suitable for drinking. Until recently there was a bore well belonging to UPCL, but now that is also out of order. This family needs hundreds of pots of water every day, which has to be carried on the head from one kilometer distance. The women of the house are tired and fed up of carrying so much of water every day. Recently these women pleaded to UPCL Officer with tears, to at least provide water to them, but there is no use.
Ellu Moolya’s big family which was living a full life is now practically helpless. This is the story of Ellu Moolya’s family. There are hundreds of houses around UPCL who are suffering the losses and difficulties like this. Now the ones who should help in resolving these issues are the Officer’s and the People’s Representative. But can they help to resolve it?

Bull run for Shankarapura jasmine ends - 10/10/2011


Mangalore: The Bull run this season for the famed fragrant Shankarapura Mallige or popularly known as Sooji Mallige’’ has ended. The rate of one ’atte’ of flowers, which had crossed Rs 820 a week back, has now fallen sharply to Rs 150 on Sunday. It was quoting at Rs 210 on Saturday.


The more fragrant but less fancied Jaaji mallige, also grown in Udupi region, was quoted at Rs 45 on Sunday and on Saturday it was Rs 65. It was at a high of Rs 350 last week. About 800 jasmine flowers, depending on their size, are strung together using plantain stalk to make one chendu and four chendus make one atte.


Udupi Mallige Belegaarara Sangha president Ramakrishna Sharma Bantakallu says that the rates fluctuate wildly on a day to day depending on the supply and demand of jasmine, which is a fancy item. There are merchants in Mumbai who buy Rs 5 lakh worth of flowers on a day as when there is high demand during festivities and marriage seasons, he told. Apart from Mumbai, the coastal regions of Mangalore, Udupi and Kerala are the major markets for this flower.


There are about 10,000 families engaged in jasmine cultivation in the coastal districts extending from Kasargod to Uttara Kannada, with a maximum number of 7,500 families being in Udupi district. Sharma says the rates are likely to go up again during Deepavali and marriage season. The lowest rates an ’atte’ quotes is Rs 80 during off season and it sometimes goes down to as low as Rs 40 during transport strikes. A rate of Rs 200 per ’atte’ is remunerative,’’ observes Sharma.


The fancy rate for the fancied flowers depends upon the whims and fancies of the wholesale merchants based on the demand from customers and the supply. Fortunately in the case of jasmine growers, whatever the hike, barring a commission of Rs 10 or Rs 20 the entire sum is passed on to the growers unlike in other agro sectors where middle men make windfall profits. We get a daily rate from wholesalers and we give the maximum to the merchant who quotes the highest,’ says Sharma.


First unit of UPCL closed for maintenance - 10/10/2011


Udupi : The first unit of the coal-based thermal power plant of Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) at Yellur in Udupi district has stopped generating power since October 7 as it has been shutdown for annual maintenance.

Vice-president (Corporate Affairs) of UPCL K. Kishore Alva told over the telephone on Saturday that the maintenance work would take at least a month, and the first unit would resume power generation in the first or second week of November. The capacity of the first unit was 600 MW.



The second unit with same capacity (600 MW) was ready. But the government had not installed 400 kV line to transmit power from it. Power from the first unit was being transmitted through 220 kV line. But a 220-kV line could transmit only 425 MW of power. The government can lift power from the second unit if it wants to,” he said. Both the units of UPCL, which produced 600 MW each, were dependent on imported coal for power generation. The company was not facing any shortage of coal, Mr. Alva said.

Shirva: Foundation Stone for the New Presbytery laid - 10/10/2011


Shirva, 09 October 2011: The nearly century old Presbytery (Residence of the Priests) attached to the Church of Our Lady of Health, Shirva will be rebuilt for which the Foundation Stone was blessed and laid on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 8.15 am after the morning  mass.


The Foundation Stone was blessed following the invocation of prayers by Msgr. Denis Moras Prabhu, Vicar General of the Mangalore Diocese in the presence of Rev. Dr. Baptist Menezes, Episcopal Vicar of Udupi, Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro, Parish Priest of Shirva, Assistant Parish priests-Fr. Gracian Alvares and Fr. Navin D’Souza, Sr. Bridgit-Superior of the Convent and other sisters, Irwin D’Souza and Melwyn Aranha-Vice President  and Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), other members of the PPC, Gurkars of various Wards and a large number of parishians.  The architect of the project-Christopher Noronha of Mangalore and the contractor-Robert Noronha of Karkala were also present during the Foundation Stone laying ceremony.



Following the prayers and blessing of the Foundation Stone, it was carried down the specially prepared pit by the Vice President, Secretary and other members and was laid in the pre-arranged slot.


The programme was compeered by Irwin D’Souza who also welcomed the Vicar General, Episcopal Vicar and the parishioners.  Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro thanked the Vicar General, Episcopal Vicar, architect, contractor, members f the PPC, Gurkars and all the parishioners.


According to Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro, the construction of the Presbytery is expected to be completed by May-June 2012 and the total cost of the project is expected to be Rs. 95 lakhs.

Married woman on streets after lover dumps her - 10/8/2011

KUNDAPUR : An incident in which a woman who along with her kid abandoned her husband

to lead a life with her lover, was dumped even by the latter, has been reported from Kota. The

aggrieved woman has now lodged a complaint with the police seeking justice and alleging that

her lover has robbed her of all her cash and jewellery.

The woman Ambika (26) hailing from Kota in Udupi taluk was married about eight years ago

and has a four year old child. The couple had a discord, which almost separated them when

Ambika came into contact with one Dinesh Devadiga. Love soon blossomed and Ambika

deserted her husband to lead a life with Dinesh. Meanwhile, Ambika’s hubby had complained to

the police station seeking to find his wife.

Though the Kota police had investigated on the basis of the complaint and even traced Dinesh

and Ambika, the police allowed the pair to lead a life together after Ambika insisted that she

wants to stay with Dinesh.

Meanwhile, it came to light that Dinesh too was a married man but had not divorced his first

wife. Dinesh and Ambika married at Kamalashile temple and initially stayed in a rented house

at Kamalashile and later shifted to Kandlur.

But soon, there was a discord between the two after Dinesh had forcibly secured Ambika’s gold

and cash. He even failed to return home at times and kept Ambika at bay and even began to

abuse her. Though Ambika has lodged a complaint, an FIR has not yet been lodged.

Meanwhile, Kota police say they had earlier allowed Ambika to go with Dinesh as she had

threatened to commit suicide otherwise. They also say that the complaint that Dinesh has cheated

Ambika needs to be probed and that both used to reside together and that the amount might

have been spent towards maintenance of the family.

It is learnt Dinesh, as a last resort had admitted Ambika to the Spoorthi institute of Kedur after

terming her as an orphan.

Shirva: Protect inscriptions for entire study of Tulunadu - 10/9/2011


Shirva: The land of the undivided Dakshina Kannada district is getting destroyed for various reasons. Hundreds of inscriptions, symbols and records which represent and reflect the Tulunadu culture and tradition are being discarded. To provide comprehensive information of the great culture of Tulunadu to the future generations preserving and protecting of these historical inscriptions is very important, said Karnataka History Academy Secretary Dr. H.S. Gopal Rao.
He was speaking upon inaugurating the two days long, state level seminar on Epigraphical Research at Shirva St. Mary’s P.U. College on Friday, organized jointly by College History Division, UGC and Karnataka History Academy Udupi division. He said that, from the study of these inscriptions we can learn our strength and weaknesses, improve knowledge and the opportunity to follow the good deeds. It is sad that, in the Indian Historical department, there are only two Epigraphical experts from Karnataka state, he said.


Speaking further Dr. Gopal Rao said that, there is no need for the painting of temples and renovating them. While renovating the ancient temples, many of the ancient inscriptions and symbols get destroyed. When a statue is painted it will lose its originality. Save the inscriptions, symbols and the records, thus preserve the original beauty of the ancient inscriptions, he said.
Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro – Correspondent of St. Mary’s Educational Institutions presided over the program. In his presidential address he said that, the Indian culture is the most superior and excellent in the world and we all are fortunate to be part of this culture. Let this seminar on Epigraphical Research inspire and may many Epigraphical experts emerge from this, he conveyed his wishes.
College Principal Dr. J.C. Miranda welcomed the guests and the gathering. Program Coordinator and Head of College History Department Prof. Gopalakrishna Samaga in his introductory note briefed on the importance of this study program. Prof. Dr. S. Padmanabha Bhat compeered the program. Karnataka History Academy Udupi Unit President Dr. B. Jagadish Shetty proposed vote of thanks.
Dr. H.S. Gopal Rao, Dr. P. Ganapayya Bhat, Dr. B. Jagadisha Shetty and Prof. T. Murugeshi participated in the program as the resource persons and provided information on various researches. In the afternoon the students were taken to Alupara Rajadhani Udyavara for the expedition and the study tour was conducted.

Udupi CMC to take up Swarna drinking water scheme - 10/8/2011


Udupi : The Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) intends to take up the third stage of Swarna River Drinking Water Project to cater to the increasing water demand in the city.A vented dam will be built at Yarlapady, about 24 km from Udupi, at an estimated cost of Rs. 3 crore. This dam would have a storage capacity of 350 to 400 million gallons of water. The survey work for the dam is yet to be done.


CMC Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak told that the intention was to meet increasing demand for water in a growing city and to meet any shortfall during the summer.

The population of the city was about 1.25 lakh and there were 30,000 households, including apartments. The CMC had provided water connection to 19,350 households and 1,830 commercial connections to shops, hotels, and businesses establishments.

In 2004, the city had 236 public water taps, but now there were only nine public taps in Malpe region. The CMC would remove these public water taps by the end of October.

Mr. Nayak said the intention behind removing public taps was to stop water wastage and proliferation of diseases such as malaria due to water stagnation. “We want to provide pure and good quality water to all houses ,” he said.

Under the pro-poor policy of the CMC, free drinking water connection was given to houses of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, to families with BPL cards and to those having houses on three cents of land provided by the Government. These houses only had to pay the monthly water bill.

“We are building an overhead tank in Manipal to supply water to areas such as Manjushri Nagar, Manchikumeri, Dashrath Nagar, Trishanku Nagar, and Duglipadavu,” Mr. Nayak said.

The CMC was providing water to the neighbouring villages of Ambalpady, Kadekar, Yembattu Badagabettu, Hirebettu, and Ontibettu.

At present, drinking water is supplied to the city from the first and second Stages of Swarna River at Baje and Shiroor , respectively. The first stage dam was built in 1971 at a cost of Rs. 25 lakh, while the second stage dam was built in 2004.

The second stage works included laying of 650 km of water pipelines, building of two 25 lakh litres Ground Level Storage Reservoirs (GLSRs) in Manipal and building of a water treatment plant. The cost of second stage was Rs. 60 crore.

The storage capacity of the Baje and Shiroor dams taken together is 520 million gallons of water. The capacity of water treatment plant of first stage is 9 million litres a day while that of the water treatment plant of the second stage is 27.4 million litres a day.


Centenary Birth day celebration of Mrs. Cecilia Andrade(W/O Late Cashmir Andrade) - 10/8/2011


Kenha Mudarangadi: The 100 years birthday of Mrs. Cecilia Andrade (W/O Late Cashmir Andrade) of Vailankanni Ward of our parish was grandly celebrated on Monday 3rd October at their residence Thaje Hithlu. The program started with thanks giving mass offered by Parish priest Rev. Fr. Louis D’sa at 11:15 am. Her children, son in laws, daughter in laws, grand children, great grand children, relatives, well wishers and parishioners were present in the mass and function. Parish Pastoral Parishad secretary Mrs. Janet Barboza, ward gurkar Mr. Vincent Dsouza, ward representatives, and members of ward were also present in the function. Rev. Fr. Louis D’a delivered good expedient sermon during the mass. After the mass the Birthday ceremony was conducted in Dias program in which Fr. Dsa magnified Mrs. Cecilia Andrade for celebrating 100th birthday with sound health of mind and body and she was honored by Fr. Dsa putting the garland on behalf of all parishioners and praised her son Mr. Lawrence Andrade and daughter in law Mrs. Mary Andrade for taking good care of their mother. She was also honored by ward gurkar Mr. Vincent Dsouza, ward secretary Mrs. Christine Mendonca, ward representative Mrs. Josephine Correa and other gathered. The retired Headmistress Mrs. Leonilla Dsouza delivered toast in the program Mrs. Janet Barboza conducted the program. Delicious non-vegetarian food of Fernandes caterers Shirva was arranged after the function. As a part of function fun games were arranged to the gathered, conducted by Mrs. Janet Barboza.


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