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Mangalore: Congress accuses former minister of blocking road expansion project - 3/5/2012


Mangalore: The District Congress leaders and members staged protest in front of the Mangalore Urbna Development Authority (MUDA) on Monday, March 5, 2012. The Congress accused former guardian minister of Dakshina Kannada District, Krishna Palemar alleging misuse of his position and power in preventing the expansion of the road near Padau.  The Congress leaders pointed out that there was a proposal for the expansion of the road by 24 meters in the revised Master Plan. However, the Congress alleged that in order to  favour an educational institution, the road expansion plan was shelved due to the alleged influence of Krishna Palemar, said Vijay Kumar Shetty, former Congress MLA.




Pointing out the necessity to have the road expansion project completed as per the stipulation in the revised Master Plan, Vijaya Kumar Shetty said that the project once completed would have provided easy access to the airport from Mangalore. He alleged that by giving up the project, the self interest of Krishna Palemar has been served.

Following the protest, the Congress leaders submitted a memorandum to the governor through the Commissioner pointing out that the MUDA should not give up the project of the expansion of  the road for the benefit of a large number of the public.


Shirva: Kalyug is the yuga of equality – Dr. Virendra Hegde - 3/5/2012


Shirva: In the situations during the time of Mahabharatha and today, there is no difference. Anger, desire, enmity are the extreme characters in us. The devotional centers inspire us to alert the good characters in us and shape the sathvik values in us. Among the four yugas Kaliyug is the greatest one. Without any difference in caste, creed and gender everyone has the equal opportunity to earn the respect as per their achievement. Kalyug is the yuga of equality among all, said Dr. D. Virendra Hegde.
He was speaking during the religious ceremony while he participated in the reinstallation of renovated Shree Vishnumurthy Temple in Shirva on the third day. The elders were informing to the youngsters on the truth, honesty, donation and satvik values through Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavath stories in drama and yakshagana. God can be pleased through devotion and good attitude. By offering the wealth given by God back to God we can fulfill our life, he said.


Chief guests present on the occasion were; State Dharmika Parishad Member M.B. Puranik, Jyothishi Padoor Dharmaraja Indra, Thunga Group of Hotels Mumbai Managing Director Sudhakara S. Hegde, Mumbai Entrepreneurs Krishna V. Shetty, Krishna V. Acharya, Krishna D. Shetty, Ashok Kumar Hegde Nadibettu, Karunakara N. Shetty Pune, Kusha Shetty Nyarma and Sarojini Shyama Shetty Shirva.
In the program Shri Kshethra Managing Trustee Shankara Hegde Nadibettu, Udupi Taluk Panchayath President Kattingeri Devdas Hebbar were present. Renovation Committee President Nadibettu Nityananda Hegde in his introductory note briefed on the Shri Kshethra. Secretary Mattaru Ratnakara Hegde welcomed the guests and the gathering. Neha and Suprita Shetty conducted prayers.
Kudi Vasantha Shetty and Indira S. Hegde compeered the program. Anantha Moodithaya and Sachidananda Hegde coordinated. Earlier Dr. D. Virendra Hegde was welcomed in a grand procession, who then released the Shilashasana. In the cultural program Bhargavi Udupi conducted programs. Yuvavahini Mulki conducted Tulunada Vaibhava – Karavali Cultural reflection program.


Padubidri: More controversy on UPCL as trees are cut - 3/4/2012


Padubidri: Udupi Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) of Lanco Company which was involved in many controversies on the legal issues has involved again in another issue and by cutting hundreds of trees violating the Court's stay order. Though the UPCL is directly not involved in this act, it is partly responsible for it.

The Electrical line is being installed for UPCL in Swacheripete of Mundkur Grama. KPTCL is conducting this project and have given the contract to Deepak Cables a private company. This line is being constructed to take the power from Padubidri to Shanthi Grama of Hasan District (178 kilometer) which passes through the Western Ghats which is world famous for the various living creatures.



In the process of this construction work about 5 – 6 lakhs trees which are hundreds of years old, rare plants and species will be destroyed. To stop this happening, Nandikoor Janajagrati Samiti had complained to Supreme court. Accordingly Supreme court had given the stay order to preserve this greenery until March 07 2012 intact.

But the KPTCL contractor is not ready to wait until 07th March, instead they have started to cut the trees from 01st March itself, thus they have violated the Supreme Court stay order. Already more than 1000 acre land has been acquired and without the permission of the Forest Department has cut more that 8 lakhs trees (rupees 30 crores worth as per the Forest Department). Later the Forest Department fined about 4 – 5 lakhs rupees and became quiet.

Here again the forest is being destroyed. This time the Forest Department has given the permission. But there is a stay order. But not having patience to wait until then, the stay order has been violated. In this UPCL, KPTCL and the contractors are equally responsible. So the Nandikoor Janajagrati Samiti Secretary Balakrishna Shetty has registered the violation case in Supreme court on Friday accordingly.

As per the Forest Department report, 42 meter wide and 178 kilometer length area (about 300 acre area) about 4 lakhs trees will be cut. But the numbers given by the forest Department is the trees which are in the Government land. Including the acquired private land it becomes total 600 acre area and about more than 6 lakhs trees will be destroyed. It is impossible to estimate the value of these invaluable trees, says the Raitha Sangha District President Vijayakumar Hegde.    


Shirva: Coastal Devotional Centers are Places of God – Shiroor Shree - 3/3/2012


Shirva, 03 March 2012: As the worshiping of God is taking place continuously in the coastal districts of Karnataka, this place is peaceful. The hundreds of temples installed and being worshiped by the Rushi's are the living witness to this. Old temples are special sacred places, so instead of building a new temple, if the old temple is renovated, it will result in punya of building 108 new temples. Coastal devotional centers are places of God, said Shree Laxmivara Theertha Swamiji of Shiroor Mutt.

He was speaking during the asheervachana while he participated in the reinstallation of renovated Shree Vishnumurthy Temple in Shirva on Thursday. On this occasion he also released the CD of Temple Devotional songs. Chief gust of the program Former Minister Amaranatha Shetty in his speech, expressed his appreciation for naming the religious stage as Dr. V.S. Acharay Stage and said that there is no other politician like him who had a clean, honest and dedicated career.



M.R.G. Group Managing Director K. Prakash Shetty who contributed to the renovation of the temple, spoke and said that, the Gods are the representation of our cultural glory. There is need to introduce the culture of Tulunadu to the children. Instead of leaving that we wealth earned, it is better to donate and go, such rich heart has to be cultivated in the children, he said. Poochakadu Vishnuprasad Namboodiri from Kerala who guided Astamangala, spoke and said that, he has participated in the renovation of many temple, but this is the first one to be completed in one year.

The program was presided over by Renovation committee Hon. President Kaup MLA Lalaji Mendon. On the dias the donors Raghavendra Rao entrepreneur from Hyderabad, Mumbai entrepreneurs Ravindranath Shetty, Sadananda Sapaliga, Nadibettu Sairaj Hegde were felicitated. Trustee of the Temple Nadibettu Shankara Hegde was also present on the dias.

Committee Hon. President Nadibettu Nityananda Hegde with his introductory note welcomed the guests and the gathering. Secretary Mattar Ratnakara Hegde recalled Late Dr. V.S. Acharya who has been the inspiration for the renovation of the temple and offered Shradhanjali. Meghashree conducted prayers. Anantha Mudithaya and Jayanthi Shetty compeered the program. Babita Aras and Sachidananda Hegde coordinated. Cultural program sponsor Jagadish Aras couples were felicitated by elderly Kutti Shetty.

Pamboor: Shirva Varado Catholic Sabha's 'Sahamilan' organised - 3/1/2012


Pamboor: The Sahamilan of the Cathlic Sabha, Shirva Varado was organised in the Holy Cross Church on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 9.30 am.  Lancy Corda, President of the Shirva Varado presided over the programme. The Sahamilan was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Stany tauro, Dean of the Shirva Varado. Luis Almeida, President of the Udupi Province Catholic Sabha and Rev. Fr. Charles Lewis, Parish Priest of Pamboor  were the chief guests.


Following the registration and breakfast, the programme began at 10 am with the hymn of Holy Spirit, reading of the scriptures and meditation on it. Navin Quadros, the President of the Pamboor Unit of the Catholic Sabha welcomed the gathering. Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro inaugurated the ‘Sahamilan’. The secretaries of various units representing at the Sahamilan read their respective reports. The churches represented at the ‘Sahamilan’ included: Shirva, Pamboor, Shankarpura, Mudarangadi, Pernal, Belman, Kalattur, Bola, Mukamar, Mundkur and Palimar.



Following the message from the chief guests, felicitation programme, speech by the president of  the function, Lancy Corda, Secretary of Shirva Varado-Anita DSouza proposed the vote of thanks. Lucas DSouza compeered the programme.
All the members then participated in the Holy Eucharist after which they presented various cultural programmes. The Sahamilan ended with the lunch.

Manipal: JDS candidate S.L. Bhoje Gowda Files Nomination - 2/29/2012


Manipal: Contesting in the Udupi - Chickmagalur by election JDS candidate S.L. Bhoje Gowda of Chickmagalur submitted his nomination to the Deputy Commissioner Dr. M.T. Reju on Tuesday. On this occasion Party State President H.D. Kumaraswamy, JDS State leaders Madhu Bangarappa, Zamir Ahmad and JDS Udupi District President Deviprasad Shetty were present. Bhoje Gowda has submitted 3 nominations at a time.


Speaking to the reporters later, Bhoje Gowda said that, after the huge rally conducted by the JDS party workers; I have got full confidence of winning. The accusation of Congress that JDS had secret agreement with BJP to make their candidate win is false. JDS is going to answer this to Congress by winning the election, he said.

JDS State President Kumaraswamy spoke and said that the name of Bhoje Gowda was previously announced for earlier election and for this he has travelled in both these districts and is known to the voters. So for this unexpected election we have launched hem and he is going to win. For the other election we will launch somebody else, he said.


Shirva: Hore Kanike for Shree Vishnumurthy Temple - 2/29/2012


Shirva, 29 February 2012: On the occasion of the inauguration and reinstallation religious ceremony of Shirva Shree Vishnumurthy Temple, which is taking place for 13 days from 26th February 2012, Hasiruvani Hore Kanike was conducted from Shirva Sarwajanik Shree Ganeshotsava Vedike to the Temple in a grand attractive cultural procession.



The celebration Committee President Nadibettu Nityananda Hegde, Secretary Mattaru Ratnakara Hegde, Treasurer Nadibettu Ratnavarma Hegde, V. Subbayya Hegde, various Religious Associations, Rickshaw Associations and the public participated in huge numbers.

Shirva: DVS Inaugurates Religious Programs in Shree Vishnumurthy Temple - 2/28/2012


Shirva: Our culture, history and scriptures have given the message of peace to the world. Our country has given place to even the foreigners of other religions and made provision for the practicing of their religion. The Temples are the places which keep the differences of all the caste and creed and unite them. With the worshiping only the humanity can be kept alive, said Karnataka Chief Minister D.V. Saddananda Gowda.




He was speaking on Sunday evening upon inaugurating the religious programs taking place in Shirva Shree Vishnumurthy Temple from 26 February to March 9. Speaking further he said that, today’s competitive scientific world is growing rapidly and with disbelief the anxiety also has increased, fight is taking place for the existence.
With God’s grace only one can succeed in the life, he said.


The program was presided over by the Committee Hon. President Kaup MLA Lalaji Mendon. Other guests present on the dias were Vidhana Parishad Member Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Udupi Jilla Panchayath President Katpadi Shanakara Poojary, K. Udayakumar Shetty, World Buts Association Vice President Harish Shetty.


Committee President in his introductory note briefed on the background of the Temple. Secretary Mattaru Ratnakara Hegde welcomed. V. Subbayya Hegde, Retired Principal Y. Bhaskara Shetty, Kutty Shetty, Entrepreneur Krishna Achar and Taluk Panchayath President honoured the guests with the shawl. Meghashree conducted prayers. Anantha Moodithaya and Sachidananda Hegde compeered the program.


Annual Sandesha Awards conferred on 10 achievers - 2/26/2012


Mangalore : The Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education conferred its annual Sandesha Awards on 10 achievers in its premises at Bajjodi on Feb 26 Sunday. 

The students of Sandesha welcomed the guests and award winners with the traditional 'poornakumba' at the entrance, after which they were taken in a ceremonial procession to their seats.

sandesa12feb26 1

sandesa12feb26 2


sandesa12feb26 3


sandesa12feb26 4


sandesa12feb26 5


sandesa12feb26 6


sandesa12feb26 7


sandesa12feb26 8

Dr. Na DSouza, the renowned Kannada writer and head of the panel of jury, introduced each award winner and thanked all the members of the jury for choosing deserving persons for the Sandesha Awards. 

Faculty members and students of Sandesha then read out the citations for the award winners as and when the awards were being conferred. Bellary Bishop Dr. Henry DSouza, Mangalore Bishop Dr. Aloysius P. DSouza, and Kannada litterateur Vaidehi presented the awards to the winners. 

The awards were conferred on Dr. K. V. Tirumalesh (Kannada literature), M. Madhava Pai (Konkani literature), Catherine Rodrigues (Tulu literature), Geetapriya aka Laxman Rao Mohite (TV/cinema), Peter Lewis (art), Indudhara Honnapura (journalism), Shree Padre (media education), Sr. Maria Jyothi (best teacher), Jerome DSouza (Konkani music), and John D’Silva (special recognition). 

In her address, Vaidehi congratulated all the 10 award winners for their achievements and contributions to society. The two bishops also spoke on the occasion. 

Mementos were then presented to the members of the jury, the founders, and the trustees of the foundation. Fr. Valerian Mendonca, the director of Sandesha, presented mementos to Bishop Aloysius DSouza and Bishop Henry DSouza. 

The students of Sandesha presented a colourful cultural program on this occasion.

Mudarangady: Sunday Catechism Day observed. - 2/26/2012


Sunday, 26th February 2012 was observed and celebrated as the Sunday Catechism Day in St. Francis Xavier Church, Kenha-Mudarangady. After a thanksgiving mass concelebrated by Rev. Victor DSilva, SJ and Rev. Louis DSa, parish priest, at 9:00 a.m.  In his sermon, Rev. DSilva urged upon the children to have faith and hard work in order to convert their dreams into reality. After the mass, a felicitation function was arranged inside the church.  Mr. Joseph DSouza delivered a short speech underlying the importance of catechism. An annual catechism examination (parish level) was conducted on Sunday, 19th February 2012 and children who had secured I, II, and III places in classes I to X and PUC I & PUC II were honoured and were given prizes as encouragement.  Children who have attended the Sunday catechism classes with 100% attendance throughout the year and all the catechism teachers were also honoured.  All the prizes were given away by Rev. DSilva and then spoke on the importance of catechism in one's life.

Smt. Irene DSouza, teacher, was the compeer of this short programme.

Excellence in Catechism.

Jane Claudia Mathias, a student of St. Francis English Medium School, Mudarangady, studying in Xth Std., stood first in the Annual Diocesan Catechism Examination (Xth Std. - English Medium) held in January 2012. She is the daughter of Mr. David Mathias and Mrs. Jacintha Mathias, Kuthyar, Shirva parish.

Brian Smith DSouza, a student of St. Francis English Medium School, Mudarangady, studying in VIIth Std., stood first in the Annual Diocesan Catechism Examination (VIIth Std. - English Medium)  held in January 2012. He is the son of Mr. Victor DSouza and Mrs. Benedicta DSouza, Mukamar (Santhurkopla) parish.

Avil DSouza, a student of St. Francis Kannada Medium School, Mudarangady, studying in VIIth Std., stood first in the Annual Diocesan Catechism Examination (VIIth Std. - Kannada Medium)  held in January 2012. He is the son of Mr. Aquin DSouza and Mrs. Anitha DSouza, St. Peter Ward, Kenha-Mudarangady parish.

All these three gems were specially honoured and were given certificates and prizes...

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