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Cops may meet Preity Zinta today for statement - 6/24/2014

TOI MUMBAI: Actress Preity Zinta, who is back in the city, is likely to record her statement with the Marine Drive police on Tuesday. The statement would either be recorded at her residence or at Wankhede stadium, where the alleged incident took place.

The actress after landing in Mumbai by a British Airways flight on Sunday morning reached her Bandra house and stepped out for a meeting later in the night, said a source. She gave the media the slip and was out of her house for two hours. "Our officers will go to her residence to record her detailed statement. Later, she could be asked to come to Wankhede stadium for spot panchnama," said additional commissioner Krishna Prakash. A police source said that a woman officer will be part of the team that records Zinta's statement against her former industrialist boyfriend, Ness Wadia. Preity has lodged an FIR against Wadia, accusing him of issuing threats and abusing her.

"We are in the process of recording the witnesses' statement. The future course of action will be taken once Zinta's statement is recorded and corroborated with that of witnesses," said a police officer.

The police chief had called the actress back from Los Angeles, where she had flown to immediately after registering the FIR at Marine Drive police station on June 13. She has accused Ness, who along with her co-owns IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab, of pulling her hand and publicly humiliating her as a woman by using foul language and profanities against her at Wankhede stadium during a T20 match on May 30.

Dubai: Calisto Abel Mathias wins Shaikh Hamdan Award 2014 for Academic Excellence - 6/22/2014 Dubai: Calisto Abel Mathias, a student of class four, studying in the Indian High School, Dubai recently won the Sheikh Hamdan Award 2014 for Academic Excellence in UAE by the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Makhtoom, the deputy ruler of Dubai. He is the son of Canute Mathias and Asha Mathias who hail from Mudarangadi, Udupi District and are residing in Dubai.

He is enthusiast and energetic in all the activities. He has been excelling in the studies throughout and has won many competitions held in Dubai. He is a winner in the art competitions, spell bee, maths challenge quiz and chess competitions. He has been an active member of the EEG environmental group. He has completed the summer recycling project successfully in the year 2013. He has excelled in the UCMAS competitions and his selected arts were displayed by Ocean Kid art exhibition.

He is a good public speaker and has good leadership qualities. He has been the member of Students council continuously. He is voluntarily serving in the SNFD center (Special Need Future Development Center).

Currently he is serving as the Secretary in the School council, attending the art classes, karate classes, music classes and choir classes in the church.

Recently he has been felicitated by Bethkati – Belman Parishioners Association in Dubai, Ocean Kids Dubai and Karnataka Sangha Sharjah and he deserves the encouragement for excelling in his future studies.

A Christian Convert, on the Run in Afghanistan - 6/22/2014

NDTV In a dank basement on the outskirts of Kabul, Josef read his worn blue Bible by the light of a propane lantern, as he had done for weeks since he fled from his family in Pakistan.

His few worldly possessions sat nearby in the 10-by-10-foot room of stone and crumbling brown earth. He keeps a wooden cross with a passage from the Sermon on the Mount written on it, a carton of Esse cigarettes, and a thin plastic folder containing records of his conversion to Christianity.

The documents are the reason he is hiding for his life. On paper, Afghan law protects freedom of religion, but the reality here and in some other Muslim countries is that renouncing Islam is a capital offense.

Josef's brother-in-law Ibrahim arrived in Kabul recently, leaving behind his family and business in Pakistan, to hunt the apostate down and kill him. Reached by telephone, Ibrahim, who uses only one name, offered a reporter for The New York Times $20,000 to tell him where Josef was hiding.

"If I find him, once we are done with him, I will kill his son as well, because his son is a bastard," Ibrahim said, referring to Josef's 3-year-old child. "He is not from a Muslim father."

For Josef, 32, who asked to be identified only by his Christian name to protect his wife and young child, the path to Christianity was only one segment on a much longer journey, a year of wandering that took him through Turkey, Greece, Italy and Germany, seeking refuge from Afghanistan's violence.

But at each stop he found misfortune. He was detained in Greece and deported from Germany, and he lived on the streets in Italy before he truly understood that there would be no happy ending in Europe, where his application for asylum has gone nowhere. He voluntarily left Italy for Pakistan to be with his wife and son, but that is no longer an option.

Neither is reverting to Islam. "I inherited my faith, but I saw so many things that made me discard my religious beliefs," Josef said. "Even if I get killed, I won't convert back."

In official eyes here, there are no Afghan Christians. The few Afghans who practice the faith do so in private for fear of persecution, attending one of a handful of underground churches that are believed to be operating in the country. Expatriates use chapels on embassy grounds, but those are effectively inaccessible to Afghans.

Only a few Afghan converts have surfaced in the past decade, and the government has typically dealt with them swiftly and silently: They are asked to recant, and if they refuse, they are expelled, usually to India, where an Afghan church flourishes in New Delhi.

In a country of crippling poverty, ethnic fault lines and decades of war, Islamic piety offers many Afghans a rare thread of national solidarity. To reject Islam is seen as tantamount to treason.

"Religious identity is the only thing that Afghans can claim," said Daud Moradian, a professor at the American University in Afghanistan. "They do not have a national identity, they do not have an economic identity, and there is no middle or working class here."

That leaves Josef almost nowhere to turn for protection. The police would be no help: Converts report being beaten and sexually abused while in custody. His family in Afghanistan is also a dead end: His uncles are hunting for him now, too.

Josef said he lost his faith well before he knew what would replace it. Most of his siblings emigrated to Germany when he was a teenager, but he stayed behind to look after his aging, ailing parents. He drove a taxi at night and studied medicine, earning a degree from Kabul Medical University.

He hung on through civil war, repressive Taliban rule and Western invasion, but a senseless shooting he witnessed at close range in 2009 that left an 8-year-old boy dying in his mother's arms finally shattered his resolve to stay.

He borrowed money from his family and worked double shifts until he could pay a smuggler to get him to Europe. He left behind his mother, who died soon afterward, and his pregnant wife, who moved to Pakistan to be with her family. 

His memories of the journey are flashes of elation and despair: The sights of Istanbul; the fence at the Turkish-Greek border, with his fingers laced in the wire; a field of sunflowers; three sickening days on rough seas in a boat to Italy, and a last-minute swim to shore; a road trip to Germany using the passport of a Pakistani who looked nothing like him; and the desolate Hamburg street where his brothers picked him up.

In Hanover, close to where his siblings lived, Josef found a Protestant church for Farsi speakers, and began attending services, at first just to watch.

"When I threw away my Islamic beliefs, I was living in a space of spiritual emptiness," he said. "During that time I was studying different religions - Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. I was studying Islam as well."

After 15 days in Germany, he turned himself in and applied for asylum, and was held in a refugee camp where the monotony was broken by visits from missionaries.

"I think I was impressed by the personality of Jesus himself," he said. "The fact that he came here to take all of our sins, that moved me. I admired his character and personality long before I was baptized."

When he was released to live with his sister in Kassel, he returned to the church in Hanover and converted, a decision his siblings accepted with open-mindedness.

The reprieve was short-lived; German authorities rearrested him and deported him to Italy because he had not sought asylum in the European Union country where he was first processed, as required. Without family or friends in Italy, he sought aid from churches and charities that offered him food but no shelter.

Homeless, broke, depressed and in deteriorating health, Josef gave up and went to live with his wife and her family in northern Pakistan.

Knowing the stakes of his secret, he put digital copies of his asylum paperwork and mementos of his conversion and baptism on a flash drive he carried in his pocket, finding some comfort in having them with him.

But one day in March, he left the flash drive at home. While he ran errands, one of his wife's brothers borrowed the flash drive to save a file, and discovered what was on it.

When Josef came home that evening, his in-laws grabbed him by the throat and beat him. "We tied his hands and his legs and we wanted to kill him," Ibrahim said. "It was my father who intervened, and said that he wanted to talk to his family first."

The father said they would contact Josef's uncles for guidance, and in the meantime Josef would be locked in a room at the side of the house, bound hand and foot.

In the middle of the night, Josef managed to escape, sneaking out of the house without a final goodbye to his wife or son. He caught a night bus to the border with Afghanistan. On the way, he phoned a childhood friend to ask for help, and then called his sister in Germany, weeping into his cellphone.

Reached in Germany, his sister, who declined to be named for fear of giving a clue to her brother's pursuers, said she hasn't heard from Josef since then.

"I've been worrying about his life and his whereabouts," his sister said. "It will be one of the biggest achievements of my life if I can help him get somewhere that he can practice his new religion openly."

To aid a convert is nearly as despised here as to be one, but his friend helped him anyway, hiding him in the basement of an empty house and bringing him food once a week.

"When times were good, he was always generous with me," said his friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the danger. "Now he's at risk, and needs my help, and I have no choice but to give it."

For Josef, who has recently changed hiding places, the time passes slowly now, with little company other than his Bible. He can hear the muezzin calling Muslims to prayer, a reminder of danger's proximity and the paradox he lives now.

"When I threw away my convictions, it was hard to speak with people about it," he said, a red ember pulsing on the tip of his cigarette. "It was like an imaginary prison." He paused, the light from his propane lantern casting a long shadow on the wall. "Now it is the other way around," he said at last. "My body is in prison, but my soul is free." 

Sharjah: Grand celebrations mark Karnataka Sangha's 12th annual bash - 6/22/2014


Sharjah, Jun 22: It was a grand celebration of Kannada tradition and culture as Karnataka Sangha Sharjah celebrated its 12 anniversary at Sharjah Indian Association conference hall here on Friday June 20.

The event was a complete entertainer with a variety of dances and musical programmes keeping the audience in rapt attention throughout the evening.

The prestigious Mayura Award was conferred on Herman Lewis of Radio Spice 105.4 FM for the year 2013-14. On this occasion his wife Nishitha and two daughters were present.

Acknowledging the honour, Herman Lewis thanked the organizers for conferring the award on him and said, "My responsibility has increased after receiving this award. I will try my best to serve and support our Kannada language and our state. To achieve success in any field, it is important to respect the value of time and make good use it."

Well-known Sandalwood actor Vijay Raghavendra and choreographer Harini Madan were special invitees for the event.

Sharjah Indian Association president Balakrishna, former president Y A Rahim, Acme Building Materials MD Harish Sherigar, Praveen Shetty of Fortune Group of Hotels, Sathish Venkataraman of Chilly Willy, M A Muloor, Anand Bailoor, Association president Shantharam Acharya, Ganesh Rai, Shashikanth Kanagi were present as chief guests.

On this occasion Anand Bailoor and his wife Parija Bailoor were felicitated. Aryabhata Awardees Sathish Poojary and Rohini Ananth were also honoured. 

Deepak Somashekar who supervises Kannada film shows in the UAE, actor Varna Shetty, Sheik Hamdan award winnners Shraddha Devadas Shetty, Shashwik Diwakar Shetty, Prapthi, Prerana Pai, Calisto Abel were felicitated.

Dance performances by various groups, and Kannada songs sung by Harish Sherigar, Akshatha Rao, Mallika, Divya Kumble and Sharath mesmerized the audience.

On the occaison, winners of Mayura Raja Rani dance awards were also felcitated.

Winners (Mayura Raja-Rani):

6-12 years

Adithya - Unathi (first)
Joysten D’ Souza - Arolia Jesica(second)
Prajwal Acharya - Disha Shivaraj(third)

13-20 years

Avirath Hegde - Melanie Moras (first)
Rahul Ramesh - Akshatha Harish Sherigar(second)
Clayon D’ Souza - Spesha Mathew (third)

21-35 years

Hitesh - Shwetha Hitesh(first)
Nixon D’ Souza - Sheral(second)
Vishal D’ Souza - Sheral D’ Souza(third)

36 and above

Manohar Hegde - Rashmi Manohar(first)
Deepak Raj Kotian - Nalinankshi Kotian(second)
Vincent - Jacinta Vincent (third)

Bangladesh Police Arrest Man for 'Harassing' Shakib Al Hasan's Wife - 6/20/2014

NDTV news
Shakib al hasan wife

Police have arrested son of a businessman for allegedly sexually harassing the wife of Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan.

Umme Ahmed Shishir was allegedly harassed at the Mirpur National Cricket Stadium gallery June 15 during a match against India, reported.

Shakib filed a case the following day with Mirpur police.

Mirpur police Sub-Inspector Md. Rasel said they had arrested one Rahid, 23, son of businessman Bazlur Rahman, from his Banani residence in the early hours of Thursday.

Rahid is one of the accused in the case filed by Shakib, he said.

"We are looking for several others based on the description given by Shakib," Rasel, who is investigating the case, said.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) security staff had beaten up several of the harassers on the day when the game was halted due to rain.

Witnesses said Shakib, too, had joined the BCB staff in the beating.

Pune, Kolkata : Onion prices may hit Rs 100 per kg by October - 6/19/2014


Pune, Kolkata, Jun 19, 2014 : Onion prices are poised to jump to Rs 100 per kg by October while potato rates may fall briefly but rise again despite government measures to boost supply by restricting exports, as hailstorms and unseasonal rain in the past, along with the weak start of the monsoon season has created scarcity and strong inflationary pressures.

Onions, currently retailing for Rs 20-30 per kg in different parts of the country, are particularly vulnerable despite the imposition of a minimum export price (MEP) and official estimates that 2013-14 output would rise 14% to 192 lakh tonnes. This is because the rabi crop in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh has been extensively damaged by adverse weather, traders say, although there is no firm estimate of the loss. Further, the price of seeds has jumped 400% compared to the previous year as there is a big scarcity in the market. This will reduce the area under cultivation, traders said.

The price can rise to Rs 100 per kg around October, said a leading industry official, who did not want to be quoted because of the political sensitivity of onion prices. Leading traders and an official of a government body agreed with the assessment.


Like onions, adverse weather has also hit potato output, while the demand is high. Export of potatoes to countries such as Pakistan is driving up prices, but traders said restrictions on foreign shipments would not significantly change the fundamentals of the market. Prices may briefly fall by Rs 1-2 per kg from the current level of about Rs 20, traders said, but they will rise again due to short supply.

In addition to disincentivising potato exports, the government on Wednesday took initial steps towards banning the trading of potato futures.

It disallowed fresh positions in existing contracts through September, citing "low volumes and deliveries" on the futures market. Regulatory officials clarified that the step was not linked to food price inflation, though it comes at a time rising prices have created cause for concern.

While monthly contracts up to September run concurrently on commodity bourse MCX, margins to trade on the long or buy side for the June contract have been raised to 25% from 5% earlier with effect from June 23, reducing the leverage a trader can take from 20 times earlier to 4 times in the current month.

For the contracts from July through September, fresh trading positions will not be allowed with immediate effect.

Rather, traders will only be able to square off existing contracts. For instance, a trader holding an outstanding buy position will be able to sell the same and exit the market. Those having a sell position will be only able to buy it back.

Volumes of potato on MCX are very low indeed. For instance, potato volumes (Rs 34 crore) as a proportion of total volumes on MCX (19135 crore) were just.17% on Monday, market data on the bourse shows. On Tuesday, it was even lower at 0.1%.

Market participants said the regulator could have taken the measure as a matter of abundant caution against the decade old futures market being blamed for stoking inflation. Years ago, the government banned rice, tur and urad futures though a committee chaired by Abhijit Sen could not find a conclusive link between high food price inflation and futures trading in certain commodities.

"Though potato futures volumes are low, the government could have taken the step to discontinue fresh positions as a matter of abundant caution," said Suresh Nair, director, Admisi Commodities.

In the case of onions, traders said prices could have been calmed with a good kharif crop that is planted in May and June, and harvested by October but the crop has been delayed by about 15 days and the outlook for the monsoon for the rest of the month is not bright. Historically, onion prices have always increased if the kharif crop is delayed or depleted.

Traders and exporters said the MEP of $300/tonne, which is the current export price, would not have an impact on the market. "MEP has proved to be of no use to curtail exports in the past. Despite MEP of $1,200/tonne, the exports continued last year," said Danish Shah, managing partner of Sanghar Exports and member of the National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF).

Shah said that the government will have to plan to import onions right from now as the shipments take time to arrive.

It will have to avoid the mistakes done by last government, which took the decision to allow imports so late that it proved futile. Also, the cargo was waiting for a month at the ports due to phytosanitary issues.

"Currently, large quantities are shipped out on consignment basis. The government can also introduce letter of credit to allow genuine export to take place so that we do not lose our export market too," said Shah. Curtailing exports will also help to keep a higher proportion of good quality onion within the country, which will last longer.

Importing the bulb at many ports and making a proper plan of its marketing will have to be on the agenda of the government to keep the prices up to Rs 50/kg.

Currently, onion is available in many countries and the landed cost can be Rs 25/kg to Rs 30/kg. However, the trade insiders say that the government should not import too early also, which will result in fall in prices, making farmers suffer losses. "The government will also have to be careful about the quantity of import to avoid international prices from appreciating," said an old time trader.

In the case of potatoes, traders said export restrictions would encourage offloading of stocks but overseas sales is only one of the factors driving up its prices. "Prices of potato is going up for three reasons. Firstly, there is a shortage of potato in the market. Secondly, the export markets in Pakistan and middle east are very strong and thirdly, the Karnataka crop which is currently being sown has been affected due to less rainfall," Rajesh Goel, general secretary, Federation of Cold Storage Association of India told ET. He said in Uttar Pradesh, the largest potato producer, storage of the tuber had fallen 12-14% due to rainfall in February.

Potatoes are being sold for Rs 20-22 per kg in the state, and the prices may drop by Rs 1-2 per kg for some time if exports are curbed, he said. "But that will be for a temporary period ... Since there is a shortage in the market, prices will not drop drastically due to government intervention," he said. Trade officials said potato sowing was down 40% in Karnataka as In Bengal, the second-largest producer of potato, prices are likely to rise from Rs 18 per kg to Rs 20-22 per kg as there is heavy demand from neighbouring states and even southern India as the output is falling, said Dilip Pratihar, advisor, West Bengal Potato Merchants Association.

Homi Bhabha's Mumbai Bungalow Sold for Rs. 372 Crore - 6/18/2014

NDTV Homi Bhabha's Mumbai Bungalow Sold for Rs 372 Crore

the sprawling Mumbai bungalow of Homi Bhaba, one of India's best-known scientists, was sold at an auction today for 372 crores to a buyer whose identity has not been disclosed.

Scientists like CNR Rao had been demanding that "Mehrangir", located in the fancy Malabir Hill area, be turned into a museum by the government as a tribute to the "father of India's atomic energy programme."

The property fetched Rs. 115 crore more than the reserve price of Rs. 257 crore.

The three-storey bungalow with a built-up area of over 15,000 square feet on a plot measuring 1,593 square metres, offers a beautiful view of the sea.

After Homi Bhabha's death in a plane crash in 1966, his brother Jamshed, a patron of art and culture, became the custodian of the estate. When he died in 2007, the property was transferred to the National Centre for Performing Arts, an institution that he was closely involved with.

Some employees of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
(BARC) had recently petitioned the Centre and the Bombay High Court to stop the proposed sale of the large home.

The High court had on Monday refused to stop the sale, but agreed to hear the case on Monday, stating that the auction could be revoked, if required.

Binny's 6 for 4 breaks Kumble's 21-year India record - 6/18/2014

Binny's 6 for 4 breaks Kumble's 21-year India record

Anil Kumble's India record of 6 for 12 has been surpassed by an unlikely bowler in Stuart Binny, who dismantled Bangladesh with exemplary figures of 6 for 4 in 4.4 overs as the tourists took the series 2-0 with at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium on Tuesday. "I'd love to take this wicket wherever I go," joked Binny after bowling India to a win that looked distant after they folded for 105 in 26.3 overs.

In his third ODI, Binny picked up those scarcely believable figures by bowling honest, stump-to-stump medium pace on a Mirpur surface that assisted movement and produced considerable lift, more so after a two-hour rain delay early in the match. If India's batsmen had struggled against debutant seamer Taskin Ahmed, who took 5 for 23 to set the record for a Bangladesh debutant, then the hosts were totally floored by Binny to be all out for 58 in 17.4 overs.

His analysis pipped Kumble's 21-year-old record achieved against West Indies on November 27, 1993 at Eden Gardens during the Titan Cup. They are also the ninth-best figures by an ODI bowler overall.

Binny, 30, came on at first change in the 12th over with the hosts 39 for 2 and removed Mushfiqur Rahim with his fourth ball, the Bangladesh captain gloving a catch to the wicketkeeper down the legside. In his second over, he removed Mithun Ali and Mahmudullah in successive balls, and though he missed a hat-trick, the Karnataka allrounder collected a fourth in due time when Mashrafe Mortaza edged a superb moving delivery to Wriddhiman Saha. That gave him figures of 4-2-4-4.

In his fifth over, Binny bowled Nasir Hossain to record a five-wicket haul and two balls later the Bangladesh innings ended when Al-Amin Hossain was bowled for 0. India had been bowled out for the lowest ODI total against Bangladesh, but thanks to Binny and Mohit Sharma (4 for 22) to leave the home team stunned.

Binny was voted Man of the Match, not surprisingly. "I think you wait for an opportunity when you're on top and you try to take it as far as you can. I got that opportunity today and made the most of it," he said.

Best bowling for India in ODIs:

Stuart Binny - 6 for 4 v Bangladesh, Mirpur, June 17 2014
Anil Kumble - 6 for 12 v West Indies, Kolkata, Nov 27 1993
Ashish Nehra - 6 for 23 v England, Durban, Feb 26 2003
M Kartik - 6 for 27 v Australia, Mumbai, Oct 17 2007
Ajit Agarkar - 6 for 42 v Australia, Melbourne, Jan 9 2004
Amit Mishra - 6 for 48 v Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, Aug 3 2013
Sreesanth - 6 for 55 v England, Indore, Apr 15 2006
Ashish Nehra - 6 for 59 v Sri Lanka, Colombo, Aug 9 2005

HomeForex Rupee Breaches 60.50/Dollar, Nears Two-Month Low - 6/17/2014

NDTV news The rupee fell as much as 0.65 per cent to 60.55, its lowest level since April 29, as escalating tensions in Iraq continue to fuel concerns over inflation while subdued equity markets also weighed.

Brent crude futures held near $113 per barrel on Tuesday with the United States considering air strikes in Iraq as the security situation worsens in the key oil producing country.

"Rupee can go test 60.80 levels on inflationary concerns," said Subramaniam Sharma, director at Greenback Forex.

The Nifty is down 0.1 per cent while the BSE Sensex is also flat after overseas investors sold Indian shares worth Rs. 194 crore on Monday.

Caution also prevailed ahead of the outcome of US Federal Reserve's two-day meet.

The partially convertible currency is seen trading in a range of 60 to 60.85 during the session.

CBI takes over probe into Gopinath Munde's death - 6/16/2014

Indian Express

CBI has taken over the probe into the death of BJP leader Gopinath Munde following a road accident in Delhi. Sources said a case has been registered by the agency after it took over the probe from Delhi Police.

They said that the home ministry recommended handing over of the case to the agency after a number of political leaders demanded a CBI probe into the fatal accident of Munde, who had just taken charge as the Rural Development Minister in the Narendra Modi government.

Sixty four-year-old Munde, a popular backward class leader from Maharashtra, was on his way to Indira Gandhi Airport on June 3 when his car was hit by another vehicle at the Prithviraj Road-Tughlak Road roundabout in the heart of the national capital. Munde died due to shock and haemorrhage following injuries to his neck and liver in the road accident.

Delhi Police had registered a case against 32-year-old Gurvinder Singh, the driver whose car hit Munde’s vehicle. BJP leaders from Maharashtra, including former party president Nitin Gadkari, had sought a CBI inquiry into Munde’s death. Munde’s daughter and MLA Pankaja Munde Palve had in a statement urged the deceased leader’s supporters not to fall prey to those trying to make political capital out of the tragedy.

“I have spoken to (party leaders) regarding the CBI inquiry and I trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am confident he will show the direction in the face of various theories doing the rounds regarding my father’s death,” she had said after Munde’s demise.

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